How to Write a Killer Cover Letter – Writing Tips & Format

How to write a Cover Letter: As soon as an individual completes his or her university degree, the next thought process will be to seek employment. This leads to searching and applying for an appropriate job. Here comes the role of designing an impressive cover letter. It should be such that it catches the eye of the recruiter. Hence, sufficient time should be devoted to preparing an effective cover letter. The letter should be formed in a unique and persuasive style so that the employer or the recruiter will be pleased to read it.

In fact, this vital cover letter is regarded as a tool to introduce the applicant for a job application. A well-formatted cover letter relates to the job aspirant’s resume leading to detailed information of his/her education, career, and achievements. It should also influence the recruiter that the candidate is the appropriate person for the job applied.

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How to write a Cover letter?

While applying for a job, first of all, you interact with the job description/ requirement client has shared over the job portal. Simultaneously, the client is going to interact with you by reading your cover letter for that particular job/ project. If the cover letter is not that impressive, then although being a perfect fit for the job, you can face rejection. So, it is very much important to write an impressive, killer cover letter.  Here are a few tips which can make your cover letter a killer cover letter:

  • Attention to client’s requirement:

First step is to read the client’s requirement with full attention. Check whether you have understanding about the project. Do you have any query or concern about it? Whether you meet all the requirements or not? After this, apply for the job.

  • Discuss the job/project:

Instead of praising yourself, try to connect with the client and write about your understanding of the project. If you have any suggestions about the job, mention them. This will help you to connect with the client or client might get impress with the gesture that you have paid attention to the job description and will be able to manage this job.

  • Relative work and experience:

Mention the skills and experience relevant to the job description. No need to explain in detail about all the skills or other experiences which do not relate to the project. Client will hire you if you have required skill set and experience. If you have done similar work, share your work and role for completing that task. How you managed to complete the project on time, which will give positive impact on client that you are the right candidate for this particular job. It gives the impression that you are  serious towards your work.

  • Don’t be formal:

There is large number of competition everywhere. So, if you are writing some generic cover letters which are copy paste from some online web portals that will be a worst option. Probably, client has read the same content many times and he is not going to hire you for writing the same content. So, a customized cover letter with relevant discussion helps to gain client’s attention and there are high chances that the client will approach you.

  • Ask for the client’s concern:

When you approach client and share some suggestions for the well execution of the task, your relevant skills and similar work details. In the end, do not forget to ask if client has any query or concern. You can also ask him/her to schedule an interview (telephonic or video) to proceed further with discussion. Verbal communication helps to make a trust relationship. It increases your chances to grab the job. 

Cover letter Writing Guidelines

Are you ready to write a fresh new cover letter? It is great that come up to check out some important guidelines that will guide you all through in writing a nice cover letter because just on the basis of your cover letter, you might get a chance to attend an interview you are looking forward to or just get your resume ignored and you lose a chance to get employed. Therefore, it is crucial. But, since you being smart that you end up checking How to Write a Cover Letter with us. 

Here, we are providing you with all the necessary information that will help you write a nice and impressive cover letter that lets your application get noticed. We suggest you to go thru the provided tips and put your best efforts into framing one best cover letter. Therefore, before you start below provided guidelines will be useful.


The beginning of any cover letter comes with the contact information of you and the employer that includes name, phone number, email address, address) that followed by the date. Note: Remember that format varies from place to place where you apply. If you are sending via email, better you keep contact information by the end of it as you put your signature. 

[Contact Information]
Your Full Name
Complete Address
Phone Number
Email address

Salutation as you begin

If you are unsure whom your cover letter is going to, it is better that you start with “Mr. /Ms. /Dr. Last Name”. You can also write the full name of the person if you do not know if they are male or female. You can also simply put “Dear Manager / Dear Hiring Manager” or “Dear Sir / Madam” (for academic purposes mainly). In the case of a general cover letter “To whom it may concern”.


Depending upon the requirement of cover letter you can begin with writing. Sometimes you can begin by introducing the job profile that you are applying for. In this section, you are mainly required to mention where you heard about this opening. You can mention briefly why you find yourself suitable for this job and what skills and experiences you possess that match the requirement for this job opening. By doing so, you give the employer an idea or a preview of the rest of the cover letter. The motive is mainly to catch the attention of the reader/employer. If you need more assistance in writing introductory lines you can refer our sample cover letters as references. 


