Permission Letter Template For School – Format, Sample & Example

Permission Letter for School: Many-a-times it happens that a political party or organization wishes to host an event, public speech or some other event in a school or college. For that, it is required that they write a letter to the higher authorities of the school seeking permission to use their premises or ground for a particular event.

Similarly, parents and teachers can write a formal letter to the school requesting leave for their child (or themselves in the case of a teacher) or also if they have any complaint or some other request to make. All these letters can be considered to be a permission Request for school.

Permission Letter Format For College/School

The basic format of the letter is like any other formal letter without many changes. The letter starts with the name and the address of the sender. After that, you need to mention the date on which you have written the letter.

After that, you need to mention the name and address of the sender to whom the letter is addressed to which follows with the subject line. Do not forget to mention the subject line as ‘Permission letter’ in case you are seeking permission or as per the request you are making to the school or college authorities.

Here’s the basic format you need to follow while writing a permission letter for school/college:

Sender’s Name
Sender’s Address


Receiver’s Name
Receiver’s Address

Subject: Permission Letter

Body of the letter

Name of the Sender (the first name is enough)
Signature of the Sender

How to write a permission letter for school

Writing a permission letter for school is not that difficult. However, you need to follow some basic guidelines and tips that will make your letter flawless and to-the-point.

Here are some useful tips that you can adhere to while writing a permission letter for school:

  • Avoid using ornamental language which consists of heavy words normally used to impress the readers. However, you need to avoid this because you are writing a formal letter which has to be precise and clear.
  • Avoid using slang and short forms (abbreviations). This could be in a way disrespectful towards the school authority which means that the letter will not work in your favor and might work actually against you.
  • The language used must be simple, clear and the purpose of the letter should be brief yet effectively described. School authorities are already busy with a lot of administrative work so they do not have idle time. Therefore, it is better to keep it short and simple.
  • You cannot forget to write the subject line as you are writing a formal letter.
  • The basic format of a formal letter should be followed at all times.

Sample Permission Letter for School Example

A formal permission letter is a must if you wish to avail permission from a school or college for some even or function. The norm is to carry a formal letter even if you have scheduled a meeting with the school authority.

The letter must not contain unnecessary information and sharing of thoughts and opinions about school policies must be strictly avoided. If you are writing a complaint letter then also the tone of the letter needs to be polite and the concerns must be explained with honesty and sincerity.

A school arranges a lot of extra-curricular and sports activity for the students after or during school hours. Therefore, if a student wishes to be a part of it, then the parents can write a permission letter to the authorized person of the school.

Sample 1. Permission Letter for School Activity

Imani Tally
YMDA inc.
262 4968 Sit St.
Yigo Massachusetts 50654
(+1) 123-1234


Mr. Caster Richardson
YHP Public School,
902 Ullamcorper Street
Massachusetts 50654
(+1) 123-321


Dear Sir/Madam,

I, Imani Tally, am the father of JohnsonTally who is studying in Class V of your reputed school. We have come to know that students of Standard V and VI will be practicing for a stage drama after school hours in the coming week.
I would like Johnson to be a part of it as he seems to be interested in acting from his childhood days. It would be a rejoicing moment for me and my family to see my son act on the stage. Therefore, I request you to consider him for any role in the stage act.
I am hoping for a positive response from your end. Thank you!


Imani Tally

Sometimes a student needs a few leaves due to some emergency or for attending a family function or event. In such cases, a parent has to write a request letter to the school principal or class teacher to ask their permission for the same.

Here’s a sample letter.

Sample 2: Permission Letter for School Absence

Sonos Jorden
Visalians corp.
268 Arc Street
San Fernando
+1 987-3654


Harrison Wilson
SRS public School
Arc Street San Fernando
+1 987-5154


Subject: Permission letter for leave from school

Respected Harrison Wilson Sir,

I, Sonos Jorden, am the father of Jack Jorden who is studying in Class IV of your reputed school. We are attending my cousin’s marriage in Jaipur this week and therefore I am requesting you to grant Jack leave from 13th March 2019 to 17th March 2019.
I personally have to make many arrangements a few arrangements before the marriage so I have to leave with my family a little early. I would personally take care of the subjects and portion that would be missed by Jack during this period.
I hope that you will consider my request and grant the leaves for the aforementioned dates.


Sonos Jorden

Sometimes you may have to write to the school principal to seek approval or permission for an event or function. Here’s a sample letter that will make you understand it better:

Sample 3: Permission Letter for School Principal

Nyssa Vazquez
511-5762 At Rd.
Chelsea MI 67708
(947) 278-5929


Hiroko Potter
P.O. Box 887 2508 Dolor. Av.
Muskegon KY 12482

Subject: Hosting a book exhibition

Dear Sir/Madam,
I (Full Name) work in the organization (Name of the company). I am writing this letter to seek your permission for hosting a book exhibition in your school hall from 12th April 2018 to 14th April 2014.
This exhibition will include rare and historical books written by famous authors and celebrities. I am organizing this exhibition to revive the interest in reading amongst students and other general masses of our city. A separate reading space will be provided to those who will be interested to read a particular book.
Therefore, I request you to grant me permission for the same. I would also like to meet you to discuss the same concern and so you can also inform me of a comfortable date and timing for the same.

Thank you!

