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Request Letter for Salary: Providing salary on time to the employees is an employer’s primary duty. But sometimes the employees have to remind the employer for their due salary, or in case there are some discrepancies. Generally, a request letter is written to the employer or the HR for any pending action in regards to salary.

The letter should be humble and precise. There should not be any feeling of complaining and sentences should be polite. The situation should be well defined. The recipient should be respectfully addressed. If there is someone needed to be kept in cc, he or she should be exclusively mentioned.

One should follow the below format to write a request letter for salary.

Request Letter Format for Salary

Madeline Gregory
977-4841 Ut Ave
Walla Walla Michigan 82776
(304) 506-6314

Date: 12/12/2012

Xyla Cash
969-1762 Tincidunt Rd.
Boise CT 35282

Subject: (**************************)

Dear Xyla Cash,

I am (Name of the employee), working in (name of the organization ) as (mention the position ) for three years. My employee number is………...This is to state that unfortunately, my salary for the last two months is due. Generally, I receive the amount in my account by the end date of the month, but even after sending a reminder to the accounts department, I am denied the due. The amount that is pending (salary amount) approximately.
I will be highly obliged if you please look into this matter.

Thank you in advance.

Madeline Gregory

Request Letter for Salary Sample & Examples

Regarding a salary request letter, employees often ask for advance salary for any personal reason. For this type of request, one should notify the employer beforehand and also should mention the reason for the request. Below is a request letter for advance salary to the employer or some HR person.

Advance Salary Request Letter

Satvik Roy
Mall Road, Big Bazar,
Kanpur City- 778899

Date: 3 Feb 2022

Vegetable Co.In. Ltd
Near B-Temple, 33/9

Dear Malvika,

I am Satvik Dey, currently holding the position of Senior Supervisor in this company. I have been working in this company for the last two years and always tried to perform my level best.
I am writing this mail to request an advance payment of my salary due to my daughter’s marriage, which is due next month. As you can understand, the expense is going to be huge and this early payment will support me up to some extent. I am asking for 50% of my monthly salary and this will be very helpful if paid by the end of this month with this month’s salary.
Please let me know if I need to submit any document or fill any form to support the process.

Thank you in advance.

Satvik Roy

Although it is expected that salary is credited to employees on time per month or the agreed time frame, unfortunately  sometimes it is missed in some cases. In those matter, the employee should notify the employer about the mishap and request the employer to process the pending salary.

Below is an example of a request letter for pending salary of an employee.

Pending Salary Request Letter

Naresh Deshmukh
22/7 - Pai Bing Road, Big Market,
Kannur City- 778899

Date: 8 Feb 2045

Operation Co.In. Pvt Ltd
67/34 - T -6, Near B-Church,

Dear Sir,

I am Naresh Deshmukh, writing this letter to request that unfortunately, my last two months salary is pending from the company’s end. I had reminded the HR department to proceed with the payment, but it didn’t really help.  So I am putting into your notice that the amount of pending salary amount is Rs.26000 and I need it as soon as possible.
I have attached the last salary slip I had withdrawn from the company.

Thank you for your help.

Naresh Deshmukh

For increment in salary, one must approach to the employer and convey the message. He should elaborate his work in support to the application. Generally it takes quite a time for consideration of such request, but it’s always advisable to write this letter in humble language with lots of patience.

Here’s a request letter for increase in salary of an employee.

Increase Salary Request Letter

Rahul Saxena
22/7 - Pi Xing, New York,
Umeed City- 349820

Date: 9 Feb 2065

Operation USA Pvt Ltd
68/4-, Near C Store,

Hello Mr.Madhav,

This is to state that I have been working as a Senior Consultant in this company for three years. I have performed all through quite consistently in all of my projects here and have received internal and client appreciations more than once. I am always motivated in my work and try to deliver my level best.
This is my humble request for an increment in this financial year, as I think my current salary needs to be revised to match the market standards.
Please initiate my increment process in this regard and this will be a great help.

Rahul Saxena

It is often noticed that, when an employee leaves a company the final settlement is delayed or not getting processed as expected. Although it’s not desirable to push the authority for the pending due, but it is needed in some cases.

Below is an example of request letter for salary when someone is leaving the company.

Leave Salary Request Letter Sample

Matthew Pang
27/2 - Mountain Road, Utah,
Idoha - 9998989

Date: 10 Jan 2068

Tabular Form  Pvt Ltd
60/50-, Near Music College,
San Diego-40001

Dear Simon,

This is to state that I am Matthew Pang, working in Genpact CMIT for four years as a Network Engineer. Currently, I am serving the notice period of which 25th of July is the last date. As the date is nearing and my full and final settlement is still due from the company end,  I am worried that the process may exceed the deadline.
To avoid this kind of circumstances, I request you to initiate the process of my final settlement, so that I don’t have to face unnecessary hassle once I am out of this company.
The salary amount will be approximately 1,33765 Rs. for three months and the earn leaves payments which will be around an amount of thirty-two leaves.
Please let me know if any document I need to provide or I have to seek clearance from any account to process the payment.

Thank you in advance.

Matthew Pang

Request Letter For Salary Template in PDF and Word (doc.) Format

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