How to Write a Complaint Letter to HR – Tips with Examples

We are here to provide you with some guidelines on to how to write a complaint letter to HR. Want to write the complaint letter to HR for addressing your complaints and grievances but feeling clueless on how to draft the letter? We believe with the proper guidelines you can draft an effective complaint letter so as to seek a prompt solution to your complaint. Here in the article, we shall provide the significant parts of an HR complaint letter for our readers. The article will also cover the sample complaint letter to HR for the further reference of the readers.

How to Write a Complaint Letter to HR

The workplace is the place where the existence of harmony between the employees and management is highly significant. However, often things go opposite, and then it becomes hard for the employees and management to coexist together. There could be issues within the employees instead of employees vs management. Often things go beyond the level of control and it becomes imminent to bring the issue to the notice of the management. This is exactly when writing a complaint letter to HR becomes the wisest thing to do so as to contain the whole scenario at the workplace.

How to Write a Complaint Letter to HR?

Well, writing the complaint letter to HR is quite a straightforward yet complicated task for many of us. It's simply because one has to address the whole messy scenario to HR in a systematic manner. So, conveying the actual cause of the complaint is quite a task in itself. For the same reason, most employees wonder how to write a formal complaint letter to HR. We are here providing some simple to use guidelines to consider while drafting the complaint letter to HR. You simply need to keep all such guidance in your consideration while drafting this letter.

  • First of all, choose the formal template for the complaint letter as it passes the first impression about the significance of the complaint.
  • Divide the complaint letter into three parts which are the introduction, body, and the conclusion part of the letter.
  • Now draft the introductory part of the letter with the proper name of yourself as a sender and the formal salutation.
  • In the main body, you need to explain the whole issue of the complaint with the choice of clear-cut words.
  • Explain how the particular scenario is troubling you or the other colleagues of the staff.
  • If the complaint letter is about harassment then you should mention all such details in the letter.
  • Stay real and precisely to the point and avoid making up false stories.
  • Attach all other details that may be relevant to the complaint such as the required proof etc.
  • Conclude the complaint letter with the best possible resolution in your opinion.
  • It's best to deliver the complaint letter to HR on your own for the last impression of the complaint.

So, with all these guidelines one can easily draft the complaint letter to HR. You can also draft the complaint letter to HR about manage by following the same tips.

Sample Complaint Letter to HR about Manager

Well, as we are aware a manager is one of the significant people at the workplace who manages the company. However, as an employee, you always have the right or freedom to speak and complain even against the manager if it becomes the need of the hour. So, here we are offering the sample of this complaint letter to HR against the manager.

Date - November 28, 2019

Chris Stocks
HR at New Moon Production Services
Sao Palo 23763, Texas USA

Subject - Complaint Letter Against Manager

Dear Sir,  I'm writing this formal letter of complaint against our manager named _______ under whom I have been working now for a number of months. Here at the workplace of the company I'm being made the continuous victim of the hostile and life-threatening environment. I have always been one of the most hard-working employees of the company for about a decade now and am proud of my noble work with the company. However, things are changing quite a fast now as I'm being targeted by my manager at the workplace on a continuous day-to-day basis.

The manager has been after me to find the faults in my work which has always been perfect as per the requirement of the company. I understand that this is a deliberate move from the manager to trouble me and ultimately push me to resign. I'm now left with no other option but to plead for help and escape. I wish to continue working with the company but these intimidating and harassing vibes from the management are haunting me. I believe my grievances of the complaint letter would be heard by you. Kindly feel free to reach me out either personally or on the calling platform.

Thanks & Regards

This is the standard example or the sample of HR Complaint Letter as the reference sample for our readers. We believe it will guide them in easily writing the complaint letter to HR.

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