10+ Cancellation Letter Template – Format, Sample & Example

A written cancellation letter is the most direct and formal way of approaching the end of any agreement or contract. To write a cancellation letter one must be sure about the decision of not requiring a particular service. A person or a representative of an organization needs to be wary of all the details while writing the letter to the concerned party. It is mostly written when the sender is dissatisfied with the recipient of the letter and can no amendment to the situation except to put an end to it. Cancellation of an event, function, contract or service may occur due to invariable reasons including unforeseeable circumstances which cannot be resolved by any of the parties. The reason must be mentioned carefully and without any confusion. The tone must always be polite and one must be careful not to express any kind of offence under any circumstances. A cancellation letter can be written for various purposes like cancelling an order or service, membership of any organization, company or club, or for ending any legal contract.

Format of Cancellation Letter

Here’s a template for writing cancellation letters which can be used for various scenarios. 

[Name of the Receiver]
[Address of the Receiver]



Dear [Name of Recipient]
[Introduction- Introduce the subject of the letter and directly mention that you want cancellation of the respective service or order. Mention the date and any other important detail to identify the service.]

[Body- Describe the reason in concise language about why you don't need the service or membership with a particular company. Ensure a polite tone and be straightforward in your approach to address any problems faced by you in a particular service. Clarify all the details you might have regarding the task of cancellation.]

[Conclusion- A line or two about the regret and inconvenience caused to the respective parties. End with a tone of gratitude and humbleness.]

Thanking you,

Yours sincerely,

[Signature of Sender]
Name of Sender
Designation or post
Organisation's name and address

How to write a cancellation letter

Cancellation letters need to in a tone of politeness because you are demanding action to a particular request.

  • Ensure that it is very precisely written with no details missed out and take care of spelling errors or handwriting.
  • The best method is to type the letter to ensure grammatical and spelling correctness.
  • The signature must be authentic and handwritten.
  • One must be sure of the decision being made because after that there will be no turning back.
  • There should be no unnecessary, lengthy descriptions which might look lame given that the cancellation is confirmed.
  • The reason for the cancellation must be stated but in as much concise language as possible.
  • Be careful that no information be missed out which might be needed in the cancellation of the particular service.
  • One must cross-check the information before being sent to ensure no wrong information is provided.
  • The tone might also be informal in cases where the sender and receivers have a better connection and based on the nature of the event.
  • As an important document, it must be taken care that it is addressed to the right person and the addresses of the sender and receiver must be correct.

Cancellation Letter for Company

Lawrence Moreno
935-9940 Tortor. Street
Santa Rosa MN 98804
(684) 579-1879
Nyssa Vazquez
511-5762 At Rd.
Chelsea MI 67708

Subject- Cancellation of [Service name or contract], the ID number of the service

Dear Nyssa Vazquez,

This letter is with regards to canceling of ____services provided by the company. This is to inform that from the date of ___, we would no more require your services to us.

We would kindly request you to cancel all the pre-placed orders at our store due to a change in certain products that we plan on keeping. We would like a written confirmation for the same with any other details of accounts which might be outstanding on our part. There has been a sudden disruption in our finances due to which we are forced to continue having your services with us.
We hope you would understand our circumstances and undertake the required actions accordingly. We express our apologies for any inconvenience caused due to this change of plans. You may contact us on xxx-xxx-xxxx for clarification on any matter related to it.

Thanking you,

Yours sincerely,
Lawrence Moreno
Address of the store.

Many of us subscribe to various offers and services provided by companies for our benefit or special customer benefits. These memberships function to benefit both the providing brand and the consumer in a specific way. Cancellation letters are used for ending bank related services, telecom services, magazines and newspapers. To cancel any service, make sure to enter the reference ID of your order and other contact details. Following is a sample for cancellation letter for ending the housekeeping services from a firm.

Cancellation Letter For Services

Hiroko Potter
P.O. Box 887 2508 Dolor. Av.
Muskegon KY 12482
(314) 244-6306
Forrest Ray
191-103 Integer Rd.
Corona New Mexico 08219

Subject- Cancellation of [Service name or contract]Dear [Name of company head],

Dear Hiroko Potter,

This letter is to inform that we would no more require your housekeeping services from next month onwards. We would like you to close our contract for the same which shall take effect from [Date].
We would like to ensure that we have had absolutely no complaints against your firm regarding your services. However, since our children have grown up and learned to do their own chores, we are quite certain that we would not require housekeeping services anymore. We believe our payments have been cleared but kindly check in case of any discrepancy. It might please you to know that your service for over five years has left us with complete satisfaction and we would definitely recommend your services to our friends and relatives who might require it.
We hope that you will progress as a company and be a trustful service provider for several households. Wishing you all the best,

Thanking you,

Yours sincerely,

Hiroko Potter

Cancellation Letter for a Gym Membership

Kyla Olsen
Ap #651-8679 Sodales Av.
Tamuning PA 10855
(654) 393-5734
Calista Wise
7292 Dictum Av.
San Antonio MI 47096


Dear Calista Wise,

This is Kyla Olsen and this letter is to inform my wish to cancel my gym membership with your company from [date]. My membership ID is xxxx.
As per my contract, my current membership holds till [specify date]. However, due to a recently incurred leg injury, I am no more in a situation to proceed with my membership and hence request you to cancel it within a month as per your official terms and conditions. I should say that I have had a great experience with your gym till the time I was here and shall back to it soon once my leg is free of any problems.
Kindly make a note of my request and I hope you shall proceed with the formalities with the cancellation as soon as possible. For any queries, I can be reached at xxx-xxx-xxxx.

