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Budget planner in every field is very essential not only to save money, but also to save time and energy. Without planning a budget, a person may not be very precise in his/her spending spree. Unwanted expenditure can occur without a specific budget. Creating a realistic budget will be appreciated.

Sample Budget Planner Template with Examples

A sample budget planner template with examples is the most proper way to utilize money. The process of planning need not be complex but simple and should be usable. Template in excel format with basics can hasten the planning process. Details of budget rest on the document used for business/ personal.

A) Target Budget Planner

A target budget planner is considered to have a projected amount of money for a fiscal period. This budget key is required for capital expenditure and its operation. With the help of a budget target, financial goal can be planned. After configuring the targeted budget and account codes, budget plan can be generated.

Target Budget Planner


B) Wedding Budget Planner

A wedding budget planner helps any individual to manage the huge expenses perfectly. While planning for a wedding, money, and emotion cannot operate in parallel. With this planner, it is possible to plan well and eliminate unnecessary expenses. People utilize such a budget planner to make their wedding a success.

Wedding Budget Planner


C) Monthly Budget Planner

A person must know about income that his/her family gets every month and expenditure. The monthly budget planner will help in reducing unnecessary spending. The PDF sample template of budget helps in drafting the monthly budget. It has a table indicating income, expenses, actual budget and difference and monthly budget.

Monthly Budget Planner


D) Weekly Budget Planner

This first template of weekly budget assists a person to manage accounts and record all transactions. This can be compared with the amount of money spent according to the budget. The second template contains a multi-week budget planner. This planner can be useful in analysing and planning of later expenses.

weekly budget planner


E) Daily Budget Planner

Daily budget planner can be a part of personal daily planner template. A budget can be created only when income is enough. It must be categorised according to essential requirements. Daily budget planner helps in listing everything that is vital. This must be done according to daily income and expenditure.

Daily Budget Planner


F) Online Personal Budget Planner

Initially, online personal budget template can be useful, but it must be customised to match particular requirements. The same budget may not be useful for another month due to unforeseen expenditure. Costs may vary from month to month according to circumstances. Hence, this template has to be updated whenever necessary.

Online Personal Budget Planner


G) Trip or Vacation Budget Planner

Preparing a vacation budget planner several months ahead the trip is important. This helps in knowing the amount of money to be saved in advance, and if it is affordable. A budget related to all expenses must be planned through a travel budget template. It assists in controlling over expenditure.

Trip or Vacation Budget Planner


H) Annual or Yearly Budget Planner

Through an annual or yearly budget planner, anyone will be able to watch their monthly income and expenditure. From this, people can know as to how much they are spending every month. This data will help to ascertain the total expenditure for the year and plan their yearly events, accordingly.

Annual or Yearly Budget Planner


I) Household (Home) Budget Planner

People can ideally use household (home) budget planner with an aim to plan their monthly expenditure perfectly. It is prepared in line with the monthly predictable income. Preparing household budget planner can become great planning for the family. Expenditure covering all categories to be incurred in a month are included.

Household (Home) Budget Planner


J) Family Budget Planner

Family budget planner is a simple template that assists anyone to monitor planned budget, systematically. Tracking can be done yearly, quarterly, and monthly. It consists of fields with projected income against actual income incurred. The planner is a spreadsheet meant for the family and used as an important financial toolbox.

Family Budget Planner


K) College Student Budget Planner

College student budget planner helps college students to manage their monthly and semester expenses. This include fees, books, tuition and other living expenditure. Visual analysis of the total expenditure and income can be represented in the form of a graph. Using this planner, the student can live within his/her means.

College Student Budget Planner


L) Christmas Budget Planner

Christmas budget planner is considered as single page template, which is adopted to track the expenses. People can enter the list of people for whom gifts are to be purchased through separate budget allocation. It is possible to evaluate the budget provision on the actual cost of the items purchased.

Christmas Budget Planner


M) Budget Meal Planner

People can eat better by spending less, using budget meal planner. Through meal planning proper and healthy meals can be prepared within budget. This assists in avoiding food waste. With meal planner it is easy to prepare meal with what is available, and extra purchase can be done if required.

Budget Meal Planner


N) Travel Budget Planner

With a travel budget planner, a person can calculate his/her travel expenses. It can include food, hotel, travel and other activities. The cost of travel is variable depending on the mode of travel. Hence, pre-planning through travel budget is essential to cover all travel costs to fit within the budget.

O) Financial Budget Planner

Financial budget planner, long term or short term, is very vital for everyone including organizations. This planner is usually spread over one year. It may indicate costs and expenses, assets, sales volume and revenue, resource quantities, liabilities and cash flows. Budget planner can also cover surplus amount for future use.

Financial Budget Planner


P) Bi-Weekly Budget Planner

Preparing bi-weekly budget planner, is important when salary is received twice a month. All bills may be received once a month only. To avoid unnecessary confusion, bills can be paid, immediately. Through bi-weekly salary, a person is paid twice a month. To overcome financial issues, bi-weekly budget plan is useful.

Bi-Weekly Budget Planner


Q) Event and Party Budget Planner

Event and party budget planner can assist to monitor all the planned activities perfectly to prevent overspending. People can know all the expenses and revenues precisely. Hence, event or party will be a success. It helps anyone to assess and record each section of the event that will incur cost.

Event and Party Budget Planner


R) Business Budget Planner

The business budget planner is an effective living document used by most of the business organizations. It is also considered as a vital tool that could be used for managing small businesses. To adhere to the budget, comparison of actual amount spent should be done with the budget planner regularly.

Business Budget Planner


S) Retirement Budget Planner

The retirement budget planner can bring happiness to retired people. Creating such a budget plan will lower the stress level, making retirement an enjoyable event among senior citizens. However, the general rule to be followed is that fixed expenses should be lowered. Funds accessible can be spent on enjoyable occasions.

Retirement Budget Planner


T) Renovation Budget Planner

Renovation of any building forms a part of its maintenance and to give a better look. This certainly requires a renovation budget planner. It informs about the capital amount for spending, the type of renovation and duration of time. This refurbishing process will be ineffective if the budget is unknown.

Renovation Budget Planner


U) Couples Budget Planner

The couples budget planner might prove to be a cumbersome procedure. It might be difficulty to plan a person’s financial expenses balancing it with the requirements of spouse.  The person must plan the budget along with his/her spouse for all the needs of the family. Few proven methods can help.

Couples Budget Planner


V) Holiday Budget Planner

The holiday/vacation budget planner will be useful for any person in knowing about the actual expenses for enjoying this vacation. To learn in detail the vacation budget spreadsheet can be used effectively. For this, by saving a copy of this spreadsheet, entering expenditure, the total vacation budget can be obtained.

Holiday Budget Planner


W) Low Income Budget Planner

For creating low-income budget planner, regular earnings of a person should be known. It might include government assistance, pay check, alimony payment and support of child. Occasional income like gifts/bonus should not be counted as they are not constant. Important expenses like gym fees, groceries, ATM withdrawals, should be covered.

Low Income Budget Planner


X) Money Smart Budget Planner

A money smart budget planner is considered as a financial tool that assists anyone to itemize and document all expenses and income. Printable Budget Planner is available through which it is possible to list and plan the expenses that is foreseen. Such a planner will provide relief from undue stress.

Money Smart Budget Planner


Budget Planner Template in PDF, Word and Excel

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