Sample Complaint Letter Against Police Officer with Example

complaint letter against police officer is one such letter that is written by a civilian or any other individual to lodge a complaint against the police officer. The letter takes the misconduct or any such behavior into consideration which is highly unlawful in practice. Such behavior or misconduct can cause the individual to feel aggrieved. As a right to personal freedom and protection, one can lodge a complaint against the police officer. The letter precedes the legal proceedings against such a police officer, and if found later tried and found guilty, the officer can be subject to the appropriate punishment in law.

If you have encountered any such scenario where you feel forced to lodge a complaint against a police officer, then you should definitely go ahead. In a democracy, one is free for the expression of opinion under the civilian code of conduct and nobody can deprive the citizen of such rights. The police are there for the protection of the civilians and their respective rights however when the police themselves become the cause of exploitation for the rights of civilians then legal action comes into place.

How to Write a Police Complaint Letter?

Well, we understand that a layman may feel hesitant and clueless to draft the complaint letter against a police officer. We are therefore here to provide some simple tips to guide our readers in drafting a legal police complaint letter. Here below our readers can check out all the standard tips to consider while writing an effective letter of complaint against the police.

  • Get the proper format for the letter that is acceptable under the law of complaint letters.
  • Start the letter by addressing it to the concerned authorities of the jurisdiction
  • Mention the dates, days, and timing of the complaint letter which may be useful in the legal context.
  • State the complaint scenario with precise words before the authorities to make them aware of the whole incident.
  • Make a kind request to the authorities for the punishment of the culprit police officer.
  • At last end the letter with your proper and full name along with the contact address.

These are the standard tips that should be followed while writing the complaint letter against the police officer. You can definitely write an effective complaint letter by considering these tips.

Sample Complaint Letter Against Police Officer

A sample letter is always helpful in providing clear-cut practical exposure to the complaint letter. It removes all the unnecessary doubts from the mind of the individual and writes an effective complaint letter in a confident manner. Here below is our sample letter of the complaint again the police officer.

March 25, 2021

Mr. Raman Sharama
Police Commissioner
NYC Public Police

Dear Sir,
I'm writing this complaint letter against one of your police officers working at the NYC public police station with the name __________. With a very threatening note, I want to convey the incident that took place last night with me while coming back from the city club. I was stopped by the cop and was asked certain questions about the stuff that had nothing to do with me. The officer also molested me and violated my rights of freedom of moving around the city during the appropriate timing.

I somehow escaped from the spot to save myself yet I was threatened for the false charges against me by the cop. I feel very unsafe and fearful now even to step out of my house with the fear of encountering the same cop again. In the end, I kindly request you to look into the whole matter and take the appropriate action against the cop.

Thanks & regards
Sara Kay

Sample Police Complaint Letter

Here in this section, we are dropping down yet another sample of the complaint letter against the police. You can have a look at this complaint letter as another source of reference for yourself.

July 20, 2018

Mr. Robin Sharma
Assistant Commissioner of Police
Santa Cruz Police Station, Mumbai

Dear Sir,
I'm writing this letter as the official complaint against one of the police officers of Santa Cruz police station whose name is _________. With an unfortunate fate, I happen to be the neighbor of the mentioned police officer in the letter. I and my family are living under the undue influence of the police officer and finding it hard to lead our day-to-day lives. Almost every other day the police officer comes with a new petty dispute to argue with us and threaten us for the worst consequences under the influence of his post.

We are almost forced to sell our house at a very cheap price due to the same scenario and the irony is that the police officer is himself willing to buy it. We feel utterly exploited under the wrongful blind power due to this police officer. As our last ray of hope, I'm writing this complaint letter to you with the hope of our escape from this worst living experience of our life.

Thanks & regards
Shubham Patil

So, these are the sample complaint letter against the police that we believe you should take into consideration. The sample letters can provide you with a useful plot to write your own complaint letter

Complaint Letter Against Police Officer in PDF & Word

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Complaint Letter Against Police Officer

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