Request Letter for Refund – Template, Format, Sample & Example

If someone is not satisfied with any service or the product he or she ordered or bought, one can always go for a request for refund. For claiming a refund, one needs to write a letter to the responsible authority about the product and explain particularly which performance he or she was not satisfied with. The authority will then verify the customer’s claim and then process the refund procedure as per the customers eligibility. Although the refund request can be raised through verbal discussion, a written letter has a higher impact.

For many reasons, one need to write a refund letter.  Sometimes students who take admission to school or colleges, may need their refund and they claim to the school or college management. In those situation one should follow some tips to request for a refund.

First of all, the purpose of the letter should be mentioned. Whether it is a refund or reclaim the same service but in better quality. Secondly, the dissatisfaction should be clearly stated, like which particular area or service the requester was not enough satisfied with. If there is a certain product name or model number, that should be rechecked and confirmed.

Format of Refund Request Letter 

The Authority

Subject : (mention the refund of the particular product)

Dear Sir/Ma’am/ (the person who may be responsible for processing the refund),
This is to bring to your kind notice that I had recently ordered a (product) from (company name, store name or the e commerce site). As the product got delivered  on (date of delivery) we found that the size/quality/color of the product was not as mentioned on the site. So we had to cancel the order and returned the product back on the same date.

Therefore, I request you to initiate my refund of the amount I paid in advance. It’s been a week and I believe there’s no communication happened for this refund. Please arrange the refund on priority and this will be very helpful for me.

(Name of the customer)

To write a refund request letter, the language should be humble and not in a complaining mode. Statements should be very transparent so that there’s no occurrence of confusion.

How to Write a Refund Request Letter

Rupesh Sarkar,
2/30 -C, Black Market,

DMC Road, Ludhiyana-80008

Date: June 25, 2019

Alokesh Singha,
Balaghat, Bhagpat,

Sub: Request to refund for Refrigerator

Dear Alokesh,
This is to state that I had ordered a refrigerator from your store, Balaji Electronics on May 26th. We realized that the refrigerator was a little small in size for our family, so we canceled the order. The model number is E342122 – L and the price of the product is 23,445 Rs. We processed the payment in advance at the store at the time of order. It has been two months and we are still waiting for the refund.
If you please look into this request ungently I will be highly obliged.

(Your Signature)
Rupesh Sarkar

After any kind of payment, if the service is not satisfactory or in case the service is not available, the customer may claim reimbursement.

Below is a letter that will help to take an example of a request letter, for reimbursement.

How to Write a Reimbursement Request Letter

Sumitra Kumar,
4029 -C, Lakhan Pur Road

Chawdi Bazaar - Delhi-90900

Date: June 5, 2029

Robina Khatoon,
Badot, Bhagpat,

Dear Robina Ma’am,
I am Sumitra Kumar, AEIE final year, roll no- 4011-220. I had deposited Rs. 4500 for my library services. I have already raised for all my clearances and no book is pending to submit from my end. Hence I am requesting you to initiate the process of reimbursement of the security deposit.
I will be writing my fail paper in a week and leave for my workplace afterward. This will be extremely helpful if I get the money by this week.

Sumitra Kumar

When a customer orders a product, often he does the advantage payment for the product. Although it is feasible for the seller for a smooth delivery, but in case the product is not satisfactory, the customer needs to claim his payment.

Request Letter For Refund Of Advance Payment

Subodh Gupta
20/31 -D, Black Mall,
UGC - Road, Bhopal -890034

Date: June 5, 2059

Parvesh Sopan,
Sheesh Nagar,
Ashmead Road,
Kuchipudi -909090

Dear Parvesh,

This is to state that I had ordered a ceiling fan model number USHA-34GF, color deep wine for my home. I had done the advance payment already of Rupees 3800 on the date of ordering. Now that my family has a different choice of the product, I need to cancel this order.
Hence I request you to process the refund of the advance payment as soon as possible.
I will be highly obliged for your help.

Thank you.

Subodh Gupta

Sample Letter of Refund for Overpayment

Ashoka Bisht
12/22 - Sec, Main Market
Khoda, Noida-202230

Date: Feb 10, 2018

Divya Singh,
New Mod,

Hello Divya Sir,

I had purchased a ticket for the Valentines Carnival on 29th January, due to which I paid an advance of 1500 Rs. Now that the price of the ticket is decreased as per it is showing online, I request you to refund the extra payment done by me.
Please initiate the request from your end. It will be a great help.

Thank you.

Ashoka Bisht

For settling the refund the seller or the authority reverts to the customer. Below is a letter where a seller is writing a refund letter to the customer.

Sample Refund Letter to Customer

Amol Tapadar

123/67-G, Ground Floor
Tower XI, Bangladesh-678000

Date: 7th, May 2018

Mr. Bajaj,
Kaushal Gali No.-6
New City- 567338
Iraq- 89000

Hi Mr.Bajaj,

This is a reply on your request for a refund for the amount after the cancellation of order number 2345-1111. As the team had verified the request and analyzed the settlement we are pleased to inform you that your account will be credited by 4300 rs. As the refund and you will be receiving the payment within 7 working days.
If you have any concern please feel free to contact our support team.
Have a happy shopping with us.

Thank you.

Amol Tapadar
E.C Electronics

Sample Letter of Refund Deposit

Rajat Sharma
1234/765 - D, Dock Bangla,

Black Street, USA-300078

Date: 9 July 1987

Swikriti Decal,
Ram Murti Churaha

Hi Swikriti,

This is to state that as I am leaving this university by the end of this month, I am raising a request for all the clearances. Hence I would like to request you for the refund of security deposit of Rs. 3000 in the library. I ensure I have no book pending to submit in the library, and no study material is also pending.
Please process this request urgently as I have very fewer days left in University premises.

Thank you.

Rajat Sharma
Zoology, Final Year

Air Ticket Refund Request Letter

Akshay Setty
5/2- Charminar Road, Block -E
New Delhi- 225567

Date: 7 July 1991

Mukesh Shetty
Kath Godam,
Haridhwar UK-67790

Dear Mukesh,

I had booked a fight in Indigo for 22nd March morning at 7:30 AM. The flight number is 6E567. Due to the bad weather, the flight has been canceled and I have been informed to book an alternative flight. I want my flight expenses to be refunded. If you please process the refund as the earliest, it will be highly appreciated .
Please feel free to contact me in case of any queries.

Thank you.

Akshay Setty

Request Letter Template for Refund in PDF & Word Format

Request Letter Template


Request Letter Template


Request Letter Template


Request Letter Template


Request Letter Template in PDF Format

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Request Letter Template in Word [Doc.] Format

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