Printable Attendance Sheet / Tracker Template in PDF, Word, Google Docs

At any place of work recording attendance through an attendance sheet & attendance tracker is considered as a vital operation in everyday life. The form used for recording every attendance tracker is quite different in its style, design and pattern. People will be able to record attendance and track, effortlessly.

Attendance Sheet Excel Format 

Anyone can track attendance of their meetings and classes using attendance tracker Excel format. They can download forms by installing Excel app on their mobile devices or phones. Files can be saved with other devices using sync option. The attendance log can be completed followed by a formatting process, easily.    

How to Make Attendance Sheet in Excel

A teacher should know how to prepare an attendance tracker in Excel. This can be done through SUM and IF functions. The print area can be created indicating the total attendance of students. The latest Windows version of Excel is used. They can work on all legacy versions of Excel for macOS and Windows.

Attendance Sheet Sample with Example

The attendance tracker sample is prepared for a person in the workplace. This type of recording is used for payroll, monitoring, or evaluation. There are several methods of developing this printable sheet format, like in PDF, Excel or Doc. The output of this sheet should relate to creating such a document.

A) Attendance Sheet for School

For recording class attendance in a school, the attendance tracker is designed to track student’s attendance daily. This helps teachers to know the number of days students are absent. Some schools sometimes, punish children for unnecessary absenteeism. Hence, it is vital for using a printable attendance tracker for maintaining accurate records.

B) Attendance Sheet for Day Care

Home day care providers, teachers or care givers maintain printable attendance tracker. This is to track children who are left there by parents daily. This procedure conforms to provincial guidelines of reporting attendance. The parents are relieved since their child will be accounted through day care attendance tracker while dropping.

Attendance Sheet


C) Attendance Sheet for Meeting

For any type of meeting, the attendance tracker allows in getting information and record details of meetings, location, date and facilitators’ names. This sheet provides space for reminders and notes. It acts as a basic template for attendance meeting sheet. It also assists in documenting team members involved in projects.

Attendance Sheet for Meeting


D) Attendance Sheet/Attendance Tracker for Students

An attendance tracker helps in managing the participation of students in meetings, classes and events. Teachers can track student’s presence and contribution or being absent and tardy. This sheet assists in overcoming student’s problems. It is useful for home school students to keep proper records of days on academic work.  

E) Attendance Sheet for Sunday School

To keep track of their children, an attendance tracker for Sunday school is used by Children’s Church teachers. They make children know what they have missed in class. Without this document teachers will not know who has missed or was present, each week. Hence, multiple attendance trackers is used and updated.

Attendance Sheet for Sunday School


F) Attendance Sheet/Attendance Tracker for Employees

The attendance tracker applies even for employees. It acts as a self-checking method to monitor their time duration in the workplace. This sheet can be used to detect the exact amount an employee can see on his/her paycheck. It can be customized by the employee relating to attendance tracker.

G) Attendance Sheet for Homeschool

Parents must maintain accurate attendance tracker records of homeschool children in groups. This should be produced to the government when requested. Maintaining record is a vital feature of homeschoolng. Regulations regarding attendance tracker may vary from state to state. Parents should keep copies of homeschool students that should be precise.

Homeschool Attendance Sheet


H) Attendance Sheet for Office

Main elements of attendance tracker for office contain header section wherein name of company is written. Next section, employee’s name, id, designation and department are entered. Section on attendance tracker indicates month and its number of days, and records of presence or absence. Percentage of employee’s attendance is evaluated, finally.

I) Attendance Sheet for Training

Template for training attendance tracker can be applied to school students, volunteers, employees or people undergoing training. Information on training program can be documented at the top of the template. The attendance tracker contains signature column where trainees can sign on arrival. Extra information can be gathered by adding columns.

Attendance Sheet for Training


J) Employee Attendance Sheet with Time in Excel

A well formatted and easy to customize employee attendance tracker with time in excel can be created. Employees can keep track of attendance incorporated with time clock-in and outs. Employee attendance time sheet in excel can be prepared weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly. Tracking of regular and overtime hours possible.

Employee Attendance Sheet with Time in Excel


K) Free Excel Timesheet Template Multiple Employees

Multiple employees excel time sheet template records the employee’s attendance with time. It indicates casual leave, sick leave, paid leave, maternity leave and absence, for salary purpose. This sheet contains records of salary, present, absent, holidays, late comings, job training and other leaves. It helps in increasing performance of company.

Timesheet Templates For Employee


L) Monthly Timesheet Template

Monthly time sheet template is designed to track hours spent on a project by an employee. It is made for tracking four to five-week duration on a weekly timecard template. In a monthly time sheet, clock-in and clock out times are recorded. It is possible to customize time sheets, easily.

Monthly Timesheet Template


M) Attendance Tracker Template

Time tracking templates are comparable to attendance tracker templates. Attendance of an individual can be recorded irrespective of being a student or an employee. Files are maintained in a secured and safe manner, and available as free online samples. They can be customized through Word, Excel or PDF format options.

Attendance Tracker Template


N) Attendance Chart for Classroom

A combination of multiple monthly student attendance form is called attendance chart for classroom. This is available as a single workbook in Excel. This chart incorporates yearly summary sheet providing updated total information. This work sheet summary can be referenced through a mail merge option enabling printing of student’s report.

O) Weekly Attendance sheet

Attendance Chart for Classroom


Attendance Tracker Sheet Template 2019 in PDF, WORD & EXCEL

Attendance Sheet Template in Microsoft Word
1. Microsoft Word Attendance Tracker
2. Microsoft Word Attendance Tracker

Attendance Sheet Template in Excel
1. Attendance Tracker Excel Daily
2. Attendance Tracker Excel Daily

Attendance Sheet Template in PDF 
1. Attendance Tracker PDF
2. Attendance Tracker PDF

Attendance Sheet Template in Google Sheets
1. Attendance Tracker Google Sheets
2. Attendance Tracker Google Sheets

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