13+ Free Donation Letter Template – Format, Sample & Example

A person associated with a charitable organization or an NGO can require a donation letter for conducting fundraising events or for supporting a noble cause. Often organisations and institutions meant for public causes require more money to be established than expected. Crowd-funding is an effective means to collect money for a purpose that shall benefit several people or a section of a community. It’s not a very difficult task to make people convinced to participate in a donation drive.

Several people would be willing to make donations for specific causes. The first and foremost way is to reach out to them and try to make connections. A letter is among the most formal ways which precisely presents your cause and your need for a donation. Be it a donation for a school or a church, and the template is almost similar for everything. Follow the given template and samples to get an idea of how to express yourself to request for a Donation.

Donation Letter Template Format

Organisation Name (World Company Pvt Ltd)
Address, (210- T, Big Bazaar, Alaska)
Phone number- (9876543210)
Website- (www.ghuio.com)

Date- (June 23, 2019)

Name of recipient (Juion Honkio)
Address (45- C, Super School,
Magic School, USA)

Dear ____,
(Begin with an introduction- talking a little about the organisation, its causes, and its goals. Try a personal note of appraisal or recognition for the recipient to establish a base of acquaintance.)(Body- List out the purpose of fundraising, specific your request to explain what items and money you need with a time limit. Talk about the various steps they need to act upon. Describe the process of donation- if it can be done online or by cheque and how to proceed for any of the methods. You may also include the clause of a tax donation.)(Conclusion and thanking- The end part of the letter must focus on expressing gratitude for the donor for taking out the time to consider for your organisation. Give them heartfelt thanks in advance.)Respectfully (or With Regards)



How to Write a Donation Letter

Writing a donation letter is not something that requires any professional expertise. Having known the format which is quite the same as many other formal letters, one needs to be concise and polite in their words. Letters can be very effective in producing the right kind of effect without the risk of miscommunication. Donations can be requested for a large non-profit organisation or just a one-day event of a particular kind.  There are several types of letters written to ask for a donation based on the nature of the purpose.

Following the given template above, one needs to put in the details of the sender and the receiver and fill in other details of the cause and purpose of the situation calling for the fund. One may appeal to an individual or a corporate organisation, and the dynamics of the letter changes accordingly. While addressing an individual, personal notes can be attached to praise the person, but in case of addressing an organisation, the tone should be more polished and straightforward with a line or two admiring the organisation for its renowned merits. The note of the sender can be named merely and address if it’s a personal cause. If the fundraising is for an organisation of any scale, the header should include the name and logo of the organisation. There should be contact information either at the beginning or the end. You can also share a story about the organisation to connect better with the recipient of the request letter. Follow the given tips for a better hand at writing donation request letters.

Tips for Writing a Donation Letter

  • Be precise and polite.
  • Know the audience through good research and make an informed move.
  • Charity organisation or schools should have their letterheads and logo, along with the name of the head person, address, phone number, and website.
  • Be formal in your tone but try to be specific in talking about your cause. Acknowledging the merit of the recipient is also helpful.
  • Personalise the letter based on the audience. Try to spark a connection by an individualistic tone rather computer generated templates. One may address the recipient directly rather than “Dear Friend” or “Sir”, but it depends on being well-informed of the person on the other side.
  • Establish the importance of your cause and its gravity. Use success stories and facts to help your cause and make it a point to express the goals of the organisation clearly. Try to focus on particular and urgent needs.
  • Tax deduction from the donation may be mentioned since justifies the legal cause adding credibility to your purpose.
  • Express gratitude completely for the time and consideration even if they might not accept the request.
  • The signature should be preferably handwritten, along with the name and title of the sender.
  • Do send a letter thanking them for a contribution if they do it which is an important sign of acknowledgement and gratitude.

Donation Letter Sample with Examples

Here are a few samples for donation letters for different purposes.

A Letter of Donation for church can be required for conducting various activities of the church like renovation, extension, beautification, expenses for daily requirements, etc. It can also be used for conducting other activities such as supporting orphanages, providing food and other amenities to the poor persons, etc. So here we are providing you with a sample template of donation letter to church.

Sample 1: Donation Letter for Church

Illiniss Binguio
Orphon Child Co. Inc. Ltd
Date: July 23, 1980
Ruiobhni Hjiopl
New Zoo City,
Aziroan USA-20001
(+23) - 567-567-9876

Dear (First name),

The ___group is pleased to propose a plan to build a church in ___place, and this letter requests a donation from you.