Here you are supposed to make the employer aware about your knowledge and perspectives. This is where you explain why you are interested in applying for this profile and what interests you the most. You need to justify yourself to prove yourself very suitable for this profile. You shall mention your qualifications specifically listed in the job notification. Remember that you must not restate your CV but instead provide examples that validate your abilities. 

You must not glorify yourself by telling that you are a great team lead or so, instead provide your achievements and activities you were involved in in brief. Use tangible examples for this purpose.

State a few facts about the profile. Some knowledge that is essential to know.

Closing Paragraph

Do not repeat much in the whole, but here you can restate about your skills that justify you as a fit and a strong candidate for the applying company and profile. Mention that you have also attached a copy of your resume for reference purposes. State something very impressive that enhances your chances to get selected. Remember that your cover letter must not be longer than a page. You can write that you would love to appear for the interview or the discussion that might be required. You must not forget to thank the employer for considering you and to entertain your cover letter.


Use some complimentary note and some remarks like ‘Sincerely’, ‘regards’ etc., and then finish your cover letter. Signature is important and hence you must put a name, designation, and contact information by the end of your cover letter, as mention above too. 

For more assistance/ guidance, you can visit our page where more such articles and samples are available as reference. 

So, these are some points which can help you in write a killer cover letter and increases the probability to get the job. Hope these tips will be helpful for achieving your career goals. 

For writing a cover letter, planning its content is very important. It should be based on the job requirements that the candidate is seeking. The tips will include vital information for designing a good cover letter, presenting a novel cover letter, what appropriate information should be included, and its submission. 

Here are other tips to consider while formulating a good cover letter. It should be written in a well-balanced manner. It should not be presented as a replicate of the job seeker’s resume. Here, the aim is to give a personal touch to the job for which the candidate is applying to seek employment. However, while formulating the cover letter, the candidate should have a clear understanding of the difference between a resume and a cover letter. This enables him or her to write a good cover letter with the right type of approach to get the job.

In fact, writing a cover letter is preferred as the most suitable and the earliest method to establish contact with the potential employer. This will not only assist the job seeker to create the first impression but also help him or her to get an interview call. This can happen in the shortest possible time. The candidate can anticipate a telephonic call as well.

Another important tip that any job seeker needs to adopt is to use a unique style of visual format to prepare a cover letter. This will help him or her to stand out first among other job aspirants. This is reckoned as an important and the best positive approach for the candidate to get selected. The unique format used for the job cover letter must be prepared in a meticulous way to match the company’s job requirements.

Meaning of a Cover Letter

The applicant should know that a cover letter acts as a document that is forwarded with his or her resume. It reflects on the skills and experience accomplished by the applicant. A normal cover letter is usually sent by the applicant with the resume. Recruiters or employers regard cover letters as a means of screening job applicants. Based on an effectively drafted cover letter, employers will shortlist the names. They will be called for an interview. The candidate should frame the cover letter in such a way that it creates the best impression about him or her. A detailed explanation of solving a particular production problem can be included in the cover letter. This will exhibit the candidate’s skills in problem-solving.

The cover letter should be unique for every job application. Since the cover letter acts as the first introduction of the applicant, it should be an outstanding one. The cover letter’s format should correlate with the industry or company for which the application is being sent. There is no official format for constructing a cover letter. It should be impressive visually and presented in an orderly way. 

Various forms of Cover Letters

Generally, there are three ways of preparing cover letters. They include: 

  • Networking letter that gathers assistance and information in the applicant’s search of job
  • Prospecting letter that searches for possible job vacancies
  • Application letter that relates to a known job vacancy. 

When a company advertises for a vacant post, the candidate should follow application letter method. 

Do’s of writing a cover letter

The applicant’s cover letter should reveal the interest in the company where he or she is applying. Skills and experiences must be related to the job applied. The candidate should read cautiously about the job description to identify his or her relevance for the job. In this process, the job seeker should try to match his skills needed along with his or her own acquired skills. The candidate should know where the skills have been already applied and how they can be relevant to the job applied for.  

