How to Write a Complaint Letter | Complaint Letter Writing Tips

How to write a complaint letter - It must be formal and clear. It must have all the significant points of the issue you are facing for a particular service, institution, company, or product.

How to write a Complaint Letter

We will discuss some tips to write an effective complaint letter.

  1. Address your letter well.

You must know whom you are addressing in the complaint letter. Do your research for writing a complaint letter and mention the correct name and designation of the person in the salutation. If you can't find the name or designation of the head or owner, then you can address it to the customer service department.

2. Structure your letter carefully.

A complaint letter should consist of the following things:

  • Your situation ('I am writing this letter to complain about (product name, model/service) that I bought from your company on (date of purchase)
  • The issue that you are facing ('a week later it stopped working' or the 'services weren't satisfactory')
  • The consequences of the problem (hence ____ (you can include what happened) 'we couldn't make the cake')
  • Suggest a solution ('we hope you can replace the product' or 'we hope you can provide a better customer service next time')

3. Be factual and friendly.

It is very tempting to write a letter of complaint in an angry and aggressive tone. But such a tone doesn't yield good results. Try to be factual about the issues you are facing and be polite. You can add the date of the receipts, relevant account details, or any other supporting documents for their convenience.

4. Use a cover letter template.

It is one of the best ways to write a subtle complaint letter. Many complaint letter templates are available online in which you have to just add your issue and name, address, and tweak the sentences a bit according to your issue. These templates do most of the work for you. In some cases, all you have to do is fill in the blanks.

5. Proofread your Complaint Letter

After finishing your complaint letter, read it once again and make sure that it is clear, concise, and authoritative. Check for any grammatical errors and spelling mistakes as it can undermine the letter. You can also proofread your letter from professionals; they can help you polish the complaint letter well.

How to Address a Complaint Letter

While writing a letter of complaint, make sure that you state your problem clearly in the first few lines of the letter and be straightforward. In the salutation, you can write the name of the concerned person who can solve your issue.

Below is a sample complaint letter that you can refer to while writing yours.

3102 Canterbury Drive
Garden City

Date: 13th Aug. 2020

John Doe
2713 Redbud Drive

New York

Dear John Doe,

On Thursday, September 4th, 2020, I and my wife Jane visited your store Fifth Sense to purchase a luxury purse for our daughter. It was around 1.30 in the afternoon as we stepped into the store.

We were looking for a particular purse for our daughter and Alma Sixth BX. When we couldn't find it, we approached the counter asking for assistance but were ignored by the attendant Christie (as her name tag said) behind the counter as she was busy attending a call.

After she wrapped up the call, she put her phone down and said that the purse is not in stock after looking at the sidewall where the collection is placed without checking for the product, offering to order it online, or find it in some other inventory or storage rooms.

After such an ignorant response from Fifth Sense, we were very disheartened at buying the same purse from another store for our daughter.

We hope that you will speak to her and ask her to be more responsive and considerate to the customers.



Sample Complaint Letter in PDF and Word Format

Complaint Letter

PDF | Word

These are some of the tips and formats you can follow for writing a complaint letter.

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