The task is, however, no piece of cake. While we have been successful in attaining the site for the construction, we need quite a large sum of money for the successful establishment of this church. We have attached the entire planning of the church and its facilities along with the charges needed. Kindly have a look at it.

A church is a sacred space giving an outlet to spirituality and well-being. Our group envisages that maximum people of the community benefit from this establishment. We would require a minimum donation of ___ but you are free to donate as much as you can. It’s totally fine if you cannot due to personal finances.

We hope we would be able to serve you better through our facilities. We hope to welcome you soon in the inauguration of the church.

Yours Sincerely,

Illiniss Binguio
Name of Non-Profit Group

A school donation letter is very useful if your school is conducting a fundraising event through carnivals, festivals, contests, fests, exhibitions, etc. So here we are providing you with the sample donation letter for school templates which you can use as a reference.

Sample 2: Donation Letter for School

CBC Co. Ltd 



Date: 5 June, 2007
Kate Winslet,
U-67, Basement
Magic Public School

Dear ___ ,

We ___are planning to open a charity-funded school for the underprivileged students of the locality at ___. As a non-profit organisation, the school will be run only on your donation and resources as gifts to the children we hope to help.

Our outline of the school is at a primitive stage currently, and its execution and extension are hugely dependent on your donations. These children that we hope to help for are often seen working in factories and cafes, hoping to earn some money or food. It is a great disappointment that such a young population of our community is wasted and cannot see the light of education. Kindly look at our plan on our website ____and donate as per your convenience.

We are grateful for your invaluable time and support which you have granted on these children we aspire to help and us. We hope you to be a part of inauguration and look forward to further support and encouragement.

Yours Sincerely

Kate Winslet
Magic Public School

This is a thanking letter for a donation over a particular amount for which taxes were induced. It serves as an acknowledgement and a legal proof of the donation being made.

Sample 3: Donation Letter for Taxes

Dark Night Company Ltd

Date: July 8, 2091


This is to notify that we have received a donation of (amount) from you on (date). We are grateful for it and look forward to you for further support.

As a tax-exempt organisation, an amount of __ has been levied from your donation as a tax. Kindly have a look at the attached receipt and keep a record.

(You may mention the acknowledgement of any other gift received and include a short statement of good faith established through the transaction among the two parties).

Yours Sincerely,

Arsad Warsi,
Sun City,

Sample 4: Sample Letter Asking for Donations for the Church

Eric Foisio
Ohio, USA-60092

Date: 3 August, 2017

Thomas Alva,
I-Block, UV Road

Dear Mr.Thomas,

Praise the Holy Lord

By the Almighty’s wish to let us serve the sufferer, I am here to state that Sacred Heart Cathedral Church has decided to continue its tradition of helping for the Orphan children and people suffering from illness. For this noble cause, we, the members of the Church community has started a fundraiser. The fund will be primarily used to buy clothes and food for the children and help to aid people who are unable to afford the medical expenses.

Therefore, in the name of the orders of Jesus, may I request you to donate to our Church fund as you little kindness towards the needy.

As it is our duty to serve who are in need of comfort and solace and help them who are less fortunate.

I am extremely hopeful that you will cooperate in our servings full-heartedly and contribute to succeed in our aimed project.


Eric Foisio

Sample 5: Sample Letter Asking for Donations for a Sick Person

Sylvester Stallone,
H-23/6, Floor 16, Burz
Abu Dhabi, UAE

Date: April 5, 1997

Arnold Schwarzenegger,
F-78/09,Vishal Book Library,
Florida, USA

Dear Dr.Davis,

I am Martha Clarke, mother of Susan Clarke, a nine-year-old girl who is suffering from blood cancer for five years.

Susan was diagnosed with blood cancer when she was only four years old. Since then, she has been going through several sessions of blood transfusions and chemotherapy. There is no other way to cure my child without a Bone Marrow Transplantation. As you must be aware of this fact that this procedure is quite a critical and hugely expensive, we have exhausted all our possible funds to meet the needs. We have already sold out our properties for my daughter’s ongoing treatment and right now we have nothing left.

We have decided to raise funds through a fundraising site, also requesting known kind-hearted people to come forward for our daughter’s rescue.

We have been expecting if you could donate from the love for my child. Here we are requesting you to consider our appeal for the sake of our only daughter. We are looking forward to your kindness.