Dont’s of a cover letter

The job seeker while framing a cover letter should avoid writing certain things. In this regard, the cover letter should only focus on the qualifications. Moreover, it should match the requirements laid down in the job description. There is no need to write personal things. In other words, the job seeker should avoid sharing personal information about him or her or about the family. On the other hand, if the applicant does not possess all the qualifications, then it need not be reflected. 

Furthermore, focus on the available qualifications can be considered as a good match for writing the cover letter. The don’ts of writing a cover letter are to avoid mentioning the salary part. However, salary requirements could be given if the employer asks for it. The job seeker might be having several questions in his or her mind. These questions may be about the various benefits, its schedule, the salary, and about the job. The don’ts of writing a cover letter say that it is not suitable to include them.

The most important point to consider while writing a job cover letter is not to write too much. It should be written in a clear and concise way. The tone of writing should be formal and written in a pleasing manner. It should be elaborated in a few paragraphs only. The job seeker should make efforts to convey all vital messages in his or her cover letter. This must be sufficient to attract the employer’s attention.

The method of avoiding don’ts while writing a job cover letter will increase the chances of getting a call for an interview. Writing too much will be considered as negative factor wherein the employer may not be interested or even avoid reading the cover letter. Ultimately, the candidate’s application may get rejected.

Unnecessary information should not be present in the cover letter. This can cause not only confusion in the mind of the recruiter, but also overlook vital points in the candidate’s cover letter. While preparing the cover letter, the job applicant should avoid the practice of using common phrases.   

How to write a Customized Cover Letter 

In this digital age, writing a customized cover letter while applying for a job is important. Here, the term customization relates to writing a cover letter that is tailored to each position, before the candidate applies for a job. All that the job seeker needs to do is to change the name of the company. This is done in the body of the cover letter before the candidate sends the application to different organizations. 

Customization of Every Cover Letter should include the following pointers:  

  • Including the job title in the opening paragraph of the letter.
  • This is based on the job for which the applicant is sending his or her application.
  • The candidate can reflect a referral if he or she has one.
  • How the candidate learned about the job vacancy.
  • The candidate should be specific as to how he or she is qualified.
  • The job seeker needs to be aware of what he or she has to offer to the employer.
  • The applicant needs to think as to why he or she intends to work at this particular organization.
  • Indicating the values and goals in the cover letter is essential.
  • The job aspirant needs to indicate that his or her skills match with the description of the job.
  • Before framing the covering letter, he or she needs to read thoroughly about the goals of the organization.
  • The candidate can close the cover letter with thanks at the end.

Detailed Items to Be Included In the Cover Letter

It is essential for the job seeker to learn as what he or she should include while writing and finalizing the cover letter. Several items that need to be considered. However, it will be also helpful if he or she can review a few examples of cover letter designs. This is available on the web.

The above exercise gives him or her visual idea of how everything can be made to fit within a page. It must be noted that the cover letter must be written in one page of A4 size sheet of paper.

In general, it should be noted here that the examples of cover letters written both in the email as well as written forms should be taken into consideration. They are basically designed to suit a variety of job requirements or types of applications. Besides, they are also written to match different inquires of employment.

In this process, it is essential for the prospective job seeker to ensure and devote sufficient time to learn the method of personalizing the cover letter. This attitude of the candidate will enable him or her to show outstanding ability to perform the given job for which he or she is applying for. 

Items That Can Be Included In a Cover Letter

A cover letter should include a header from which the job seeker will begin to write the contact details of the employer. It should include details such as the name of the employer, postal address, phone number, fax number, and email. This is followed by the date on which the job seeker sends his or her application. 

If the candidate intends to apply through an email in lieu of writing an actual letter, then he or she should include at the end of the letter the details of his or her contact information. This is done only after the candidate’s signature on the email.

The job seeker’s contact details should cover first and Last Name, Street Address, City, State, Zipcode, mobile number, and email ID.

Components of a Cover letter

The job seeker should know how to begin his or her cover letter with a salutation. This is done by including anyone such as “Dr or Mr or Ms or Last Name.” If the candidate is not clear about this part of salutation like female or male, then writing the full name of the employer is ideal. Furthermore, if the candidate does not know about the name of the employer, then he or she can simply write it as “Dear Hiring Manager.” This approach of writing the beginning of cover letter seems to be ideal when compared to formal or generic writing.

