Free Printable Canada Public Holidays Calendar 2020

Canada Public Holidays 2020: Dreamt of visiting Niagara Falls? Have someone living in Canada you have been waiting to visit? While we all welcome the year 2020, it’s also time to plan your holidays in advance. Just 1 month is left and the countdown to the New Year has begun. With that new hope, new plans and excitement of the New Year has also gripped upon us. Even if you are a local or a travel freak planning to visit Canada in 2020, then, you should have a look at the list of holidays in 2020 and make your plans in advance for the next year. 

Canada Public Holidays 2020

Canada Public Holidays 2020 PDF

In the calendar year of 2020, every month has something special that will give you a perfect chance to celebrate, make memories and enjoy every moment with your loved ones. It is time to have a look at the calendar holiday of the year before you make any of your plans official. Knowing public holidays before making your plan will actually help you in including those days as well in your trip and thus you will be able to have many days added to your trip which means more fun.

2020 Canada Calendar with Public Holidays

2020 Canada Calendar with Public Holidays


Beginning with the New Year Day, which means there will be celebrations all across the world of welcoming the year. The sights, carnivals and the spirit of welcoming the year is unforgettable in Sri Lanka. After January the first half of the year does not bring any special public holiday, which means that you will be having the usual holidays to plan your trips or any other leisure activity. So, it is better that you plan your trip around the New Year, which will bring more chances of spending time with your loved ones. After January, you will have no scope of having public holidays till April. 

Canada Holidays Calendar 2020

Canada Holidays Calendar 2020 PDF

Come April and you will have Good Friday with an extended weekend and Easter on Monday, which means this is the best time after January to plan your vacation and spending quality time and making memories with your loved ones. So, after this good jolly month, you will have Victoria Day or National Patriots Day in May which is falling on Monday, which means another extended weekend in May that, will be good for sight-seeing, shopping or enjoying local activities. 

Canada 2020 Calendar with Holidays

Canada 2020 Calendar with Holidays PDF

In June, you will have one public holiday, which is Quebec holiday and other usual holidays. Moving onto big month, which Canada Day falling on Wednesday with celebrations in full swing you can gain plan a small trip in this month. Moving onto August you have 2 holidays, British Columbia Day and Heritage both falling on Monday that means you have two extended weekends to enjoy. 

The month of September will bring only one holiday i.e. Labor Day. October will have Thanksgiving Day, which is again a wonderful time to plan a one day trip to thank that special person in your life.  In November also we have only holiday, which is Remembrance Day. The December month will again bring Christmas and New Year celebrations and happiness all around. 

So, now that you know the special days of the year, it’s time to start plan a memorable 2020 trip to this beautiful place Sri Lanka.

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