Sample Resignation Letter With Notice & Without Notice Period

Resignation Letter with notice: Most of those who are working in corporate, government or private companies quit their jobs due to one reason or the other. The reason might be payment issues, health issues, migration from one state to the other, etc. which compels a person to submit his/her resignation letter with notice or sometimes the person might also quit without serving the notice period.

The notice period can be different for different organizations and firms. For corporate offices, this period generally ranges from 2 to 4 weeks whereas the notice period term could be up to 2 months for private companies. Therefore, it becomes essential for an employee to check the terms and conditions required to fulfil after resigning. These terms and conditions are mentioned in the appointment or offer letter, and one can confirm the same in the employee handbook as well.

Resignation Letter with Notice Period Format

An ideal way to resign is by conveying your decision to the employer in advance so that the employer could hire someone in your place. After speaking to your employer, you can either submit a hand-typed letter of resignation or send an email confirming your resignation. Some offices also provide resignation forms that cover all the details such as the reason for resignation, notice period and much more. Let us start by studying the details of one month notice period letter format.

The letter of resignation is to be emailed or submitted to the HR or director of Human Resources if your organization has an appointed team for human resource management.

Resignation Letter with Notice Sample with Examples

While writing a letter of resignation, you must ensure that you mention your probable relieving date so that the employer can confirm the same. Also, do not forget to state the reason for resignation and avoid using a harsh or rude tone at all times to avoid any unnecessary complications in the future.

‘Here’s a sample letter with notice period for one month:

Resignation Letter with Notice Period for One Month

Mr. Kith Stapler
Director, HR
SOF Marketing
Rhino Street
California – 90011

Dear Mr. Stapler,

I, Steve Robs, am working for your esteemed organization as a marketing executive from the past six months. I have decided to humbly resign from my services after serving a notice period of one month. My last working day in the organization shall be Thursday, 12th December 2014. I request you to confirm the same from your end.
It had to take this decision since 'I'm planning to move out of the state with my family. 'I'm happy that I have been a part of your team and have enjoyed working every single day. Also, I would be more than happy to help whoever is hired to replace my position in the team.
You can contact me on the number (123) 123343445, or you can also email me at


Steve Robs
Marketing Executive
SOF Marketing

If an employee wishes to resign from his/her services immediately without even serving the notice period, then he/she will have to provide a strong reason that would justify this decision. The employer might consider it and if your issue is genuine, they might even not fine you for that. Most offices impose a fine by imposing a fine equivalent to one or two months’ salary, but the terms and conditions will totally depend on the organization you are working for.

‘Here’s a sample letter with immediate effect:

Resignation Letter with Immediate Effect no Notice

Mr. Omghu Kumalo
SEM Marketing Services
Open Gram Street
California, USA – 999901

Dear Mr. Omghu,

I, Steve Robs, have been working in your reputed law firm as a legal assistant for 11 months. Due to unfavorable and sudden circumstances, I will have to resign from my services with immediate effect. Thursday, 17th July 2018 will be my last working day. I sincerely apologize you for the inconvenience caused due to this.
I regret the fact that I would not be able to serve the two-week notice period and shall explain to you the reasons in person. You have guided me throughout my tenure in this company, and I shall always be grateful for that.

Yours sincerely,
Sids Robs

If you do not have sufficient time to type a resignation letter and get a hardcopy print of it, you can also send it over email. There are some slight differences when you are resigning via an email. You will have to mention your name along with the subject as ”Resignation” before the email body.

‘Here’s a sample to demonstrate an email resignation letter without notice period:

Email Resignation Letter Without Notice Period

David Mathews
1011 Malesuada Road
Moscow Kentucky 77382
(357) 616-5411

Date: 12-12-2013

Hedley Ingram
737-2580 At Street
Independence Texas 87535
(993) 554-0563

Subject: Steve – Resignation

Dear Hedley Ingram,

I, David Mathews, am working in your organization as a sales executive from the last ten months. I regret to convey to you that I'm resigning from my services with effect from 15th May 2018.
Also, I apologize you for not being able to serve the notice period due to unfavorable conditions and circumstances which have forced me to resign. I will explain the reason to you in person, and you can also contact me on (1234) 12232344 for further details.
I have enjoyed working in your reputed company and will always miss the positive work culture of this place.

