Free Doctors Note Template for Work & School in PDF & Word

A doctor’s note template often comes in handy when a student or an employee is unable to attend school or office due to sudden illness or injury. Such a template makes it easier for the doctors to authorize absence from school or work due to any illness or injury. There are various types of notes that a doctor can prescribe based on the patient’s condition or needs. You can access doctor’s note template from here and use it based on your specific condition.

How to Make Doctors Note

While every doctor’s note is different for every patient, there are a few standard things that are common and need to be included in every note. A standard doctor’s note should include the details of the patient for whom the note is being issued.
These basic details should include:

  • Patient’s full name,
  • Date of birth,
  • Age,
  • Gender and
  • Address.
  • Date and time of appointment.
  • Detailed Information of the doctor, physician, or the nurse authorizing the patient’s leave or resuming work should also be included. 

This information could contain name, address, contact information and the type of doctor or physician. Apart from these things, the nature of injury/illness and the necessary recommendations made by the doctor should be clearly stated in the note. This provides the basis for the excuse or authorization of leave. Furthermore, the days of absence should be clearly stated in the note along with the type of work, play or activities the patients is allowed or not allowed to do during the period of injury or illness.

There is no dearth of Blank doctor’s note templates on the internet but you should be careful while choosing a template. Once you are aware of the major things that need to be present in a doctor’s note, you would be better able to analyze and pick the best template for you. All the major things will be covered here to make it easier for you.

Here is a simple printable doctor’s note template that can serve as a starting point for your customized doctor’s note:

Sample Doctor Notes with Examples

Doctor’ Notes for work

A doctor’s note for work is often required by employers from the employees who miss work due to sickness or injury. In the note, a doctor writes for the patient where he gives a detailed analysis of the patient’s condition and states the number of days the leave should be applicable. Along with the diagnosis, the doctor also provides his recommendation and prescription for the patient to follow. 

Here is a sample of a doctor’s note for work:

Doctor Note for work

Doctor Notes for School

A doctor’s note for school is a medical document that is written by the doctor on behalf of the student which contains the medical advice offered by the doctor. A student is required to submit this document to his school authority in order to get his leave approved. The format for doctor’s note for school is similar to a doctor’s note for work as it requires the necessary aspects like doctor’s name, address and contact number. Apart from doctor’s information, the note also contains doctor’s diagnosis of the student’s medical condition and his advice along and how to sickness will affect the student’s performance at school and hinder his physical activity. The note will also inform the school as to when the student will be fit to return to school.

Here is a sample for the doctor’s note for school: 

Doctor Notes for School

Fillable Doctors Note

A fillable doctors note can be really helpful in quickly drafting the necessary details regarding the condition of the patient along with doctor’s advice. This note contains fillable blanks for the doctor to fill in the necessary information like patients detail, doctors detail, doctor’s diagnosis and advice. A blank doctors note can be easy and less time consuming for the doctors. Furthermore, it is easy to get a printout of the copy and save a lot of time for the doctor as doctor’s have a busy schedule. You can find a fillable doctors note here and use it as per your need.

Here is a sample for a fillable doctor’s note:

Urgent Care Doctors Note Template

Urgent Care Doctors Note Template

An urgent care doctors note is issued when a patient is suddenly inflicted with a physical injury or catches a contagious or a non contagious disease. In these cases, a patient might have to get a note from the doctors in the urgent care centers. This note is emphasis the immediate medical intervention received by the patient due to his medical condition and the severity of the condition is mentioned in the note. The emergency of the situation needs to be clearly specified in the note so that any confusion around the patient’s condition can be avoided. Appointment details should be correctly filled so it can be verified easily in such cases.

Here is a template for urgent care doctors note:

Urgent Care Doctors Note Template

Real Doctors Note Template

While there are a lot of different types of doctors note available for different situations, a patients needs to be careful about getting a real doctors note rather than the ones that look obviously fake. There are a lot of different templates on the internet but not all templates take in account all the important aspects that need to be present in a real doctor’s note. If the doctor’s note is not real it can lead to problems for the patient in the future. There are a few important aspects that need to be kept in mind in order to maintain the authenticity of the doctor’s note.

Here are the following things that need to be kept in mind while looking for a real doctor’s note template:

  • There are different types of doctors note that cater to different situations. You should look for the ones that suit your particular situation.
  • A real doctors note must be highly customizable in order for it to be custom tailored as per your situation. This helps in detailing your situation with more clarity and leaves no doubt for confusion.
  • It should clearly state the name of the doctor and the hospital. It is important that it also contain the contact number of the doctor, so that it can be used to verify your condition by your employer/school administrator.
  • You might be tempted to use a pre-signed doctors note but it is important that the doctors manually sign the notes. Manual signatures are required by the law in order to hold the validity of the note.
  • While people might not pay a lot of attention to it, it is critical that you get a high quality printout of the doctors note template as real doctors note generally have a standard quality that can be spotted by the examiner.
  • Make sure that your doctors note contains the stamp of the hospital or the clinic. A doctors note without a stamp could be construed as fake. 

Urgent Care Doctors Note Template

Sample Doctors Note for Travel Cancellation

A doctors note can be really important when you fall sick and are unable to get on your scheduled flight. If you contact the airline with a doctors note for travel cancellation, you might even be able to get a refund on your ticket. As soon as you realize that your health is deteriorating before you need to travel, it is a good advice to see a doctor as soon as possible and secure a doctors note for travel canellation. Such a note is different from other doctors note as it contains all the travel details of the patient. This note needs to be on point and highly specific about the patients condition as it can be later used by your insurance company or the airline for official purpose. Here is a sample doctors note for travel cancellation:

Sample Doctors Note for Travel Cancellation


  • Always use a standard template for a doctor’s note so that all the necessary details are present in the note.
  • Make sure the name of the doctor and the hospital are clearly visible, along with the doctors contact details.
  • Ensure that doctor signs your note or else it might cause problems in the future.
  • Use the doctors note template that most suits your situation and needs, as it will make things easier for you and the doctor.

Check all the details along with the dates on the note as any errors can lead to further complications.

Printable Doctor Note Template in PDF & Word Format

Blank Doctor Note Template in PDF 

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Blank Doctor Note Template in Word .Doc 

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