Tenant Complaint Letter Template – Sample with Example 

Tenant Complaint Letter: Well, in tenancy the occurrence of the few issues is a very common and general scenario however it still requires the proper addressed from both the sides of tenant and landlord as well. A complaint letter is something that is written by the tenant and is addressed to the landlord. In this complaint letter, the tenant complains about some specific issues that he/she might be facing out of the tenancy. These issues could be of several types such as the noise complaint letter to tenant which may be the issues arising from the neighbourhood tenant. In such a scenario, the complaint letter to landlord about tenant comes into the place for the address of the complaint.

Likewise, the landlord complaint letter to the tenant can also be part of the complaint letter in order to address the complaints from the landlord to the tenant. Here in the article, we are basically going to cover the various types of complaint letters that take place from the tenant to landlord and vice versa. We shall further cover the systematic guide on how to write a complaint letter to your landlord about another tenant. So, whether you are a tenant or the landlord these complaint letters are going to be of the utmost significance for you.

Sample Tenant Letter Complaint Letter with Example

Well, writing the complaint letter can seem to be a straightforward task yet it may be complicated for most people. This is why we always urge our tenant and the landlord readers to go with the reference of the sample or the example complaint letters. There is a famous saying that a picture is worth more than a thousand words and it perfectly fits complaint letters. These letters require a systematic pattern of writing in order to draft an effective letter of complaint. For the same purpose, we are going to compile the numbers of the samples and the examples of the complaint letters. We believe these sample complaint letters would provide our readers with the much-needed practical exposure to writing these letters. They can subsequently draft their own complaint letter as a tenant or the landlord for the address and the resolution of their respective complaints.

Tenant Noise Complaint Letter

No one wants to live with any kind of loud and annoying noise as it causes significant inconvenience and discomfort. As a tenant one can go through the scenario of facing the noise issue in the rented apartment for a number of reasons. As a last resort resolution, the tenant can only approach the landlord for the fixation of the noise issue. We are here below providing the sample of the same noise letter from the landlord to the tenant for your reference.

Santa Monica, Texas (USA)

Mr. John Coleman

5523, Old Street, Unit 35
Santa Monica, Texas

Dear, Mr. John Coleman

I'm Charlie King who has been living in your rented apartment for approximately a month now. I'm writing this complaint letter to bring the issue of excessive voice coming out of the associated room of your building. I have been facing and enduring this annoying noise for about a month now in the hope of finding my escape from it somehow. At last, after trying to figure out the main cause of the noise issue I'm writing this complaint letter to kindly want you looking in this whole mess. I can't get into the other room of noise origination since the room is locked and I don't have the keys of same. So, I, therefore, request you to kindly make a visit to the apartment and fix this peace-threatening issue asap. I expect your quick and kind cooperation in the issue.

Thanks in Advance

This is the sample letter of noise from the tenant to landlord however in a similar manner the letter to tenant noise complaint can also take place. Sometimes it's the tenant that causes the excessive and unnecessary noise that may trouble the landlord and the other individuals around.

So, we also urge you to take the look at the noise complaint letter to the tenant sample for your reference.

Landlord Complaint Letter to Tenant

As we have discussed earlier that the noise complaint letter can be addressed from either side of the tenant and the landlord. The landlords may also have to face the scenario when the tenant becomes problematic by creating an unacceptable amount of noise from their apartment. So, here we have the sample noise complaint letter to the tenant that can play a role in the noise complaint addressed to the tenant.

Sao Palo, USA

Miss Jasmine Holmes

3278 Old Street, Unit 72
Sao Palo, Miami (USA)

Subject - Excessive Noise Immersion

Dear, Miss Jasmine Holmes I'm writing this formal complaint letter to address the issue of excessive noise that has been coming out of your apartment lately. I want to inform you that this annoying voice is creating the significant inconvenience and discomfort for the other tenants of the building. So, I kindly approach you to keep the extra noise of music well within the control for the systematic coexistence with the neighbours. I expect you to follow the guidelines of society and do your part as a responsible neighbour and citizen.

Thanks & regards
Tom Curran

So, this is how one can easily draft effective tenant complaint letters to address the respective issues. Remember the whole concept of these complaint letters is to resolve the root of any inconvenience between the tenant, landlord, and other neighbours. Feel free to use the sample letters as your own guiding source for drafting the complaint letter.

Tenant Letter Complaint Letter in PDF & Word

Landlord Complaint Letter to Tenant

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Tenant Noise Complaint Letter

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