Free Printable Monthly Planner 2020 Template in PDF, Word & Excel

People will be expecting the arrival of the year 2020 quite soon; hence a Monthly Planner is very essential.  Most of them will dream of great prospects during this New Year, which might be through accomplishments. But, according to a saying the fruits of the activities can be reaped only if they are planned properly. There are several varieties of Monthly Planners through printable monthly planner 2020 template in pdf, word and excel that is freely available. They include:

  1. Weekly / Monthly Planner Template

A spreadsheet containing the monthly planner can be used as a weekly or a monthly planner. This planner page can be printed, customized, and edited within Excel. Appointments and events can be organized through blank weekly monthly planner template. Here, weekly, monthly or weekday programs can be entered for the user’s convenience.

Monthly Planner Template


  1. Large [Big] Monthly Planner

A useful and simple planner is the big or large monthly planner that is dateless. It contains thirty-six pages wherein planning schedules can be written for seventeen months. The planner can be used for preparing appointments, for dormitory bulletin board’s events and for company boards as well. This big monthly planner can be hung on any wall with pins and clips. 

big monthly planner


  1. Custom Online Monthly Planner

The success in a person’s life depends on suitable planning. This might be to reach a small or a big objective. To achieve goals a simple method is to enter the schedules and tasks in a custom online monthly planner. Such an action will lead the user to gain success irrespective of the size of the aim.

Custom Online Monthly Planner


  1. Whiteboard Monthly Planner 

Thirty one day month planner is known as whiteboard monthly planner. It is provided with magnetic kits for designing the month’s activities, events and tasks. This whiteboard can be updated through the movement of the colour coded magnet or writing with the help of a dry erase pen. It can be hung on a wall through the magnet or small hooks at the back of the board.

Whiteboard Monthly Planner 


  1. Best Wall Monthly Planner

The best wall monthly planner provides any person a better view of how he or she can schedule the activities in the best possible way. The best part of the wall monthly planner is that it consists of a notebook. Here, it is possible to write the plans enabling a person to perform a task at a specific time and date. 

Best Wall Monthly Planner


  1. Monthly Budget Planner Template

Spreadsheets are helpful in developing a monthly budget planner template. Through this, it is possible to allocate the desired budget needed for that particular month. This template will enable the user to record a variety of categories and heads of expenditure involving payments. Excel sheets are also helpful in maintaining a template as a budget planner to manage all the expenses.

Monthly Budget Planner Template


  1. Monthly Expense [Bill] Planner

The monthly expense bill planner is an excellent document that enables the user to organize the bills and plan expenses. It is a journal that consists of carefully arranged spaces catering to the month and week. If the user wishes to plan his or her expenses, and maintain an account of bill payments, this document can be readily used with ease.  

Monthly Expense [Bill] Planner


  1. Monthly Menu Planner Template

The monthly planner template document is used by many people today to ensure smooth and amazing management of menu in a restaurant. This template can be used for maintaining daily, weekly and monthly list of menu offered to customers during the working hours of the restaurant.  It will be in the form of a book with several pages printed with details of the menu.

Monthly Menu Planner Template


  1. Daily Monthly Planner Template 

The name itself indicates that a daily monthly planner template is used as a calendar control. Through this, people can store all the to-do things that are meant for users. This template can be used for personal and professional life. The template reflects all the items to be done in the forthcoming days with the date and time entered in a planned way.   

Daily Monthly Planner Template 


  1. Monthly Dinner Planner Template 

The design of a monthly dinner planner template enables to plan exactly what and when a person wishes to eat. Using this template, it is possible to monitor what they will eat for dinner every day. It is considered as one of the primary steps taken by the user to make life full of vitality and energy.  

Monthly Dinner Planner Template 


  1. Monthly Planner with Notes

Monthly planner with notes is a document in which apart from dates, it will contain blank spaces for writing down special notes. People can use this type of planner with notes for entering list of appointments, and events to plan and attend in a week. The notes can include time, date, name of the person with whom appointment is fixed, address and telephone numbers.  

Monthly Planner with Notes


  1. Monthly Meal Planner and Grocery List 

The term monthly meal planner and grocery list is referred to a document that indicates what a person intends to eat on all the thirty days in a month. Many office goers find this meal planner and grocery list a boon to manage their meals daily. It contains all the details of the meals planned for the month, the list of groceries and its availability to cook. 

Monthly Meal Planner and Grocery List 


  1. Monthly Financial Planner Template 

Monthly financial planner template is a spread sheet document in which allocation of finances required for spending in a month is written. This can be used for executing a variety of tasks in offices, and other commercial establishments. Besides, finances may be needed to purchase inputs like raw materials and other relevant items to produce products in a company. Hence, monthly financial planner template helps the management to plan this efficiently to increase productivity. 

Monthly Financial Planner Template 


  1. Personalized Monthly Planner 

People in their daily life can make their own personalized monthly planner. The basic aim of a personalized planner is to change their life. It is possible to design a personalized monthly planner that matches the individual’s requirements by adopting his or her own format consisting of style and layout.


Personalized Monthly Planner 


  1. Monthly Pocket Planner Template

People can carry a monthly pocket planner template always. This document helps them to stay well organized. It is an excellent option since it can fit easily in the purse or pocket. People can create their own monthly pocket planner template to save money or buy one from a book shop. Another method used to create a monthly pocket planner template is to download it from online, using Microsoft office.

Monthly Pocket Planner Template


  1. Academic Monthly Planner Template 

The best academic monthly planner template is considered as an education planner, which can be customized and can be used by a teacher or a student. The user can organize his or her study schedule for the academic year 2019 to 2020. This will help him or her to reach the goals, effectively.

Academic Monthly Planner Template 


  1. Undated Monthly Planner Template 

Undated monthly planner templates are also referred to as blank monthly planner templates. People can use them for monitoring variety of tasks like planning for long term, scheduling, planning for holidays, planning a project, and planning out routines. People can choose black and white undated monthly planner templates as it acts as great additions and can be printed out in single pages.

Undated Monthly Planner Template 


  1. Target [Goal] Monthly Planner

Many people have different goals or targets to achieve in their life. Planning all the break-up of activities through a target or goal monthly planner is of a great help. Filling all the tasks in a planner with dates for completion of tasks to reach the final target will be helpful. Such monthly target or goal planners can be downloaded from the web for every month. 

Target [Goal] Monthly Planner


  1. Small [mini] & Medium Monthly Planner 

In a production organization tasks are divided into medium and small cycle production operations. These are entered into a small or mini, and medium monthly planner sheets. The time taken to complete such small and medium tasks is determined using time estimates. Accordingly, monitoring and progressing of tasks is done on a daily basis to execute them as per plan.

Medium Monthly Planner 


Printable Monthly Planner 2020 Template in PDF, Word & Excel Format

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