Free Printable 2020-21 QLD School Holidays Calendar

QLD School Holidays: School holidays are one of the best times of life to remember and cherish forever. Once your kid starts going to school there is a daily routine that you all get tied to and are not able to go anywhere or join a certain activity that you had always wished. So, the holidays are the time when you look forward to fulfilling your wishes and dreams. The joy of holidays gets doubled when you live in a beautiful place such as Queensland. The beauty of the place is not something that you would wish to miss and with every changing season, it becomes more and more beautiful.

QLD [Queensland] School Holidays Calendar 2020-2021

As the year 2019 is about to end and the year 2020 is ahead it’s time that you have a sneak-peak into the schooling schedule of your kid. It is also important that you keep yourself aware of the class schedule and holidays list of your child. Once you know the schedule it will be easier for you to manage, balance and plan including both your schedule and your child’s school schedule. So, let’s have a look at the broader plan for the next year and the key holidays of the year. 

QLD School Holidays Calendar 2020-2021

Queensland (QLD) School Holidays 2020-2021

The term begins on 28th January, which means you have a complete month prior to that to celebrate New Year and enjoy a good amount of holidays before the session begins.  The term will end on 5th April which means, you have 10 weeks of daily routine to be followed. The holidays will begin on 5th April and will end on 19th April which means you have good 2 weeks with you to enjoy the local tourism of the place and spend some quality time with your family and friends. It is also a great time to join classes for pursuing a hobby or activity that your child loves to do. 

QLD School Holidays 2020-2021

The 2nd Term begins on 23rd April and ends on 28th June that is again a complete period of 10 weeks. After that, the holidays begin on 27th June and end on 12 July which means again you will 10-15 days of complete leisure and fun to visit a nearby place and to have complete fun. The season around this time of the year is also pleasant that means you would have the great number of places to visit and spend your holidays. 

2020-2021 QLD School Holidays

The 3rd term begins on 15th July and ends on 20th September, which is again a period of 10 weeks of daily routine. The holidays begin on 19th September and ends on 5th October, which is again a great time to visit a place and enjoy some great days with your kids. Well, this time you can plan to go to a place where your kid can have some great activities and games to enjoy. 

The 4th and last term begins on 8th October and ends on 13th December. The holidays after that begin on 12th December and end on 26th January which is a great one month for you and your kid to celebrate New Year as well as spend holidays on a great destination. 

2020-2021 QLD School Holidays


So, now that you know the schedule of the year 2020 start planning for a beautiful and memorable year for your family and kid. 

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