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Hey there, are you looking for admission letter templates and guidance to write one? No worries anymore! We are here with a thorough understanding about it, just follow us. What an admission letter is? An admission letter is a written consent which may be used by a school or college to inform the perspective applicant or student that their application is accepted or he or she has passed the procedure required to get the admission in the respective institute. In short, it is used to pass on the intention about confirming that a candidate has been admitted to an event, entity etc. 

Mainly, two types of letter of admission are used commonly. One is usually used to confirm the recipient about being admitted to a particular program, course, event or some academic course etc. It is a formal letter explaining the purpose along with the reason that why this person has been given admission and genuinely prompts them too accordingly to accept the admission offer.

The other type of letter for admission is basically used by the applicant or student to the universities of interest or colleges. It is to pass on the reasons and intentions that why they want to join this institute and why they are suitable or deserving to get an admission there. This is a way to sell out themselves to make them convince about your candidature and that too not just by putting a resume or by listing grades and qualifications but by sharing your passions, goals, thoughts and efforts that you would put to achieve them. For example, if you are looking for an admission is a class of designing but you have degree of some other subject then it is important that apart from sharing your grade and history, better you share your work of designs too. It will enhance your chances to get selected.

Today, admission letter are one primary way to find out if you are given entry in University or not.

Format of Letter of Admission

Like any other letter, a general format is being followed here as well. Follow the steps given below for the format:

Main heading stating the intent of letter 

Name of Recipient
Address of Recipient

[Date of writing]

Body of Letter



How to write admission Letter

To write an admission letter is not a very difficult task to do. It is just a simple letter that needs to be in a professional and cordial language and well aligned format to meet the expectations. A few tips are provided below to write a letter of admission for your convenience. 

  1. be sure what type of letter are you writing, if it is narrative, analytical or technical. Write accordingly. 
  2. Write exactly what you intend to. Be very honest because there are chances that you are going to attach a few supporting documents along. 
  3. Remember that you use impeccable writing skills in terms of language, vocabs etc. 
  4. If you are writing a letter for admission, write something out of the box that makes your letter differ from many others. 
  5. Prepare before you write. Prepare an outline as it will make it easier for you to write it in a better manner. 
  6. Look confident because that is very important. 

Admission Letter Sample with Example

Using above guidance and tips we assure you that you’ll be able to write a nice admission letter for yourself. But if still you need some help in writing you can refer our page where you’ll find more of such samples that have covered letter of admission in a very professional manner. 

Are you looking for admission to college/ University? Well, sometimes you need to take help of these letters that will make it easier for you to get admission in your desirable institution. A sample is provided below.

Sample College/University Admission Letter

Dear Admission In-charge,

I have been looking for a number of institutes to get myself enrolled I graphic designing course. After having looked at many different courses I have decided to join full time regular course for 2 year in graphic designing at your place. I am very much fascinated with the faculty and technology that your University is bestowed with and that has blown away my mind. I am sure it will be a very exciting and diverse course.  

I have been doing paintings and art work since a few years now but since now I want to move a step ahead and want to learn how graphics work. I have been around a few graphic designers who has inspired me to enroll myself in one such course. 

I will be very much delighted if my application will get accepted by you. Here, I have attached a copy of my application along with my resume for your reference. I hope I would meet all the necessary requisites. 

Thank you for your consideration. I hope to have a response from you. 

Thanks a lot.

With Regards,


Your faithfully
Bruno Geller

Primary School Admission Letter sample


The Principal

Jesus Merry Primary Education School

New York City, USA


Dear Sir/Ma’am,

We are here looking for admission in your school for our child. We have been trying for a long while now to get him a chance to study in your prestigious school and for this session we sincerely want him to get a chance. He is a very polite and obedient child and I am sure that he will be great student at your school. 

We are all ready to make him appear for any entrance test, if any, and are prepared for personal interview as well. Please consider our request and provide us with an appointment as soon as possible. 


Thanking you.



Michael Steve

F/o Berry Steve

If you are given an offer to get admission in a particular place but you are not interested, you just need to make a polite reply to their offer letter that you are given another desirable opportunity or an option you are more interested in. A sample is given below:

Sample Decline Admission Offer Letter

Dear Sir/ Ma’am,

I am extremely thankful that you are offering me admission to School of Medicine in your University. I greatly appreciate your consideration, time and effort in evaluating my application.

However, I regret to inform you that I won’t be able to join your School as I have been offered by XYZ University which is very close to my home and has remained my preference. I decline your offer and withdraw from my place in your upcoming batch.
Thank you so much for you generosity and understanding. 

Your faithfully,

For more assistance, you can visit our page where more samples are available for any kind of assistance.

Admission Letter Template in PDF and Word Format

Primary School Admission Letter

PDF Word

University Admission Letter

PDF Word

Admission Letter Template in PDF Format

  1. PDF Template 1
  2. PDF Template 2

Admission Letter Template in Word Format

  1. Word Template 1
  2. Word Template 2

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