Sample Letter Templates for Placing Order- Format, Examples 

In the present times, with the boom in methods of communication, many of us don’t prefer writing letters. However, formal letters are still in vogue. One of the most commonly written formal letters is a letter for placing an order. The letter for placing an order is brief and accurate. It is up to the point and does not contain any extra details. 

Letter for Placing Order Format 

When we write a formal letter for placing an order, we need to follow a specific pattern. Here is the format to the same: 

Sender’s Address 


Addressee's Address 





Name and Designation 


How to write a Letter for Placing Order 

Here are some points that you need to follow to write a letter for placing an order:   

  • Be brief, clear, and to the point.
  • In case you have separate topics, use separate paragraphs. 
  • Indicate the theme of the letter in the first paragraph itself. 
  • Use simple and direct language. 
  • Use a proper format or layout.

Sample Letter for placing an order with Examples 

There are a lot of things that you need to keep in mind while writing this type of letter in order to make it look official and convincing. You should be very precise and clear. There must be no ambiguity. Therefore, it is very important to go through some samples to have a proper idea of these types of letters. 

Letter for Placing Order For Furniture 

The Principal
Modern School
Raj Nagar Extension
Mobile No.  8797002456

Date: 5th January 2020 

M/s Sohanlal and Brothers
Furniture Store
Agra, Pin: xxxxx
No. 8790222-22 

Subject: Placing furniture order   

Dear Sir/Ma’am 

I am writing to you to place an order for furniture for our school library. We are renovating our school in the next month. Therefore, I request you to please note down my order for the same: 

Material  Quantity 
Large Teacher Table  20 
Chairs  50 
Student Desk and Chair set  500 

The furniture must be subtle. Please deliver the order by 8th February 2020. Payment will be released after approval by the teachers’ committee. 

 Thanking You 

Kumar Nath 

Letter for Placing an Order of Books 

The Librarian
Delhi Public School
R.K. Puram, Lucknow
Ph: 9874-8765-00  

Date: 29th July 2020 

Khanna Stationers and Booksellers
G-55/A, Gandhi Nagar
Ph: 9974-0705-00

 Subject: Placing order of books 

Dear Sir/Ma’am 

Kindly arrange to supply at your earliest convenience the following books for our school library. 

Book  Quantity 
Algebraic sums  10 
Applied Mathematics  20 
S.L. Arora Physics  15 
Stellar English series  45 

Before dispatching the books please ensure that only the latest editions are being supplied. The payment will be made through online transactions.   

Yours Faithfully 


Letter for Placing an Order for Steel Utensils/Crockery/School Uniform 

C/4, Assam

Date: 15th April 2020

The Manager
Shyam Crockery company 

Subject: Placing order for crockery  

Dear Sir/Ma’am

I want to place an order for my new house. I request you to please deliver the below-mentioned items to my address within 2-3 days of receiving this letter. 

Item  Quantity 
Cups  2 sets of 6 cups each 
Dinner set 
Bowls  12 

The payment will be made at the time of delivery. Please ensure that all the items are in good condition.

Thanking You 

Smita Das

Letter for Placing Order for Class

National School
New Delhi

Date: 25th March 2020

City Central
Stationery shop
Delhi- 110006

Subject: Placing order of stationery for the class  

Dear Sir/Ma’am 

I am writing to you to place a stationery order in bulk for my class. Please find below the items to be delivered. 

Item  Quantity 
Pens  40 packets 
Pencils  20 packets 
Sharpener  40 
Eraser  40

I request you to deliver the package on or before 30th March 2020. The transactions will be made online from the principal’s account.

Thanking You 

Sama Khan

Sample Business Letter for Placing an Order 

Sarabhai Electronic Store
Mo: 8700-678-567

Date: 3rd March 2020 

Vikram Plasticware
A/65, Agra

Subject: Placing an order for electronic materials required for our business 

Dear Sir/Ma’am  

I am starting a new business in the electric field. For this, I require some plastic material. Please find below the list of the items to be delivered: 

Item  Quantity 
Fan Wings  1,000 packets 
Light Rings  5,000 sets 
Wire coating  800 sets

Please deliver the material by 8th March 2020. The money will be sent to you via post. 

Thanking You 

Dev Banerjee 

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