How to Write Thank You Letter | Thank You Letter Format

It is essential for any job seeker to send a thank you note that can be designed in the form of a Thank You Letter Format. The applicant might wonder what items should be covered in this letter. In this regard, the job seeker has to include certain components, irrespective of the thank you form that he or she adopts. 

The applicant should realize the vital part that a thank you plays. It is a method to indicate his or her appreciation or happiness towards people who have helped. Besides, such a letter can assist in other ways as well. It can help in continuing contact with others whom the job seeker knows. This thank you, can act as a reminding letter to a recruiter by indicating how the applicant will be suitable for the post. Writing a thank you will reveal to the job seeker’s supervisor his or her politeness and professionalism.    

Format Thank You Letter

The tips to format such a thanks letter include:

  • It is vital for the job seeker to address the employer perfectly accompanied by salutation
  • While writing the thanks letter, the applicant should mention the words, thank you, in the opening one or two sentences. This indicates the gratitude of the job seeker to the employer. 
  • If the thank you is forwarded through email, the thank you words can be written in the subject line of the mail.
  • The job seeker should be specific and clarify as to why he or she is expressing thanks through this thank you format.
  • As the thank you note is very essential, it should be well written without any error
  • Before forwarding this to the company, it has to be carefully proof read. 

How to write Thank You Letter

This Letter should be used by the job seeker after the interview. This can be in the form of an informal handwritten note, a formal typed letter or email. The method the letter is written should reveal the applicant’s capacity in learning about the company and the recruiter. The job seeker can forward a written thanks letter through regular mail, if time permits. Such a letter will indicate his or her increased interest in appreciating the employer.

The applicant should also be aware that traditional companies would like to receive hand written or typed letters. While thanking a co-worker, a personalized handwritten thank you card can be sent.

The applicant should be specific in thanking the recruiter. The job seeker can write a few details as to why he or she is appreciating the employer. The thanks letter can be for a job advice, tips for job interview or for boosting self confidence. This extra detail in the thanks letter indicates the applicant’s appreciation of the recruiter. 

The job seeker should decide what to convey in the thank and forward it through card, ordinary mail, or email. Expressing proper words with proper format in the thanks letter will surely be appreciated by the recruiter or the employer.

Writing and sending the letter of thank must be done as early as possible. The thanks letter must not be postponed for any reason. It should be done particularly after the interview is over. The job seeker can lose his chances of getting the job if he or she has not mailed the thanks letter soon. Expressing gratitude is vital, which should make the job seeker to have positive thinking, but at the same time show sincerity to the employer. 

While writing the letter, the job seeker should learn to personalize each letter before it is sent. He might have attended several interviews. Adding something to every thank you note about the type of conversation held, specifically with every employer, is ideal while drafting this letter. The job seeker should avoid copying the same message for each employer, and this attitude will show his or her sincerity. 

The most important point that any job seeker need to observe is that while writing his or her thank you it should be kept short. It should be limited to a few paragraphs only.   

Tips - How to start a thank you letter

The tips to start a thanks letter in the desired Format include:

  • The job seeker should start the letter with a salutation
  • This can be written as Dear Mr. Firstname or Dear Mr. Lastname 
  • On the other hand, if the job seeker is well aware of the person, using the first name of the person will be appropriate
  • Otherwise, addressing the employer as Ms or Mr or any other suitable title will be sufficient
  • The culture of the company should form as the base to decide the format of the thank you letter
  • A law company would prefer to receive a handwritten thank you.
  • A start up technical company would be impressed by the applicant if he or she forwards a thank you video as an attachment through email

How to End a Thank You Letter

Prior to ending this Letter, the job applicant should once again indicate his or her gratitude to the recruiter. The ending of this thanks you letter can consist of words such as, sincerely or best. The signature of the applicant should be written at the end of the thank you letter. This should be hand written, if it is a card or can be typed, if sent through email.  

How to Write a Thank You Email

As a part of this Letter Format, the job seeker should learn how to send a thank you letter through an email. Contrary to the conventional mailed letter, he or she need not include subject line and salutation. In the end, the applicant should write mention his or her name, telephone number and email address.

Sending an email thank you letter is considered to be suitable for business communication. This is the best way if the job seeker desires an immediate follow-up. Such an action on the part of the applicant can prove to be beneficial, prior to the decision of the hiring team. 

The Following Is A Typical Thank You Email Format

Subject Line: Thank You for this opportunity.

Hello, Mrs. Aditi
I profusely thank you so much for taking your valuable time to discuss with me about the position of a Senior Specialist in Digital Marketing with KLM Inc. Your approach to growing organic traffic was interesting to listen, and felt happy to know more about it.
Our discussion enabled me to be more eager to join KLM. However, the most interesting thing that attracted me was how your efforts were focused on the reader’s experience and not on technical issues on SEO only.
I am sure my long years of experience can contribute success in my new position as the Senior Specialist in Digital Marketing in KLM.
If any additional information is needed, you can contact me at any time. As discussed already, I look forward to hearing from you next week. 

Thank you once again for your precious time.

Anajli Singh

Thank You Letter Template in PDF and Word Format

Thank You letter

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