Free Printable 2020-21 VIC School Holidays Calendar

VIC School Holidays: If one thing is missed about school days the most once we grow up is holidays. Yes, you heard that right! School holidays mean unlimited fun, family trips, doing nothing, no homework and no classes. Every kid looks forward to holidays in the school time, so that they can do everything they love, especially it is the best time to go on family trips and spend some time with your loved ones. Especially, in a country like Australia, where you have plethora of beautiful places and towns to visit not having a trip in your school time are something you do not want. Moreover, parents look in advance to know about the school holidays, so they can plan something special for their kid during that time.

VIC [Victoria] School Holidays Calendar 2020-2021

School holidays are often marked as per the terms of the school. Every school is supposed to have terms that are divided in the year, in which you have classes, exams and holidays as well. Every term is supposed to have their respective holidays. If you are planning  a special holiday for your kid studying in Victoria school, then it is better is you have a look at the terms and holidays specified in the Vic school holidays 2020- 2021. 

The commencement of first term is on 28TH January 2020 - 27th March 2020 and the holiday begins on 28th March 2020 – 13th April 2020. So, you have good number of days in the first half to plan a trip to some amazing place and let your kid flaunt the holiday pictures and stories after the school reopens. 

VIC School Holidays Calendar 2020-2021

Victoria (VIC) School Holidays 2020-2021

The Term 2 is beginning on 14 April 2020 – 26 June 2020, which means, there are 11 weeks of daily school routine in this term. The school holidays in this term are beginning from 27 June 2020, which is a Saturday and ending on 12 July 2020, which is a Sunday. So, you have a lot of time to spend with your kid, let them learn some new things, join a new group, classes or activity they love or take them to a place they have been wishing from a long time. If we also look at the season, then this is surely a pleasant time to go out and have some fun with your family and kids. 

Victoria School Holidays 2020-2021

The 3rd terms begins on 13 July 2020 and ends on 28 September 2020, which means this term has 10 weeks of Daily school routine. The holidays of this term begin on 19 September 2020, which is a Saturday and ends on 4 October 2020, which is a Sunday. This is an ideal time to enjoy some sports activities around a trip to a local place or picnic because the weather will be amazing and you will be heading to the last term. So, this is the time your kid can enjoy the most before the final term begins. 

2020-2021 VIC School Holidays

The 4th and final term begins on 5th October 2020 and ends on 18 December 2020, which is again an 11 week period. The holidays after the term begins on 19 December 2020 and ends on 26 January 2021, this is the longest and final holiday period of the year. So, the best trip has to happen at this time when you will also be celebrating New Year. 

2020-2021 VIC School Holidays

So, the school schedule is right in front of you, then don’t wait anymore and plan to give your kid the best of memories in the Vic school Holidays 2020- 2021. 

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