Christmas Party Invitation Letter with Sample and Examples

With the season of merriment coming, it is never too late to send/receive a Christmas Party Invitation Letter. Christmas is the season of joy and merriment that brings along many celebratory moments, which become precious moments of togetherness and love.

Apart from all the decoration, gifting and other activities of merriment, there is one thing that you cannot miss about the celebration is the Christmas Party. Yes, be it with friends, family or loved ones there is nothing that you cannot miss about is Christmas Party that brings along many moments of joy and togetherness shared with family and loved ones. However, one big thing that you need to think about is how to send a Christmas Party Invitation Letter. So, it is equally important that you consider all the important points that will help you in writing down a perfect Christmas Party Invitation Letter.

How to write Christmas Party Invitation Letter?

Here are some tips that will help you in writing an impressive Christmas Party Invitation Letter. 

  • The 1st step is to understand what is the reason of writing the letter. 
  • Another important step is to understand the precise subject and do not deviate from the topic. 
  • It is also essential that you avoid making spelling mistakes that will make you look silly. 
  • It is also important that you keep the tone of the letter polite and happy. 
  • You can also mention all the things that are necessary for the party. 
  • In the end, it is important that you mention and ask the person to attend the party surely. 

Sample Christmas Party Invitation Letter



Date --------



Subject: Christmas Party Invitation Letter

Dear ----------- (Sir/Madam),

I ------------ (Name of the sender) ----------- is writing the letter to Mr/Ms -------------- to invite you along with your family for the Christmas Party organized by us on the -------------- (Date of the party) of December. The party will take place at ------- (mention the name of the location).

I am glad to invite you all to join us in the celebration. Also, we believe that you will surely make it for the party and not disappoint us. We all are awaiting your arrival here, so do come to the party.

Yours Truly,


Name & Sign

Christmas Celebration Invitation Mail to Employees

To ------ name

From ------- name

Dear ------------------,

It is our honor to invite you to attend our Christmas Party at the ---------- (Name of the location) on Date ------- (mention Date), at ---- (time of the party). It is Christmas time once again, and we cannot let this season pass without seeing you. You have been very special to us, and we have been preparing for this party for a couple of months.

Please bring your husband and kids along with you, so that we all can have fun. We have prepared a couple of activities that you will enjoy. We will be giving gifts to you as our way of thanking you for being there for our family.

It is our wish that you will be able to find time for the said party. Please be in your most comfortable attire, ready to play the games that we have prepared.

I am hoping to see you on that day. Merry Christmas!

Sincerely Yours,


Name of the Sender

Christmas Party Invitation Letter in PDF & Word

Christmas Party Invitation Letter

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Christmas Celebration Invitation Mail to Employees

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