Nyssa Vazquez

Schools need to take permission from parents before taking their child on a school trip. Here’s a sample of the permission letter:

Sample 4: Permission Letter for a School Trip from Parents

The Principal
(School Name)


Subject: Permission letter for a school trip

Dear Mr. Roy,
We are arranging a school trip form students of Class V and VI on June 30th, 2018. The trip will be to Pratapgad fort located 130 kilometers away from Pune.
We will be taking them by bus and the bus driver is the experienced and professional one who has also accompanied us before on numerous occasions. We will start the journey at 8 am in the morning so request you to bring your child to the school ground at least 15 minutes before we leave. Also, we will be back to school by 6.30 pm.
Therefore, I have written this letter to permit your daughter, Ms. Rakshita Roy, to attend this school trip.

Sahum Fernandes
(School Name & Designation)

A parent can write a letter to the school principal or teacher in order to get permission for their child to leave the premises of the school earlier than usual. Here’s an example of this letter:

Sample 5: Permission Letter for the Child to Leave School Early

The Principal
(School Name)


Subject: Permission for early leave (or half day)

Dear Sir/Madam,
I, Rahul Roy, am the father of Mehula Roy studying in Class II of your reputed school. Mehula is suffering from the pain of a decayed tooth for few days so we have decided to remove that teeth and give a dental implant as well.
Therefore, I would like to request you to leave her early by 2 pm on 3rd January 2018. I would myself come to pick her up and would have a word with her class teacher before that.
I hope you consider the situation and grant this request of mine.

Thank you!


Schools arrange various trips like outdoor trips, education trips, and science trips and so on. However, they also seek approval letter or permission letter from parents before taking his/her child on a trip. Here’s a sample of this permission letter:

Sample 6: Permission Letter from Parents for a School Trip

Malcolm Lang
SHRH Pvt. Ltd.
Proin Road
Lake Charles Maine 11292
+1 654-9878


Raymond Lavy
Contact details

Date: 12th April 2019

Subject: Permission letter for a school trip

Dear Ms. Silva,
I’m writing this letter to inform you that I am granting permission to my daughter to attend the school trip on 30th April 2019. She has informed me that the trip will commence at 8 a.m and she would be dropped back to school by the evening at 6 p.m.
I have been informed that the driver is professional and has done several trips with the school in the past. Also, I am sure that the responsible teachers of your reputed school will take care of her in the best possible way.


A school may require permission from parents to include a student for a particular event or program. Here’s an example of this permission letter:

Sample 7: Permission Letter from Parents to School

Sid Silvana
Bosoms College

23 Eastwood Street,
Alaska, USA

Date: 12th April 2019

Dear Ms. Kolte,

Our school is organizing a school drama for the students of Class III. This drama will be presented by the students in front of the audience at the annual function of the school.
We are considering your son for the position of a lead role in the drama and thereby we request you to grant us permission for the same. The practice will be conducted during the school hours itself and we will also provide the required costumes and accessories required for performing the act on stage.
Also, we assure you that we will take of everything else. We are awaiting your affirmation and expect an early reply as well.

Vibha Ashanti

Sometimes, a need to perform specific research or survey in a school might arise. In such cases, the person or the research team head must seek permission from the school authorities for conducting the research. Here’s a sample of such type of letter:

Sample 8: Permission Letter to Conduct Research in School

Sidder Goege
Almond College

23 Westwood Street,
Dallas, USA

Subject: Request to Conduct Research

Dear Kashif Khan,

I, Supreet Modak, am head of Supriti Science Research Team. We conduct research on rare flowers and herbs on a regular basis so that we could help the people find easy remedies for their diseases and ailments.
We have found a rare herb recently and would like to conduct the research on the same in your school. We have heard that your school has one of the best botanical laboratories in the city and therefore we request you to grant us permission for conduction research for at least one month from 1st February 2019 to 2nd March 2019.
I hope for a positive response from your end.

Umakant Dighe

Some government bodies or private organization prefer conducting surveys in schools to study the health or other aspects of kids of a particular age. However, for that, they might require permission from the school. Here’s a letter that would explain it better:

Sample 9: Permission Letter to Conduct a Survey in School

Dodger Goege
Simmer College

23 WestBuilding Street,
Texas, USA

Subject: Permission letter to conduct a survey

Dear Ubale Sir,

I, Digambar Bahire, am head of SISTAN, a group dedicated to fighting health issues and malnutrition which is prevalent amongst kids. We regularly conduct a sample survey to study health issues among kids of various age groups.
We will be conducting a survey from 2nd November 2018 to 4th November 2018. Therefore, we request you to grant us permission for the same.
I am hoping for a quick and positive response from your end. Thank you!


Sometimes an organization or government body might feel the need to visit a school for conducting a survey or any other purpose. For that, they must acquire written permission from that particular school. Here’s a sample that will explain how to write this letter:

Sample 10: Permission Letter to visit a School

order Pinkof
Winter School

93 East Roof Street,

Subject: Permission letter to visit the school

Dear Sir/Madam,

I, Sarnobat Kampu, am HR manager of Solute Private limited where we design toys and other products for children. We wanted to visit your school to interact with students of various age groups in order to note down their thoughts and insights.
It will be a completely formal meeting and we will require only a couple of hours for the same. Therefore, I request you to grant us permission to visit your school on 2nd February 2019.
I am hoping for a positive response from your end.



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