Hair Stylist Cover Letter Template Sample with Example

Dream of becoming a professional hairstylist is a creative job and a hair stylist cover letter will do the perfect work for you. Like every other profession, a hairstylist works for the benefit of people. However, to make your name in the industry of hairstylists you must give in all your hard work, efforts, and years of experience. Moreover, your goodwill with your clients will also tell you that how well you are working in the field of hairstyling. So, you must brush up on all your skills and hard work for a great working experience in the field of hairstyling. 

Hair Stylist Cover Letter

Furthermore, one more thing that you need to consider when you are applying for the job of a hairstylist is the hairstylist cover letter. The first point that you need to consider is whenever you plan to apply for a job the first thing the hiring manager or higher-ups, usually notices is your hairstylist cover letter. This is the thing that you have a look at even before you send your resume. Your hairstylist cover letter also highlights your skills and experience that will make a mark on your higher-ups and will also help you to get the job. 

How to write a cover letter for a hairstylist?

You must know how to write a hairstylist cover letter. Let’s have a look at the tips of the hairstylist cover letter. 

  • Perfect Fit – You must know that why you are a perfect match for the job or the salon. If you have any particular license or previously worked/studied at a renowned institute, then also it is important to highlight it in your cover letter. 
  • Include your training - If you have worked in any training previously or participated in any training, then it is also important that you mention that in your cover letter. 
  • Highlight your skills – Well, this goes without saying. You should always highlight your skills related to the job you are applying for because that will help you to make your mark and how good you are in your job. 
  • Share your portfolio – Working as a hairdresser includes a portfolio that not only showcases all that work you have done but also how wonderful you are as a hairstylist. 

Sample Hair Stylist Cover Letter

From --------------,

Date ---------------,

To ------------------,

Dear ---------------------------,

I am writing to you to share my expression of interest for the position of ---------------- at -----------------------. With the ---------------- years of experience as a hairstylist for ------------------ (mention present name company).

With over ------------------- years of experience working as a hairstylist, I can confidently say that I have worked with many types of people and also explored various hair types. I have completed my graduation from -------------------------------- where I gained a great exposure of working in -------------------------------- (mention the hair coloring fields you have worked for). After that I worked at ------------------------- for --------------- years also learned about new hairstyling techniques and treatments such as ----------------.

So, after viewing your position of the hairstylist, I was sure that this opportunity will help me to further flourish my skills as a hairstylist, and will also help you in gaining more clients as per my work and experience.

My resume is attached for review. I will be looking forward to hearing from you and meeting you in person. Thank you for considering my application.


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