Yours sincerely,
David Mathews

Most of the companies ask their employees to serve a two-week notice period. However, if your company is requesting a notice period much longer than that, then you can explain your reasons to justify the early exit.

‘Here’s a sample to demonstrate it better:

Two-Week Notice Resignation Letter Sample

Freza Denial
Blue Water Guest House
Texas, USA-800466

Date: 8th Nov 1997

CPC Co. Inc Ltd
Green Market Street

Dear (Name of the HR manager or supervisor to whom you are addressing this letter),
I have written this letter to convey my decision to resign from the (Designation) at (Name of the organization). I shall serve the two-week notice period with effect from today. (If the rule of the company is to help a more extended notice period then mention the reason that forces you to serve only two-week notice period).
It was wonderful working in this company, and I appreciate the guidance and opportunities you bestowed upon me throughout my tenure.
Also, let me know about the exit formalities that I have to go through before my relieving date.


Kisu Kitchen
5- D, 45/3- Dellas
USA -5000345

If you are planning to resign much before the completion of the notice period, then you will have to inform it to the authorized person in advance. Moreover, you will have to use a polite tone in the letter, and the reason for the early exit should be clearly explained.

‘Here’s a sample letter to demonstrate it better:

Resignation Letter Short Notice

HYper Htyuos
Balance Pipe Open Store House
Dallas, USA-890570

Date: 3rd Nov 1997

NYC Co. Lz. Ltd
Sopan Service Street
Idaho, USA-30089

Dear Sir,

I, (Employee Name), had resigned from my services as a (designation) at (Organization name) with effect from (date). However, I regret to inform you to due to sudden circumstances, and I will not be able to complete the notice period. I expect to be relieved at (date) or even earlier if possible.
I hope that you understand my situation and provide an early exit. Also, you can email me the details of my last pay cheque and remaining dues on (email id).


Krita Sharma,
78/9 - Builiding X,

It gets hard to explain to our seniors when we have decided to quit our job due to personal reasons. A particular basis might not allow us to serve the notice period, but still, we have to notify them prior few days to avoid any untoward circumstances.

However, if the reason is too personal, then you might not feel like disclosing it. In such cases, you can give a vague idea about your goal or choose to keep the information confidential. It gets much better if you suggest any member of your team to take your position or provide a few references so that it gets easy for the HR team to recruit a new employee in your place.

Resignation Letter Due to Personal Reasons With a Notice Period

Date: 2Nd Nov 1989

BHEL Unirety Ltd.
South Street -78

Dear Mr Robinson,

'I'm writing this letter to inform you that I am resigning from my services on 31st April 2018. Though it has been a great experience so far, I have to relinquish my services due to a few reasons which are entirely and related to my family and house.

I hope that you understand my situation and the fact that I will not be able to serve the due notice period. I will always be grateful to you and the company for providing me with such fantastic opportunities and advice.

If I get an opportunity in the future, I would like to work with my teammates again. I am ready to provide full co-operation and will help the HR team to find a suitable candidate to take my position in the team.

Once again thanks for understanding!


Bobs Rechal
Idaho West, USA - 890008

There is no need to panic if you are planning to send a 2-week notice email to your boss. Sometimes, the situation is such that we do not have any choice, but we can definitely choose our words while describing our concerns and reasons in the best possible way.

How to Write 2-Week Notice Email?


Subject: Two 'weeks' notice

Dear (name of your supervisor),
I am writing this letter to convey that I will not be able to continue working at (company name) after two weeks from today. My last day at the office would be (mention the date).
I have got an offer from another company which is providing me with excellent opportunities, but I will always remain grateful for the co-operation, advice, and opportunities that you have provided me here. I would also like to extend my support and references which might help you to find the best possible replacement for my position.
Once again thanks for understanding!

Deguire Fuhjio

Resignation Letter Template with Notice in PDF & Word Format

Resignation Letter Template with Notice

PDF  Word

Resignation Letter Template with Notice

PDF  Word

Resignation Letter Template with Notice

PDF  Word

Resignation Letter with Notice

PDF  Word

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