The candidate can start writing the cover letter with an introduction indicating to which job he or she is applying for. Further, the applicant can provide detail as to where he or she heard about the job. Mentioning briefly about the matching skills and experience of the candidate needed by the organization or the position is essential. This style of writing will enable the employer to read the rest of the cover letter. Here, the primary aim of the job seeker is to attract the employer’s attention. 

Next item is the body of the cover letter. In this, the job seeker can write one or two paragraphs to explain as to why he or she is interested in the job. Besides, it is essential to mention as to how he or she will be an excellent candidate to take up the job. Providing specific examples of achievements that demonstrate the job seeker’s ability can be given in these paragraphs. Exhibiting strong skills in communication and focussing excellent attention to the details of the job can be indicated in the body of the job application cover letter. 

The closing section of the cover letter consists of giving details as to how the candidate can make himself or herself an excellent fit for the position in the company.  The candidate can indicate preparedness to discuss as to why he or she intends to work, especially in that organization.

In the end, the job seeker can state that he or she would like to take this opportunity to seek for an interview with the employer.

The last part of the cover letter should include the signature of the job aspirant. The job seeker can end his or her cover letter with his or her signature that is usually handwritten. It can be followed by the typed name of the candidate applying for the job. If it is an email cover letter, then adding the candidate’s typed name followed by his or her contact information will suffice. This has to be included after the complementary closure of the email job cover letter.        

Cover Letter Formatting Tips

The applicant should know that the format of the cover letter should be presented in a professional business manner. The font in the letter should be identical to the one used in the resume. It has to be simple, clear and legible. The job seeker can use fonts such as Times New Roman, Verdana, Georgia, Calibri, and Arial. These fonts having 10 or 12 points are easy to read. One inch margin on the top, bottom, left and right sides of the cover page is considered to be standard. 

Adding space in between the header, salutation, each paragraph of the body, closure and signature are very vital. The applicant can decrease the sizes of font and margin to occupy a single page. However, it is essential to leave some white space while writing the cover letter. This will help the recruiter to read the cover letter without much difficulty.

A job seeker should know about using the correct tone while formatting the cover letter. This tone will vary while applying to a legal consulting firm and a technology company. 

Editing and Proof Reading of Cover Letter

The candidate should definitely edit and proofread the job cover letter prior to forwarding it to the company. When sending several cover letters simultaneously, the job applicant must certainly check the correct employer’s name and company. Here, carelessness on the part of the applicant may land him or her to lose a good job opportunity.

  • To be more cautious, the job aspirant should recheck the spelling of the recruiter’s and the company’s names.
  • The candidate can politely conclude the cover letter by indicating his or her enthusiasm to provide more useful information if required.
  • The candidate can submit his or her cover letter along with the resume and work portfolio which are free from errors.

Cover Letter Submission

It is essential for the job aspirant to follow always the instructions detailed out in the job description while submitting the cover letter along with other enclosures. If the candidate plans to apply for the job through an online method, he or she should fill the empty fields. While doing so he or she must ensure that no content or formatting errors occur.

How to Write a Cover Letter

Jim Chang
[Contact Number]
[Email Address]

Jan 28, 2019

Dear Sir,
(Division of Genetics, Dept. of Pediatrics
XYZ, Boston, USA)

As I check the notification about the hiring of post Research Associate under a WHO funded project “Extension of XYZ on Quality Assurance and Quality Improvement for Poverty based Surveillance in ABD” at your website, I got really excited and hence writing a mail with CV and this cover letter, right away. 

I consider this project very special and much of my interest because of two reasons, one I will get a chance to be at one of the most prestigious institutes in the world which happens to be a dream of many like me and second since it has a social purpose behind along with a lot of learning if I get this opportunity. 

If you accept my application, I would consider it as a blessing and would definitely put my 100% to satisfy and value your belief. 

A descriptive copy of my CV is also attached in the same mail, please acknowledge and consider.

Thank you for your time and consideration. I really look forward to receiving any information from your end.



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