Thanking you,

With Regards,

Kyla Olsen
Member ID- xxxx

Cancellation Letter Health Insurance

Insurance Company Name
Address of the company

Cancellations Department



Subject- Cancellation of Health Policy (Mention Reference ID)

Dear Sir/Madam

This letter is with respect to my serious concern about canceling my health insurance coverage to be effective immediately. My name is ____ and my policy number is ____.
Kindly allow for this unprecedented cancellation and return any unused premium in my listed address. Please note that you are no longer authorized as a company to withdraw any future premiums from any of my accounts post receiving this letter.
It would be much appreciated if you could respond to this cancellation request with a written confirmation. Feel free to contact me at ____ for any queries or any further details. Looking forward to a prompt response from you,

Thanking you,

With regards,

Padma Singhal

One might cancel an insurance policy for several reasons but often the reason is that they have found an alternative policy which is better suited to their needs. Every insurance company has its own terms and conditions for regulation and they must be followed until your cancellation has been confirmed. Matters of insurance companies are extremely high-handed and must be dealt with extreme care and responsiveness. One must mention that no more premiums can be taken in once the cancellation letter is sent or the confirmation sent as per the legal terms of the company. Ensure that your details provided match the ones in the Declaration page of your policy. Here is the template for the same.

Sample Insurance Cancellation Letter

Via Certified Mail- Return receipt requested
Name of Insurance Company
Contact details
Re: Cancellation of Policy #
Insured: Insured candidate’s name
Policy number:

Policy period:Dear Sir/Madam,

[Since the addresser’s details have been mentioned, you can directly start the letter by your demand for cancellation. Mention the date clearly. Mention the demand to return the unused premiums if any and make a request not to withdraw any future premiums from the account holder’s bank.]

[Make a request for written confirmation within a time frame. Provide a contact number for queries. End the letter on a polite note.]


Thanking you,

With regards,


Your name

Cancellation Letter of Insurance Policy Sample

April x, 20xx
Via Certified Mail- Return Receipt Requested
ABC Insurance Company
Khan Marg,
New Delhi- 46533
Re- Cancellation of Policy
Insured- Rohan Mittal
Policy Number- 57258

Policy Period- 4-5-2012 to 4-10-2020

Dear Sir/Madam,

This letter is to request the cancellation of the above-mentioned policy to be effective from date April 10, 2019. Kindly return any unused premium to the listed address and ensure that your company doesn’t withdraw any other future premiums from my account.
It would be appreciated if you could confirm the cancellation with a written document within a week or as soon as possible. Please contact me on 3680268286 for further details or any queries. Hoping for an immediate response to the matter,

Thanking You,

Yours Sincerely,

Happy Romz

B8 48, Sector 23
Alaska- 38689

Cancellation Letter For Contract

Theodore Lowe
Ap #867-859 Sit Rd.
Azusa New York 39531
(793) 151-6230


Date: 15-11-2011
Celeste Slater
606-3727 Ullamcorper. Street
Roseville NH 11523


Dear Celeste Slater,

This letter is to inform you about the cancellation of our contract to be effective immediately on receiving this letter.
The reason for this cancellation is that our office shall be relocated to Hong Kong by the next month and therefore we can’t take up your services anymore. We would request you to take the necessary action as soon as possible. As per our terms and conditions, this cancellation is purely legal and you make cross-check for the same in Section 5D of our agreement. We would also request you to clear the amount dues to us which we have completed on our part.
You are free to contact us on any further details or clarifications. We hope the best for your future.

Thanking you,

(Your Signature),
Theodore Lowe

Cancellation Letter of Credit Card

Rohit Verma,
B2 65, Sector 6, Noida- 68267
Mobile- xxx-xxx-xxxx
Email ID- (optional)
Date: 06/07/2018
The Manager,
Central Bank,
Branch- Noida
New Delhi- 38629

Subject: Request to cancel a credit card- (number)

Dear Sir/Madam,

This is to inform you that I would like to cancel my credit card linked to account no ____ with immediate effect.
I would like to specify that the last transaction made through this card was on (date) at ____ for an amount of Rs. ____. I have ensured that all the payments made through this card have been cleared.
[Mentions all the details of the card including:

Name of the card:
Name of cardholder:
Card no:
Expiry date:] I would like to request a confirmation letter on the acceptance of this request and once the account has been closed. You may contact me in the given number for any queries.

Thanking you,

With regards,
Rohit Verma,


Cancellation letters are important pieces of legal documents which can be provided in court for any case. Therefore, one must be careful while mentioning any little detail for the required closing of actions. These letters especially those related to the bank or personal services often contain specified data and hence, must be carefully sent to the required person. Any matters of mishandling can lead to serious problems. It should also leave a good impression on the receiver especially if the sender wants to re-continue any time in the future.

Cancellation Letter Template in PDF and Word

Cancellation Letter Template

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Cancellation Letter Template

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Cancellation Letter Template

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Cancellation Letter Template

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