Free Printable Singapore 2021 Calendar with Public Holidays

Singapore, being a beautiful island country, offers its own Singapore 2021 Calendar to the citizens. They can gain access to free printable Singapore Calendar with holidays marked. It can be accessed through the internet and be downloaded in the PDF format to their digital systems. People can take a print out of such a uniquely designed calendar at any time. Singapore, also known as the Republic of Singapore, celebrates big festivals in this country. 

Singapore 2021 Calendar PDF

Singapore 2021 Calendar

The Singapore Calendar 2021 Printable is designed in an innovative way and attracts any onlooker. It can be edited and is also possible to add information. The user can customize the shape, size, colors and fonts in the calendar. Since every individual has his/her own taste, the calendar is available for adults, working people, students, and even kids. Accordingly, the user can print 2021 Singapore Calendar, depending on his/her convenience.

Singapore 2021 Calendar PDF

Singapore Holidays 2021 

In order to maintain and remember all the big occasions, people should make use of Singapore 2021 Holiday Calendar. Besides, this calendar keeps the individual updated with date as well as time. It is a fact that people cannot remember all the 365 days and holidays in a particular year. That is the obvious reason as to why keeping a 2021 holiday calendar will help people to get updated with all the main important dates and occasions.  There are sixteen holidays throughout the year in 2021. They include:

  • 1 Jan-New Year’s Day
  • 25 Jan-Chinese Lunar New Year’s Day
  • 10 Apr- Good Friday
  • 11 Apr- Easter Saturday
  • 12 Apr-Easter Sunday
  • 1 may-labor Day
  • 7 May-Vesak Day
  • 24 May- Hari Raya Puasa
  • 31 Jul- Hari Raya Haji
  • 9 Aug- National Day
  • 10 Aug- Observed 
  • 2nd Oct- Children’s Day
  • 14 Nov- Diwali/Deepavali
  • 24 Dec- Christmas Eve
  • 25 Dec- Christmas Day
  • 31 Dec- New Year’s Eve

Singapore calendar 2021 PDF

The calendar is provided with all the features enabling people to get what they need, indicating all the public and government holidays. This Singapore 2021 Holiday Calendar as editable, viewable and will be made available according to the wish list of an individual. 

Singapore Calendar 2021 with Holidays

Singapore is a country where almost every month a festival is observed and is hard for all the individuals to remember the dates. Furthermore, there are even many festivals that arises within a single month. Hence, one has to have good knowledge of the exact dates on which these festivals are celebrated. The Singapore Calendar 2021, helps an individual a lot as the calendar is readily listed about that particular year, 2021.

The calendar also contains the time when the festival is initiated. It is possible to adjust the size of this calendar so that it will be convenient for the users, one who recommends big size calendar and others who have a liking for the smaller size. The holidays will be described in complete detail, including the day and date on which the holiday is observed in Singapore. All the festival 2021 holidays in Singapore, which is going to be observed will be highlighted with a unique design so that one can easily recognize the festival and the date. The calendar is provided with a box available next to the months so that it helps the user to save or mark the important dates, like meetings, anniversaries, and birthdays.

Singapore Calendar 2021 with Holidays PDF

Some of the important features of printable Singapore Calendar 2021 are that they are designed in a simple way, and any individual can celebrate without much difficulty by just looking at the dates.  However, it may be noted that a Singapore Calendar 2021 is incorporated with new innovations in it, and hence, one can edit it easily with customized options.  

Free Printable 2021 Singapore Calendar with Public Holidays in PDF Format

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