Free Storyboard Template [PDF, WORD, PPT, & Google Docs]

A Storyboard Template example is considered as an organizer through which it is possible to graphically present and plan the description of a story. In fact, the visual presentation of information can be done powerfully through a storyboard. In the template, certain tasks like depicting the passage of time, process explanation and perfectly planned storytelling are executed in the linear direction of cells. Free storyboard templates are available in formats like Google docs, PPT, PSD, Word and PDF.  

Printable Storyboard Template Example

Through a storyboard template example, storyboards are positioned in the form of sequential drawings to describe the story. This is broken into small sized paragraphs and in the linear form permits the author to concentrate separately on every cell without creating any distortion in the continuity of the story. A storyboard template is used as a mode of communication to the people who watch.

A) Film [Movie] or Video Storyboard Template 

The term video or a film storyboard template refers to graphic layout which demonstrates the images and sequences of a story. Here, the aim is to tell the story in a visual representation. Any video or film of a storyboard is a mode of communication to indicate how a particular scene will emerge in the form of a play. This technology is frequently used for exhibiting commercials, music, videos, television and movies to the audience.

Film [Movie] or Video Storyboard Template


B) Animation [Cartoon] Storyboard Template

A series of graphic layout that reveals images and illustrations indicating visually a comic or an animated story is known as an animation storyboarding template. It usually depicts the way a scene will be played. This animation storyboard is utilized for showing comics, commercials, music videos, television and animated movies.

Animation [Cartoon] Storyboard Template


C) Photoshop Storyboard Template

This photoshop storyboard template refers to a graphic layout that indicates images and illustrations. This reveals a visual story, which can be altered through Adobe photoshop software. The storyboard of a photoshop shows the method of playing a scene. It is utilized in music videos, movies, commercials and television. This software makes the procedure of sharing and assembling a storyboard, easily.


D) Website Storyboard Template

A vital writing tool that assists a person to prepare the development cycle of a product is known as website storyboard template. The person’s thoughts and ideas are taken into consideration and reveal it as a story. This website storyboard is considered to be a depiction visually of the person’s website’s design. It indicates the components of the website and the manner in which they are inter-related.

Website Storyboard Template


E) Storyboard Template Pages

A graphic sequence of images and illustrations, which visually depict a story, is called a storyboard template pages. It mainly shows the method of playing a story scene. Quite often it is utilized for interactive media, pre-visualizations, commercials, animation, television and motion pictures. The panels of these storyboard pages consist of photos captured in locations, comparable video screenshots and customized drawings.  

Storyboard Template Pages


F) Storyboard Template Powerpoint [PPT]

Well sequenced images and illustrations that reflect a story in the form of graphic lay out can be achieved through a power point story board template.  This concept can be ideally done through power point presentations using Microsoft software. This technology is frequently utilized for developing interactive media or pre-visualizations, commercial advertisements, animation, television and motion pictures.

Storyboard Template Powerpoint [PPT]


G) Digital Storyboard Template

People who are looking for online story projects with should take the assistance of digital storyboard templates. This method is considered to be the best option to release their new branded products, launching of new customer based services or to have better communication with the audience. In its simplest form, storytelling in digital format can be achieved through this high quality digital story board template. 

Digital Storyboard Template


H) Product Storyboard Template

Owners of business organizations can share their product storyboard template instead of building a prototype or making investment in a new process. Such storyboard templates for product development are rapidly emerging as today’s technological innovations. This method is considered as an excellent professional concept to attract the interest of the consumer for the growth of the business. 

Product Storyboard Template


I) User Storyboard Template

Short stories are known as user stories. They indicate descriptions of a feature in a simple manner. The user storyboard template forms the basis of any team dealing with software engineering. To standardize the prospective task of the team, using the user storyboard template, can prove to be a difficult job.

User Storyboard Template


Blank & Printable storyboard template in PDF, Word, Google Docs

Storyboard Template in Google Docs

  1. Google Docs Template 1
  2. Google Docs Template 2
  3. Google Docs Template 3
  4. Google Docs Template 4
  5. Google Docs Template 5

Storyboard Template in PDF

  1. PDF Template 1
  2. PDF Template 2
  3. PDF Template 3
  4. PDF Template 4
  5. PDF Template 5

Storyboard Template in WORD

  1. Word Template 1
  2. Word Template 2
  3. Word Template 3
  4. Word Template 4
  5. Word Template 5

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