6+ Free Sample Cancellation Letter Template For Gym Membership

As we all use to join any gym for our fitness purpose,  If we would like to stop availing the services of the gym, we are expected to write to the head or manager of the gym. Since a gym membership cancellation letter falls under the umbrella of formal interactions, it is required for us to follow certain rules for the sake of formality and etiquette.

Gym Membership Cancellation Letter Format

Name of Sender
Contact Details


Name of Receiver
Address of Receiver

Subject: (-------------------)

Dear Sir/Madam,

Subject - Request for cancellation of gym membership

The first paragraph will have the request with reference.

The second paragraph will cite the reasons for the request.

The third paragraph may include other details and requests.

Thank you,

Yours sincerely,
Signature of the customer
Name of Sender

Sample Cancellation Letter for Gym Membership Example

Given below is a sample of a letter a customer will write to his gym to have his membership canceled or terminated. An example of a letter written by a customer to the gym manager in order to have his membership cancelled is given below.

Cancellation Letter for Gym Membership

Ivor Delgado
Ap 678 Ut Av.
Santa Barbara MT 88317
(689) 721-5145

Date: 08/May/2017

Jordan Calderon
430-985 Eleifend St.
Duluth Washington 92611

Dear Sir,

Subject: Request for Cancellation of my Gym Membership

It is with deep regret that I would like to request you to terminate my gym membership with immediate effect. This is because of a sudden need for me to move out of this locality to another, which is over 10 km away from here. So, I will not be able to use and avail of the facilities in your gym.

The membership details are as follows:
Name of the member: Ram Sharma
Membership ID : 123495TIO
Valid up to March 2020

I also request you to provide the refund according to the rules by which your gym works. I shall hand over the membership card soon.

Hope the needful will be done.

Thank you,

Yours Sincerely,
Ivor Delgado
Designation of Sender
Company Name
Contact Details

In many cases, it may become necessary for gym authorities to terminate the membership of their customers. This may be due to several reasons. In this case, the letter is usually written by the gym manager.

A sample of such a letter is given below.

Termination of Gym Membership

Zorita Anderson (Name of Sender)
1964 Facilisis Avenue (Address)
Bell Gardens Texas 87065
(126) 940-5666 (Contact Details)


Sade Higgins (Name of Receiver)
AP 7-3260 Ut St.
Wilmington OR 05182 (Address of Receiver)

Subject – Termination of Gym Membership

Dear Sir/Madam,

The first paragraph of the body of the letter shall cite the action.

The second paragraph shall specify the reasons.

The third paragraph shall cite the implications and further actions that are required to be made.

Thank you,
Yours Sincerely,
(Your Signature)
Zorita Anderson (Name)
(Your Designation)

An example of a letter written by a gym manager to one of his customers informing him about the termination of his gym membership is below.

Dante Bennett (Name of Sender)
481-8762 Nulla Street
Dearborn OR 62401 (Address)
(126) 940-5666 (Contact Details)


Daniel Malone (Name of Receiver)
2136 Adipiscing Av.
Lima RI 93490 (Address of Receiver)

Subject – Termination of your gym membership

Dear Sir,

It is required for you to be informed about the termination of your membership at Apple Fitness Center with immediate effect.
This action has been initiated by the management due to repeated complaints about your misbehavior with the gym staff. You have also been accused of sexually harassing some of the female staff. In spite of repeated warnings issued to you by your trainers, you have refused to comply with our rules.
It is also noted that you have been paying your gym membership fees every month only after a week past the deadline. You have also been warned against this. But, they don’t seem to have served the purpose.
Therefore, according to the rules of the gym, we require you to surrender your membership card by the end of this week and take back the caution deposit that you have paid to us while taking the membership.
Failure of compliance with these instructions may lead us to initiate legal action against you.
Any queries may be addressed to me directly.

Thank you,

Yours truly,
(Signature of Sender)
Dante Bennett (Sender's Name)
(Your Designation)

Gym Cancellation Letter Template in PDF & Word Format

Gold's Gym Cancellation Letter


Gym Cancellation Letter


Gym Cancellation Letter Template in PDF Format

  1. PDF Template 1
  2. PDF Template 2

Gym Cancellation Letter Template in Word (Doc.) Format

  1. Word (Doc.) Template 1
  2. Word (Doc.) Template 2


Something as simple as a gym membership cancellation letter can be an important communication of one’s daily life. It shows professionalism and establishes goodwill in a society, while maintaining a respect for the decorum and sense of institution of the gym. It is therefore important to write this letter with care and keep in mind all formalities that one normally would while writing any business or formal letter.

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