New Jersey Bill of Sale Form for DMV, Car, Boat – PDF & Word

New Jersey bill of sale is a legal document that acts as evidence against any sort of legal transaction between two or more parties. It provides information against the purchase and sale that is being transacted and claims the ownership of a product that has been purchased by the buyer. It provides every sort of detail regarding the buyer, seller and consists of identifying information to transfer the ownership to another person. It can also be considered as an important document to convey the tangible facts regarding the exchange of a property for a predetermined amount of compensation within a written archival. It’s always advisable to have a copy of this document to validate your purchase if any conflict occurs between both the parties involved in the sales and purchase of a project.

Types of New Jersey bill of sale

Boat bill of sale

In New Jersey, any type of motorized boat or vessel or a boat which is longer than 12 feet and even if it is not motorized must be legally registered to operate on the waterways of New Jersey. In case you’re visiting New Jersey and you are registered, you may remain in the states for sixty days without registering your vessel. For registration, you just need to collect your document and appear at the office of Local Motor Vehicle Commission that is located in the state of New Jersey

bill of sale


You’ll need these documents to register your boat

  • A bill of sale
  • Completed (Form BA-51), i.e. boat registration application. It is currently available at any of the NJ MVC offices.
  • Identification and proof of age
  • The registration fee that might be charged by the government


In order to register a boat in New Jersey, the cost might vary depending on your specific vessel/boat length

  • $12 for boat/vessel that is less than 16 feet
  • $28 for boat/vessel of 16 ft to 26 ft
  • $52 for 26 ft to 40 ft boat/vessel
  • $80 for boat/vessel of 40 ft to 65 ft
  • $250 for 65 ft or longer boat/vessel

How to write the bill of sale for boat/vessel?

Firstfall, you need to include the buyer and seller information in the bill of sale. This will include details such as the name of the seller and the buyer, driver’s licence number of both the parties, physical address, city, and state of the buyer and the seller. Once you give this particular information, you need to mention the vessel detail such as it’s the length, make, the year when it was built, registration ID number, title number, Hull ID number, odometer reading, details of whether the trailer and onboard meter will be included with the sale or not. After this, you need to write about the purchase price. You can select any of the boxes applicable providing few other information such as the dollar amount in numbers, the date on which the document was made. You need to mention this in the format mm/dd/yyyy. If the seller agrees to receive the payment in the monetary form, you need to enter a worded dollar amount. If both the parties decide to make full payment on another date, enter the date in the format mm/dd/yyyy.

Brief description of the conditions that will be applicable for the trade should also be mentioned. It’s also important to include the seller’s disclosure where the seller needs to review the statements correctly. With all the parties present in front of the notary, each party needs to enter their print name and signature. Once all the parties sign the document in front of the notary, the notary will affix his seal after completing the form to authenticate the document. You must keep copies of the New Jersey bill of sale document of boat/vessel for any sort of dispute in the future.

Firearm bill of sale

New Jersey bill of sale for the firearm is required to keep a record of both the parties so that a receipt can be shown for the transfer. The state of Jersey has clearly stated that firearm owners do not need to register weapons. This being announced the firearms dealers should keep a registry of every handgun that is transferred by law to record the details about the transaction in the register. This document will be retained only by the dealer and should be made available before the concerned authority at all the reasonable hours. Copies of the registry must be sent within the five days of the initial sale, to the country clerk or local law enforcement body. The delivery of this document should also be made to the New Jersey State Police (NJSP).

Auto bill of sale for New Jersey

This is a legal document that authenticates the ownership change of the motor vehicle. Both the parties involved in the selling and buying of the auto vehicle should keep several records of the document for future use.

Bill of Sale


It should include details like: 

  • The odometer reading, model, year.
  • Disclosure and sign of both the parties
  • Both the buyer and the seller’s name, physical address, license details, city and state.

Motorcycle bill of sale for New Jersey

The documentation of the transfer of your vehicle is extremely important when you’re selling or buying a motorcycle in New Jersey. You can do this simply by signing the assignment section which is present on the back side of the title or by signing the “Transfer by the owner” and by filing the paperwork when the original title is available. You should also secure a New Jersey bill of sale to document the sale of the vehicle including the condition of the motorcycle, sales price etc.

Bill of sale for trailer in New Jersey

If you’re selling or purchasing a trailer in New Jersey it’s important to document the transfer of the vehicle from the seller to the buyer. You can do this ideally by signing the Assignment section or Transfer by Owner on the rear of the original title. You can also secure a valid bill of sale to document the sale including the details such as condition of the trailer, sales price. This also holds harmless language in order to protect the seller and the buyer.



General bill of sale

This is used to transfer your personal property to any other party. This proves the sale and purchase of the property legally, and you need to provide details about the buyer, seller, identifying numbers if any and a few other factors regarding the item that is being sold. This document can also prove the change in ownership if needed. Signature of both the parties and witnesses if required along with notarization is important.

Vehicle bill of sale

Bill of sale for a vehicle is a document that you need to present in front of the Vehicle Commission Office. It’s a very important document to register your used or new car/bike. Whether you’re a current resident or you are new to the state, you need to register your vehicle to operate it on the roadways of New Jersey. Therefore if you’re planning to operate your vehicle in NJ register it immediately. 

To register your car/bike, you’ll need to gather all the documentation that is required and then you’ll need to appear in person at the nearest office of State of New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission. You can choose the office that is closest to your location to complete the legal documentation of your vehicle. You’ll need auto insurance proof, receipt of the payment of your sales tax, odometer reading statement, emission and safety inspection if you’re new over here, bill of sale, proof of identification and vehicle title along with a registration fee to complete this whole process. 

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