Cancellation Letter Template For Services – Sample & Example

Service Cancellation letter: In organizational setups, it is very common to have parties outside the company offering and receiving services. But, in certain circumstances, it may become necessary to stop rendering the service to the client organizations. There are a particular way and format to convey the message in the form of a service cancellation letter. In a formal setup, it is necessary to be able to effectively communicate this. These letters can be from an organization to an individual, from an individual to another, or from an organization to another. It can also be from government service providers to their customers.

Service Cancellation letter Format

Dante Bennett (Sender's Name)
481-8762 Nulla Street (Address of Sender)
Dearborn OR 62401
(126) 940-5666 (Contact Details)


Daniel Malone
2136 Adipiscing Av.
Lima RI 93490

Subject: (--------------------------)

Dear Daniel Malone,

Body – The body of the letter cites the purpose of the letter. 

It may also mention the reasons for the action taken in the next paragraph.

The next paragraph may be used to provide alternatives and solutions also, depending on the context. 

Thank you,

Yours truly,
(Signature of Sender)
Dante Bennett (Sender)
(Designation of Sender)

Sample Cancellation Letter for Services Example

Below are two examples of letters where the idea is to cancel the services provided.

In this letter, a librarian is conveying to his customer that he can no longer avail the services of the library due to certain reasons and that his membership has been terminated. It cites the reasons for the cancellation of the customer’s membership and the alternatives available for him.

Cancellation Of Library Membership

Ezra Duffy
Ap-3245 Dis Rd.
Austin KY 50710
(203) 785-7755

Date: 01-01-2019

Haviva Holcomb
5777 In Road
Isle of Palms New York 03828
(896) 787-17457

Dear Haviva Holcomb,

I would like to inform you that your membership with UVW library has been terminated. The committee has been forced to make this decision because you have failed to pay the monthly membership fees for this month although fifteen days of the month are already over. I have also not received a request for the extension date from you. My attempts to get in touch with you over the phone have only failed time and again. 

It has also been noted that you are a serial defaulter and often do not return the books and magazines on time. Because of this, the other members of our library have been largely affected. Therefore, we have decided to terminate your membership with immediate effect. You will be returned your deposit money after the necessary deductions are made. 

If you wish to continue the membership with UVW library, you will be required to write to us regarding the same by the end of this month. We will require you to commit in writing to properly and effectively using the library. You will also be required to abide by the rules that we are governed by, failing which we may initiate legal action.

Any queries may be addressed to me by the end of tomorrow.

Thank you

Yours truly,
Ezra Duffy
Manager at UVW

Here, an employer wishes to inform one of his employees that he no longer wants him to continue working for the company. He cites the reasons, implications and other aspects involved with this termination.

Cancellation Of Employment Services

McKenzie Hernandez
Ap 74 Mi Street
Greensboro VT 40684
(168) 222-1592

Date: 01-01-2019

Dale Griffin
CRPA inc.
Revere South Dakota 43841
(639) 360-7590

Dear Dale Griffin,

This is to inform you that your employment will terminate effective date month year. This is primarily because of your lack of presence at the office on important occasions. It has also been noted that you have availed more than the desirable number of leaves in the past five months. I understand that you have been warned multiple times by your manager regarding the same.
The clients assigned to you seem to be very upset with the services you provide to them. We learned about this after receiving the monthly feedback form from several clients assigned to you.
According to Clause 12 of the contract between you and us, we have decided to start your notice period effective today and it shall last for three months. If you wish to quit immediately, we are ready to offer a severance package, details of which shall be shared with you soon over e-mail.
I would also like to inform you that in spite of the termination, certain obligations that you have agreed for while joining signing your contract with our company will continue. These obligations may be related to, but not restricted to intellectual property that you may have given to the company.
Any queries regarding this letter may be addressed to me directly by the end of tomorrow. 

Thank you

Yours truly,
(Signature of Sender)
McKenzie Hernandez
(Designation of Sender)
(Contact details)

Cancellation Letter For Services Template

Cancellation Letter For Services


Cancellation Letter For Services



Service Cancellation Letter Template in PDF Format

  1. PDF Template 1
  2. PDF Template 2

Service Cancellation Letter Template in Word (Doc.) Format

  1. Word (Doc.) Template 1
  2. Word (Doc.) Template 2



Cancellation letters are important pieces of formal communication that need delicate language and a clear expression of intent. You must know exactly what to say and how to say it, as well as convey all the important information and no more in the letter. This article should help you grasp the basics of what to include in such a letter, the format, the kind of language that needs to be deployed, and other finer details that you will need to know.

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