Formal Harassment Complaint letter Template Sample

Harassment Complaint letter: Harassment is one of the most heinous crimes that is spreading just like any other sickness at the workplace and even in the personal lives of individuals. A Harassment Complaint letter is something by which one can use to easily report the harassment scenarios to the concerned authorities. Remember every ill practice has its own conclusion and if we want to stop the harassment then we have to take a collective approach towards the right direction. There are numbers of authorities where one can report the harassment incidents and get the harasser behind the bars.

Harassment is something that can take place anywhere with anyone since it's not just gender-specific. However, the incidents of harassment against women gain significant importance, particularly at the workplace. Here in the article, we shall discuss more on how we can collectively eradicate the incidents of harassment with a responsible approach. The article also includes a sample complaint letter of harassment for the basic reference of our readers.

Harassment Complaint Letter

As we have discussed that it's our collective responsibility to report incidents of harassment. The formal complaint letter of harassment is what one can draft and address to the concerned authorities for reporting the incident. If you are clueless as to how one should begin with this particular letter, then we are here to guide you. We are going to compile the formal sample complaint letter of harassment at the workplace. We urge you to take a look at this letter and use it as the guiding letter to draft your own complaint letter against the harassment.

Formal Complaint Letter of Harassment

Shivani Pathak
South Avenue 521
New Delhi 112032, India
Phone -------


Sagar Sharma
HR at New Era Technologies
Classic Block 752
New Delhi 112032
Date - 22/3/2020

Subject - Harassment Complaint Letter

Dear Sir,
I'm somehow able to collect enough courage with a heavy heart to bring the harassment incident to your knowledge. I have been constantly going through a hostile professional environment at the company's workplace. I'm being harassed by Mr. __________ on the regular basis now for quite a lot of time. I initially hesitated and took the incident on a light note but now it has turned out to be the daily suffering to my professional dignity. The mentioned person has been constantly trying to take advantage of me just because I'm currently working under him. The harassment started from the inappropriate touch and now it's turning out to be more intimidating due to my silence.

I'm unable to take it any further and therefore report it to you as my last escape and the hope of survival. I have collected some evidence of the harassment as the authenticity proof of the incident. So, I request you to go through all the proofs for yourself and dig deeper into the incident. I can further vouch to the witnesses of the harassment to prove my side if it's required to take the matter in the legal context.
I humbly end this letter as a victim of workplace harassment with the hope of getting immediate attention to the incident. Kindly feel free to arrange a quick meeting with me for further discussion on the incident.

Thanks & regards
Shivani Pathak

So, this is the fine sample of the complaint against harassment for the basic reference of the readers. They can take the required reference from this sample letter and then come up with their own harassment letter. Remember that the silence against the harassment is only the invitation to make it worse, so do take the stand.

Harassment Complaint Letter in PDF & Word

Formal Complaint Letter of Harassment Sample

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Formal Complaint Letter of Harassment

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