Free Printable Sri Lanka Calendar 2021 with Public Holidays

Sri Lanka Calendar 2021: Sri Lanka, the land of beautiful landscapes ranging from the rain forest, arid plains, highlands to sandy beaches; welcomes all with love and arms wide open. The nation is pure beauty and planning your holiday to visit this beautiful place will always be the right decision. So, with the countdown of the year 2020 has begun, it’s time to make the most of the beautiful place. Even if you are planning to visit this country or you are local planning to explore the most of your city, then you have taken this decision at the right time. 


Sri Lanka Calendar 2021

By looking at the list of holidays in the year 2020, you can easily plan the best time of the year when you would want to make the most of this place. The historical significance, cultural activities and scenic beauty is what makes this place the most happening destination among the tourists. It’s time to look at the list of holidays and start your planning for the upcoming year now. 

The beginning of the year brings along a grand celebration of the New Year around the globe. Many locals and people across the country flew off to this place to explore and discover what the city has to offer. Moving on, we have another two local festivities that are celebrated with full zeal and enthusiasm among the locals and have cultural significance as well. So, you can plan something big around these two festivals and make some memories with your loved ones and family. 


2021 Sri Lanka Public Holidays Calendar 

Hoping onto the next month, we have 3 holidays including National Day, which means you have some big holidays and reason to celebrate in this month as well. In the month of April, we have 4 holidays including Good Friday, which means you plan a mini-vacation for sight-seeing or spending some leisure time with your sweetheart or loved ones and enjoy the holidays. 


In the month of May also we have 4 holidays, which means, if you missed planning on a vacation last month, then you can materialize it this month. Big weekends and holidays of the month is another chance to plan a long-awaited vacation. The month of June will be a low-key affair with just 1 holiday and usual weekends, which means you can have some rest after long weekends and vacations. In the month of July also we have 1 holiday, which means no big celebrations.

Sri Lanka Holiday Calendar 2021

Now, moving onto the second half of the year we have 2 holidays in August and 1 holiday in September with no major celebration or fireworks. So, you can plan family time in these two months and make the most of it with your loved ones. In the month of October, we have 3 big holidays, which means that you can again plan a vacation around this time of the year.

In November, we have 2 holidays, which means cultural celebrations and festivals to lighten up this time of the year. In the month of December, we again have big celebrations of Christmas and New Year to brighten up your year and celebrate it with loved ones and family. 

So, make the most of the year 2021 with your family and loved ones by planning your travel excursions to this beautiful city. 


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