How to Write Thank You Email | Thank You Email Format

Got an interview or job recently? Yes? Do you think your How to Write Thank You Email is as professional as it can get?

Well, take a look and go through some great writing tips to make your email even better. This is will automatically get some attention to your name. You can easily add some extra stars in addition to your resume with this thank you email.

So, here we will see how to write a thank you mail for your interview or a job. Let’s explore some dos and don’ts of what to put in the mail. Read thoroughly and make your list. With this you can compose the best thank you email ever.

How to Write Thank You Email

The best and easy to understand writing tips are presented below. Take a look and make full use of this article.

Subject line

First of all, always write a subject line, don’t just leave it blank. It describes what the email is about. Make your subject to the point and don’t beat around the bush. We will talk about subject lines in detail later in this article.

How to begin

It is very important and plays a crucial role in how you address the person. You just don’t want to put him/her in a bad mood. Mae's use of proper greetings and salutations is necessary. In the professional world nowadays, it works on a first name basis. So, you can just directly address the person with his/her name.

Get to the point

Immediately show appreciation and thank them in the very first or second line. This will easily make them understand why you are writing to them. You can also just start by saying ‘Thank You’. Show your gratitude and appreciation. Be careful with your words. The choice of words is as important as anything in this world.


It’s all about the minute details you see. Write some details about the event. This is will imply to them why you are so thankful. Mention specific points of appreciation and major or minor details about what happened. If you are writing for an interview, you can say ‘Thank you for your time’. If it is for a job that you got, then you can just say ‘Thank you for this opportunity’. You can add further details accordingly. Just write about what you liked and what made you appreciate the person or the event. You can also write about how the event helped you or can help you in the future.

Thank you again

Before you are done writing your mail, just thank them again. This will instantly bring a smile to the person’s face. Moreover, it’s a reminder of why you wrote this email in the first place. Just go like ‘Thanks again for this opportunity’ or whatever the email is about. Show your sincere gratitude.

Signing off

Once again, the choice of words here is very important. Use proper language to sign off the mail. You can write ‘Thanks and Regards’, ‘Sincerely’, ‘Best’ and any other proper closing accordingly.

Then just sign off with your name or digital signature.

The above points will make the format of the mail very clear to you. It becomes easy to understand and eventually easy to write.

Some more thoughtful tips are listed below. This will throw some light on the content that you can use. Or when to send the mail or any other thing that was left out in the above points.

Do not delay

Make sure you are not late in sending your thank you email. Send the mail as soon as possible. For example, you checked your mail and got an interview call. Reply instantly by mentioning how thankful you are, include other details if required. The timings of such events are very crucial.

Do not overdo anything

Write in a positive language. Again, focus on your choice of words. You want to say thank you, be sincere and show your gratitude. But, at the same time, don’t overdo it. Be to the point in what you want to say and don’t add anything extra like false praising. This can give you some minus points.

Multiple thank you emails

So, it is possible that there were many people in your interview or any event you are writing this mail for. Just send an individual mail to each one of them. Don’t just add them in Cc; write different emails for each one of them. Mention some minor details about each one of them.

Short and sweet

Remember you are writing a thank you email and not an essay. Keep it short and sweet. Write to the point. You do not have to describe each and everything. It can otherwise become tiresome and annoying for the receiver.


Always, always, and always proofread your mail before sending it. Check for grammatical errors, spelling mistakes, or anything. Make corrections if needed and then send it. So those were some writing tips to help you compose your mail.

If we talk about job interviews, in particular, it is very important to send a thank you mail to the interviewer. It has several benefits like your name will stand out and the HR will hopefully remember you. They can easily get back to you through your mail. An important part of any email is the subject line that you use. Never, ever leave it blank. It’s the first thing the receiver sees before opening the mail.

How to write Thank You email after interview Subject Line

Let’s see some professional subject lines you can use in your post-interview thank you mail.

  • Thank You - (HR’s/Interviewer’s name)
  • Thank You - (Your name)
  • Thank You - (Job Position)
  • Thank You - (Your name, Job Position)
  • Job Title, (Your name) –Thank You
  • Thank You!
  • Thank You for your time

Now here is a sample Thank you email for you to understand everything you read above. This is a sample of a post-interview thanks your mail to the HR.

How to write Thank You email

Subject line: Thank You (HR’s/Interviewer’s name)

Hello (HR’s/Interviewer’s name),

Thank you so much for your time. I really appreciate your taking out time for me from your busy schedule to discuss (Job Position).

It was a great experience and I am excited to join (Company name). It’s a great opportunity for me to work with people with such a positive approach. The main point of interest was when you told me (add detail here).

My experience will definitely help me to deal with the upcoming ventures positively.

In case you need any other information, feel free to contact me. I am looking forward to your response.

Thanks again.


How to Write Thank You Email in Word and PDF Format

How to Write Thank You Email

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