Martha Clarke

Sample 6: Sample Letter Asking for Donations for a Family in Need 

Gram Parker
St.Andrews Welfare Society
Ap 65 9875 Odio Rd.
Darlington CO 06963

Dear Sir,

You must be aware of the recent horrific mishap of Cyclone that has caused thousands of lives and orphaned thousands of children. In this terrible situation, our Organisation St.Andrews Welfare Society has pledged to stand by the sufferers and help them to get back to their normal lives as soon as possible. So far our rescue team has helped twenty-five families and relocated them to our temporary rescue-camps. We are in supply of food and clothes as much as we can afford them.

Among the twenty-five families, we have Mr. Johnson Starck who has two infants and a pregnant wife with him. We need to relocate Johnson Starck to a better shelter immediately as we believe she is not in her best health to survive in temporary camp facilities. As she is in her advanced stage, she needs regular check-ups along with vitamin supplements. The other infants to need special care as advised by our general physician.

Currently, our organization is going short of funds and has decided to run a fundraising campaign for Mr. Johnson Starck's family so that we can settle his family in a better arrangement. With the fund, we will be able to provide the family shelter, infant food, food for the expecting mother and medical aid when required. For the expense, an amount of $800 Billion has been estimated.

We request you to consider this appeal on priority and donate any kind of amount to help the family. Other help like  Food items, infant food will be also accepted and highly appreciated.

You can donate through any standard payment gateway (details has been given at the end) or directly to our official website.

Your little help can bring a bigger smile to a family.

We will be waiting for your kindness.

Gram Parker
Committee Member
St.Andrews Welfare Society

Sample 7: Sample Donation Request Letter to a Company

Smile” Non-Profit Organization
982-6565Purus. Avenue
Logan NV 12657
(581) 235-78\8

Date: 13-03-2019

Harrison Parker
1656 Netus Rd.
Reedsport NY 48247
(874) 8578-1111

Subject: (--------)

Dear Sir,
I would like to take this opportunity to let you know that our non-profit Organisation “Smile” organizes books and stationary distribution program every year. Our target is to reach to the children who are not able to continue their education for lack of financial support. Besides this, the program includes sponsorship of education for students of merit.

A team from our organization is assigned at the end of each academic year and held a survey in six schools for the less privileged, and identify students who are eligible for financial aid for the year. We distribute textbooks as per the requirements of each class and the stationeries as stocks to schools.

Therefore, I request you to grant some fund from your company as per your affordability for the underprivileged students. By this contribution, our organization will be able to help the students to build a better future. Besides our organization has decided to promote the company in developing positive public relations and in advertising. Our NGO also will display each contributor's name prominently during the distribution program.

Please be noted that we are open to receive any kind of donation in the form of money or services or any specific item.

Any amount of money you will kindly donate will be appreciated.

For your information, depending on the current individual tax situation, donations to our Organization are fully tax-deductible as “Smile” has obtained 501(c)(3) status.

We will be highly grateful for your contribution and will be waiting to hear from you.

Harrison Wills
(Smile” Non-Profit Organization)

Sample 8: Sample Letter Asking for Donations for School

To whomsoever this may concern :

Care Foundation for Future
Ap-6565 Elementum St.
South Gate Missouri 68999
(321) 9898-2656

Date: 09-01-2019

Palmer Gayon
557 Purus St.
Watertown TN 07367
(963) 354-9845

Dear Sir/Madam,

Please consider this letter as a request from “ Care foundation for future “ for our next project “A School of Dreams”, a school project for the underprivileged children. This project is planned to take place in Kuda Village, Purulia where the organization will mainly focus on the tribal children of the village, who have been denied education in mainstream schools due to some political issues in the area. We believe they have potential and above all, it is their basic right to receive an education. Besides the education, students will be provided lunch at school and if needed, they will be provided with the hostel facility. The Organisation has already formed a team to do a survey in the nearby villages and encourage parents to send their wards to school.

Till now, we were trying to collect the money with crowdfunding from individuals. But that could not be sufficient. Therefore, this will be our humble request to come forward and help us as much you can afford to fulfill our dream project.

This is not just a project but a collective effort by a bunch of people who have a dream to show this tribal community the light of education. Your little kindness can make this possible and we are hopeful that you will definitely consider this noble cause.

You can donate directly through our website (link given below) or transfer the amount to the trust bank account. You can also join us as a volunteer to teach the children and spend time with them. They will be more than happy. Any amount of donation is acceptable and will be highly appreciated.

