Pennsylvania Bill of Sale Form for DMV, Car, Boat – PDF & Word

Pennsylvania bill of Sale is an important legal document that proves that the buyer fully owns the product that he has bought. It’s primarily used when you want to sell any item that you own to the other person. This bill serves as a personal record to memorize the sale of any item formally. This document also proves the identification of buyer and seller, change of ownership and evidence of your contract with the other party. In the state of Pennsylvania, the most common bill that is used is a bill for your boat, bill for your vehicle and bill for your gun. This bill does not involve any complicated legal jargons and can be written easily in simple English so that both the parties can read the document well and understand the meaning of it. 

What does Pennsylvania bill of Sale consist of?

  • The correct date when it got created: You need to place the date at the topmost side of the bill. If a buyer is paying for an item that he has purchased on a different date, it becomes mandatory to mention that date in terms of your sale.
  • Description of the item that you’re selling: There needs to be a brief description of the item that you intend to sell such as its condition, manufacturing details etc. You’ll learn more about this part in the later stage.
  • There should be the complete address of both the seller and the buyer.
  • Terms and conditions of the sale should be clearly mentioned: The terms of sale of any item include its price, and information whether it's a trade or gift. If it comes under the category of the trade, then you need to describe that you have received that item on trade. In terms of money received, you have to mention it both in words as well as in numbers. For example, five-hundred and ninety-five dollars and fifty cents ($595.50).
  • Seller’s disclosure can also be inserted: The primary motive of a seller’s disclosure is to give complete information to the buyer if anything goes wrong with the product that the seller knows about. This also helps in giving insight into the fact whether the sale comes under warranty or as it is. 
  • Both the seller and buyer need to sign and put a date on the bill.

It’s always advisable to keep several copies of Pennsylvania bill for the record once both seller and the buyer complete it.

Pennsylvania General Bill of Sale

This bill is used to sell items such as the table saw, a pair of skis, your old bedroom furniture, used a laptop and other personal items that don’t essentially meet the definition of a gun, boat or a motor vehicle. It’s very simple to describe the items. You can use the following information(in case it applies to the items that you’re purchasing)

  • A serial number of the item.
  • The model number of the item.
  • The year, model and make details of the item.
  • The material that has been used to make that item or the colour or the size of that item. For example, you can easily describe a bracelet by the material it is made of, and the type of finish it has along with its weight. 



Pennsylvania Bill of Sale for a Motor Vehicle

It lists detailed information about the motor vehicle involved. 

  • Model, make and year of your vehicle.
  • VIN
  • An odometer reading to tell whether there is any discrepancy in the reading or it’s the actual reading.

Pennsylvania Bill of Sale for a Boat

This bill should include specific details about the sale of your boat.

  • Model, make and year of your boat.
  • The size of your boat.
  • The horsepower of your boat.
  • Whether a motor or trailer is included in your boat if so, you need to list the correct year and mention the horsepower and trailer of your motor.
  • The specifications about the type of boat you are having (e.g., speed boat, fishing boat, handmade).
  • The complete Hull ID
  • Registration ID or title number (if in any case, it applies to your boat).

In Pennsylvania, this bill acts as an ownership proof when you go for the registration process. Though, this isn’t the only proof of ownership that the state accepts. 

Pennsylvania Bill of Sale for a Gun

This bill should consist of:

  • Model number, make and serial number.
  • You also need to mention the calibre

If your gun comes under the trade part, then remember to describe it as a part of the trade.

Pennsylvania Bill of Sale for a motorcycle

You must register your motorcycle to operate it in the roadways of Pennsylvania. If you’re purchasing the motor vehicle from a dealer in Pennsylvania, he will all of your registration and titling to you. In case you purchase the motorcycle from a private party the registration will be done on your own The bill must have:

  • The seller and the driver’s license number, both of their names, physical address and state, city.
  • Type/model and year of the vehicle.
  • Color, odometer reading, vehicle identification number, seller’s disclosure.

Pennsylvania Bill of Sale for motor vehicle

No, this document is not required in order to register your motor vehicle. To complete the registration process, you will primarily need a title. You can even go through the set of FAQs for registration and titling as given by the DMV. 

Pennsylvania Bill of Sale for Boat

No this type of document is not required to register a boat. A bill of the sale, however, can be used to support the documentation process that you need to provide along with the complete application for the registration of boat in Pennsylvania.

Pennsylvania Bill of Sale for gun

No, this document is not required to register your gun. The Pennsylvania government doesn’t register a gun. 


So now you have complete information about the Pennsylvania Bill that is required for the legal sale of purchase of different items between parties and the businesses involved in the sales of that particular product. This document acknowledges any kind of transfer in case of possession or your personal property according to the sum of money that has been agreed by both the parties. The contractual document has all the particulars of the he sale including the seller, buyer, sale item and sale item.

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