Printable Blank Study Planner/Calendar Template PDF, Word, Excel

Most of the students studying in a college or university prefer using study planner or Calendar templates. Free printable blank study calendar templates are available for download. They will be able to plan their studies in an organized schedule. The study calendar will assist them to attain their learning goals, easily.

Type of Printable Study planner

Different types of Printable Study Calendar Sheets are considered as perfect for high school as well as college students. They can stay productive and motivated by using this study calendar. Students can prepare for their exams by organizing study plans and customize their time table according to their exam schedules. 

  1. Study Schedule Planner

Study schedule planner templates are available for students that have numerous advantages. They are designed according to one universal format. They are not complicated and very easy to follow. Using such planners, it is possible for a student to record all his/her tasks including tasks that are pending for completion. 

Study Schedule Planner


  1. Weekly Study Planner

Weekly study calendar is a proven method of tracking the student’s activities and other tasks meant for that week. This weekly study schedule planner covers everything that has to be done. It helps the student to plan when the tasks have to be completed and how much time is available.  

Weekly Study Planner


  1. Monthly Study Planner

Monthly study calendar is a spreadsheet that allows student to print a planner page for any month/year. It is possible to print a blank monthly planner page and can be customized. Editing of such planner page in Excel is easy. For editing, it is essential to duplicate the planner worksheet.

Monthly Study Planner


  1. Daily Study Planner

The greatest advantages of the daily study calendar by students are that they can start their daily study planning and preparation. The students can prepare well for the examination on time. They are considered an excellent system of study of tracking so that nothing is missed out at the last minute.

  1. Study Planners for College Students

A study calendar for college students can have busy weekly schedule. It can be used by any student to stay organized. Besides, they can keep track of classes, study groups, events and other activities. In this way, students can efficiently organize their college study schedule involving time, day and priority.

Study Planner for College Students


  1. Study Planner for Exams

A study calendar for exams is considered as an efficient method to assist students to prepare well for the examination. Here, time management comes into picture and will be challenging. Creating a study calendar for exams will help students to track how they spend time for completing their exam preparation.

Study Planner for College Students


  1. Bible Study Planner

A printable bible study calendar is based on the method of bible study involving Prayer, Application, Observations and Scripture. People can use this planner as a great way to get themselves inspired in God’s word. This planner enables people to monitor their work, personal and health goals every day, systematically.  

Bible Study Planner


  1. Online Study Planner

Through an online study calendar, students can follow a structured schedule with regard to their studies. This schedule consists of details of study times and the desired goals of learning process. Online students, consider online study calendars as vital for their studies, and it needs discipline and perseverance for success.

  1. School Study Planner

A school study calendar is considered a free and effective planner and can be used by students in any school. In fact, it is a life-saver for students enabling them to track their homework, study schedule, upcoming exams, and grades. Students can organize their study time prior to writing their exams.

10. Unit Study Planner

Unit study calendar is considered as perfect document meant for planning students’ studies. It enables them to prepare their study time table precisely. The layout format of this study calendar will be neat, to the point and simple. Time periods are significantly indicated on the horizontal line of the table.

Unit Study Planner


11. Personal Study Calendar /Planner

Students prepare themselves for examination using a personal study calendar. This document covers duration of their studies, its extent and the contents of topics. This study calendar assists students to stay on schedule and make proper progress in their studies. This planner should be updated whenever they find progress in their studies.

Printable Study Calendar Template in PDF, Word, Excel 

Study Calendar in PDF
PDF Template 1
PDF Template 2
PDF Template 3

Study Calendar in Word
Word Template 1
Word Template 2
Word Template 3

Study Calendar in Excel
Excel Template 1
Excel Template 2
Excel Template 3

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