Early Lease Termination Letter – Format, Sample & Example

An Early Lease Termination Letter is written when someone wants to end their lease agreement before the specified date. A lease can be terminated early for multiple reasons – the tenant has misbehaved or not paying his dues, the civil maintenance needs to be done or the owner needs to sell the place for fulfilling their financial obligations. Before giving an early lease termination letter one should look at their contract for conditions pertaining to breaking the lease early.

Early Lease Termination Letter Format

A letter of early lease termination must have the following components

  1. Date of the Letter
  2. The intention of the letter – early termination of the lease
  3. Reason for termination
  4. The date on which the lease is being terminated

While writing a letter for early lease termination, the following should be kept in mind

  • The language of the letter must be decent and formal
  • The letter must be concise, yet give a justifiable reason for such a step
  • If the letter is being written for the owner’s gain, it is better to suggest an alternate place of accommodation.

Early Lease Termination Letter Sample with Example

Ella Jusri,

Date: 06 May, 2015

Rechard Warted,

Subject: Termination of Lease of Apartment by 20th September

Dear Mr. V,

I am writing this letter to inform you that I have decided to terminate our tenancy agreement earlier than planned. I am taking this decision in the wake of the fire incident that happened in the building last week. I have received a notice from the Public Works Department that mentions the electrical wiring needs to be redone for the entire area.

I would request you to shift along with your luggage by the 15th of July. I am sorry that I am having to terminate the agreement on such short notice, and the best I can do at this time is to help you find alternate options. A few of my contact persons can help you find a good accommodation close by. Let me know if you need and I will share their details with you.

Thank You,


[Signature of the Owner]

Ella Jusri

Free Letter of Early Lease Termination Template

Early Lease Termination Letter Template

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As we saw, writing a letter with a tough decision is not a simple task. But, it needs to be done politely and empathetically, however, in an assertive manner. This helps get the point across firmly. By offering to help the person being impacted by the decision, it is easier to get them on board and get the desired outcome in a pleasant manner. Also important is defining the timeline for the person to act, making the expectation absolutely clear and leaving no space for ambiguity.

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