Palmer Gayon
(Care foundation for Future)

Sample 9: Donation Acknowledgement Letter

Wilma Pace
Ap 65 9875 Odio Rd.
Darlington CO 06963

Dear Mrs. Richard Leyland,

Hope you are doing well. Please consider this letter as an acknowledgment and a thank you note from the YMCA of USA for your kind help for the underprivileged elderly people.

As per our donation, we have received an amount of $600 Billion on 23rd July, Tuesday. A receipt will be attached to this letter. The organization has decided to utilize the money by installing a hand pump in the old-age home and buying some blankets for the residents.

We appreciate your commendable kindness and look forward to work with you in the future. We will be more than happy if you find time to visit our old age home and meet the residents.

Thank you so much for all the support.

Wilma Pace


Sample 10: Donation Request Letter for Food

Dear Sir/ Ma’am,

We all are well aware of the recent unfortunate earthquake in Nepal which devastated thousands of lives. This sudden natural calamity has affected the small peaceful country terribly. According to reports, many have lost their lives and many are lacking the basic need to survive. There is a huge need for food resources currently and people are living on the minimum amount of food.

A few days ago,  our Organisation “Let there be light” had formed a six-member rescue team who surveyed the situation in Nepal and jotted down the food items which are on high demand in the earthquake affected areas. We have estimated the expense of the food items which we plan to distribute. We will mainly focus on dry food, rice, staples, and infant food. Below is a list we plan to buy and pack to deliver:

  1. Rice
  2. Pulses
  3. Puffed rice
  4. Sugar
  5. Tea bags
  6. Milk powder
  7. Salt and other spices
  8. Biscuits
  9. Flour
  10. Infant food items like powder milk, infant milk, cereals
  11. Soya chunks
  12. Packaged water bottles
  13. Geolin tablets

Along with the mentioned items we have planned to buy some blankets, plastic sheets, infant clothes, shawls, and sanitary napkins.

The whole budget has been decided for this expense is Rs. 50,000. This expense includes transport as well.

We have started a crowdfunding campaign from “Let there be light” and request, you to join the pledge to make this mission successful. We will accept any kind of relief you wish to donate. Any amount of financial aid is acceptable. You can donate food items also if you wish.

If you are willing to donate food items please check the proper packages and expiry date. You may donate old, reusable clothes and blankets too. Make sure they are in a clean state.

To donate money, please visit our website www.XYZ.com and navigate to ‘Donate for XYZ’ link. You will avail every kind of standard payment methods. If you wish to pay by cash, you can send the money directly to our organization or meet our volunteer personally. Any of the cases, you will receive the receipt invoice immediately.

Please be noted I’ve campaign is open up to 15th May 2015 and we will not be able to collect fund after this period. Therefore, please donate within the mentioned date so that we can reach with help and aid in Nepal on time.  

If you wish to volunteer you may contact our Organization office any day between 8 AM to 6 PM.

Looking forward to working with you. We hope you will add your bit to help the needy in this horrific situation and help us build a better life for them.


Neelam Sinha


Let There Be Light

Sample 11: How to Write a Letter Asking for Donations or Sponsorship

Dear Sir,

Lions Club Welfare Society has organised its annual event in the last week of January 2019. This year Society has decided to arrange a few events with which a certain amount of fund will be raised and contributed to the care of AIDS and cancer patients. There will be a 5 kilometres marathon and a 100 meters swimming competition on the first day of the event. We will arrange a science fair also by school children. At the end of the event, the organization will contribute the money for the treatment of AIDS and cancer patients at NISM Hospital. We shall focus on the awareness about the disease and myth among people that may have isolated these kind of patients.

For organising the whole event we have started a fundraiser to collect the necessary amount. We have approached a few organizations too to come forward to support us. The approximated fund is Rs.60,000.

We request you to consider our event to be sponsored by your company to support this noble cause.

Our organization will be promoting the company by advertising and also develop a positive appeal for healthy Public Relations. If you will, we can arrange passes for employees at the main event and we will encourage if anyone is interested to take part in the Marathon.

We hope you will come forward and help us to make this event successful. Our focus is to bring a bit of hope to people who need it the most.


Madhu Basu

Sample 12: Sample Thank You Letter for a Donation of Goods

Jennifer Lau
123 Main Street
Anytown, CA 12345

August 1, 2018

Boger Lee
Sales Director
Atlantic Co.
123 Business Rd.
Business City, NY 54321

Dear Mrs.Suzzane,

Kindly consider this letter as a token of thankful none from Samriddhi Welfare Trust for the materials you have very patiently chosen and delivered on time when it was required the most. We can’t express enough how anxious we were where our Trust was unable to meet the needs of the flood divested people and your kind aid reached the right moment. The clothes you sent were very much liked by the children and we appreciate your effort to chose them by every aspect keeping in mind. We actually had a list whatever we would prioritize for our rescue missions, your aid just made our job easy.

