Welcome Letter to New Employee – Format Sample & Example

A Welcome Letter to New Employee is to give the employee the best impression of working with a new team. It’s good news for all the parties involved, so this letter should really shine with positivity and good vibes. The purpose of such a letter is not only a warm welcome to an organization but also to introduce them as a new member.

It could be a great ice-breaker if the letter can take a leap beyond simple formality to describe the company’s own experience to their current chart of progress.  There should be a balance of information that is shared to attain just the right level of acquaintance. A welcome letter is a warm sign of acceptance and is a great encouragement to the employee who looks forward in a good spirit to working with a particular company.

Following is a sample to write a welcome letter to a new employee.

Sample Welcome Letter to New Employee with Example

Welcome Letter to New Employee

Lacy Eaton
ABC Company
98546 Nulla. Av.
Asbury Park Montana 69679
(932) 726-68466
April 7, 2018
Katelyn Cooper
6541 Sollicitudin Road
Burlingame Colorado 26278

Dear Katelyn Cooper,

Congratulation on being on board with ABC Company! Amongst a huge pool of candidates, we are pleased to announce that you were among our final candidates for your qualities of being diligent, spontaneous, commendable writing and speaking skills and also, a great spark of creativity which made you stand out.
Your first day with us would be April 20th, 2018 and the orientation program shall be conducted on the same day at 11 am. You are expected to be in your formals. The day would mostly involve you being introduced to other members of your department. The orientation shall be designed to explain your tasks as per your post in the team. Miss Liza shall be your supervisor for the day. You can get contact her on this number- xxx-xxx-xxxx.
You are advised to bring your own stationery to get any notes if required. You shall be assigned your desk and laptop on the same day after the orientation program. You can bring your own lunch for the day or have refreshments from the canteen in the campus.

Looking ahead to a great journey together!

With regards,
(Your Signature)
Lacy Eaton
(Your Designation)
(Company or Organisation Name)
(Contact Details)

Welcome Letter to New Employee on First Day

Lee Preston
XYZ Company
656 Eget Rd.
Clemson GA 04645
(221) 333-3333


Hu Parker
564 Netus Rd.
Reedsport NY 4577

Dear Hu Parker,

Welcome on board with XYZ Company! This is your first day of work with us and we are very pleased to have you with us at the beginning of this new journey.
Our company believes in blooming of individual strength with a great focus on team spirit. We would encourage you to get to know your colleagues especially those in your department. The lead supervisor of your department is Mr. Ram Gupta (xxx-xxx-xxxx). You are advised to consult him in matters of any confusion or difficulty with your work and anything associated with it.
Our company has faced several odds to be where it is today. There was a time when we were just a team of five people from very different places trying to produce the same outcome out of our different aspirations. XYZ Company is one where employees find their passion for helping our clients from various walks of life and find cherishing moments in being constructive pillars of society.
We are extremely delighted to have you in our team for your sharp capacities to deal with an audience and your great love to help individuals of society grow. We at XYZ Company shall try our best to help you realize and establish your goals to the fullest.
We hope you have a great learning and growing experience with us and lead to the company to greater heights.

With regards
Craig Williams

Welcome Letter To New Employee Template

Welcome Letter To Employee


Welcome Letter To New Employee


Welcome Letter To New Employee in PDF Format

Welcome Letter To New Employee in Word (Docs.) Format



The welcome letter should establish a firm chord of trust and reliance between the company and the employee. According to researches, the first day of an employee is a big deal such that it can determine how long the employment shall last. It is really important to provide every encouragement that an employee may need to stay within the team and the seniors should give their best time and dedication towards the same.

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