We have developed the agenda to supporting the areas of Kerala which is ruined by the unfortunate natural calamity. Some schools have been completely turned into debris and hundreds of children are orphaned. So we are planning to initially hold camps for rescuing children and raise funds for rebuilt the schools as many as possible. Therefore, we will need clothes, blankets, dry snacks and water bottles. As of now, we enough backed up by financial support that we have received from various kind resources and we will appreciate for the donation of the materials.

We are grateful that extended your help to make our mission successful and will be more than happy and obliged if you ever want to include yourself in person.

We will look forward to work with you again.

Vikash Sharma
Samriddhi Welfare Trust

Sample 13: Sample Donation Letter in Memory of Someone

To whom it may concern

Dear Sir/Madam,

Please consider this letter as a memorial contribution for our beloved employee Mr.Suresh Khurana, whom we had lost a few days ago. The whole family of our organisation Edison Digital feels hearty consolation towards his family and we have decided to show our gratitude to Mr.Khurana’s immortal soul as a small contribution to your charity.


Me.Khurana had been an extremely kind and generous employee in our organisation and we always had great respect for his kindness towards children. He always had involved himself in charities to help needful children. Therefore, to honour his wish we have fundraised an amount of $3500 and we will be grateful if your charitable trust use this amount in helping children in need.

We wish this small contribution will cater some children in need and may Mr.Khurana’s kind soul rest in peace.

His loss is never compensable and we extend all our hearty sympathy towards his family.


Jagjot Singh
Managing Director
Edison Digital

Donation Letter Template in PDF & Word Format

Get the Editable format of Letter of Donation Template in PDF, Word (Doc.)

Donation Letter For Church


Donation Letter For School


Donation letter For Tax


Donation Letter Template in PDF Format

  1. PDF Template 1
  2. PDF Template 2
  3. PDF Template 3

Donation Letter Template in Word (Doc.) Format

  1. Word (Doc.) Template 1
  2. Word (Doc.) Template 2
  3. Word (Doc.) Template 3

How To Write Donation Emails

Emails are an easier method than handwritten letters because of their convenience and ease of technology. They can be sent to a larger audience and can be helpful in exposing the non-profit organization. While the format and template of the email remain the same as the letter given to ask for a donation, there are some extra tips and points to remember while asking for donations through emails.

  • Address the recipient individually rather than collectively while the rest of the message can remain similar.
  • Expose the story of your organisation since there will be no time or length boundaries in the case of emails. Attach your pamphlets and social media links for a better connection.
  • The story should be well-narrated such that it can grab attention. Rather than boasting off facts from your side, make the cause of the non-profit about them. Be clear on the goals and purpose for the same.
  • Break the text into headlines and pointers for easy readability.
  • Give them a detailed account of their money and where it will go.
  • Be respectful for the recipient even if they can’t give the money and be considerate of their reasons. You can acknowledge that a no for the donation is equally acceptable.

Donation Email Sample

From: nonprofit@org
Subject Line:  Contribution For The Cause of Neglected Children

Hello Rachel,

Greetings of the day!!

Hope you are doing well! Last year was very eventful and fulfilling for us, since we were able to take the responsibility of 1500 more children and providing them with a loving home and a normal childhood. And this couldn’t have been possible without your support. You recent contribution of $1500 was used to provide 25 meals, schooling, health care, etc. Without the support  of people like you, these students could not expect to see a brighter future.

Although we have progressed a lot in our mission to provide a safer and secure environment to every child, our battle is far from over.

Like the many phone calls Extraordinary Non-profit receive, Maria also decided to take the leap and contacted us. She could finally save herself and her children from the unhealthy environment of sexual abuse and violence she was living in. She could finally find her new home which provides her and her kids with a safe and secure place to live. And this couldn’t be possible without your contribution.

We would again like to extend our sincere thanks and gratitude for your valuable support. And we hope you will feel proud in jining with our cause in the future too so that more children’s lives can be saved.

Yours Sincerely,

Program Head


We have provided you here with various kinds of samples of letter of donations, which can be useful for any charitable organization or NGO. We hope you found this article useful in writing your own letter of donation and raise funds for your event or cause.

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