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All that begins well, ends well. Once you give a good start to the letter, the business letter Closings make the letter beautiful to read if written properly. Just as an article or a blog appears imperfect without a conclusion, a business letter is considered to be incomplete without an ending note. The Business Letter ending certainly leaves the reader on a high note. After all, it reflects the amount of respect you are giving to the recipient.

How to End a Business Letter

The Business Letter Closing Sentence should be formal as a polite conveyance from the correspondent. There are a number of formal and informal manners of putting a valuable end to the letter but as far as a business letter is concerned, the complimentary close should be appropriate, neither too strict nor casual. Here are some of the ways to end a business letter:

  • If you personally know the person to whom the letter is being addressed and you have mentioned the name of the person in the beginning at the place where salutation is written, the letter should preferably end with ‘sincerely’. For instance,

(Correspondent’s address)
(Recipient’s address)

Dear (name),

(Body of the letter)


Correspondent’s name

  • If you are personally not aware of the person to whom the letter has been addressed and you have written sir or madam in the salutation, it is better to end with ‘Yours faithfully’ as a complimentary closing. This can be illustrated below:

(Correspondent’s address)


(Recipient’s address)

Dear Sir/Madam,

(body of the letter)

Yours faithfully,


Correspondent’s name

  • Putting ‘Regards’ as the complimentary closing is one of the most suitable ways to end a business letter. It shows that you are respecting the person in an affectionate manner. Earlier, it was a term reserved for use in letters addressed to close relatives and family but now, ‘regards’ has gained formality. It simply means ‘with my best wishes and esteem’. You can mention ‘Best regards’, ‘Warm regards’, or ‘Kind regards’, depending on what suits the tone of the letter. It is more formal than ‘Best wishes’ or ‘Take care’ but less formal than ‘Sincerely’.
  • ‘Cordially’ and ‘Yours truly’ reflect a slightly personal tone with the recipient. These can be used in a letter addressed to somebody with whom you are frequently in contact.
  • ‘Respectfully’ should be used wisely looking at the tone of conversation in the body of the letter. For instance, if you are writing a letter for an inquiry or a complaint, writing ‘Respectfully’ seems awkward. On the other hand, if the letter is written to the manager of the company or chairman of the board of directors, or any other person sitting at an esteemed position in an organization, writing ‘Respectfully’ is the best choice.

Business Letter Closings -- Closing Sentence 

Along with the above-mentioned tips, it is also important to remember the complimentary closes which should not be used in business letters at all and are considered to be completely informal. These include cheers, with love, hope, good luck, talk to you later, take care, etc.

Once you have finished writing the content in the body of the letter, a brief closing sentence which concludes your conversation must be mentioned. It may indicate your hope for a reply from the recipient or your thankfulness that the person has paid attention to your letter. Here is a list of some of the frequently used Closing Sentence in Business Letter:

  1. Thank you for your consideration.
  2. Thank you for your assistance in this matter.
  3. Your assistance will be greatly appreciated.
  4. Your presence will be highly appreciated.
  5. Your presence will be awaited.

A sample has been provided below with all the relevant information to be written in a business letter.

How To Close a Business Letter

Gold tax Logistics
Koregaon, Pune
Maharashtra – 41XXX6

Date:14 April 2019

Dr Allen Chakraborty
Panorama Designers
Navi Mumbai
Maharashtra – XXXXXX

Dear Allen,

I am writing this letter to inform you that Goldtax Logistics will be celebrating 100 years of its establishment. A business summit will also be organized as a part of centenary celebrations where all our business partners will be discussing the future prospects for further progress of the company. New terms for the ongoing partnership will also be announced.

All the information regarding the summit has been enclosed below. For any queries, feel free to contact at 88XXXXX651 or drop a mail at Your presence will be awaited.



John Dsouza

Endings leave an impact on your business partners. Therefore, it becomes pertinent to give a formal ending to the email along with a closing sentence which suits the tone of the conversation. It is important not only from the perspective of conveying respect to the recipient but also because it gives information about the correspondent, for any future reference you can be contacted easily again and leaves a positive impression. Thus, an email signature must be included in the end.

Below is an example of a business email with an ideal ending for the mail.

How to End a Business Email


Subject: Business introduction

Dear Mr Abhijeet

I would like to introduce our organization ‘healthy caterers’ which specializes in providing catering services in government and private institutions. We have been in this business for more than 2 decades and hence have established credibility among all our clients. No complaints have been received since the inception of our company. It would be a great honour for us to provide catering services to your office premises. Quotation prices are in the attachment below.

Thank you for your consideration. For any queries or complaints contact 95XXXXXX67 or drop a mail at Kindly acknowledge the mail so that we can convene a meeting to discuss further details.


Anil Sharma

Healthy Caterers, New Delhi

M- 95XXXXX67

Business Letter Closing in PDF and Word (doc.) Format:

How to End a Business Email


How To Close a Business Letter



These are some reserved keywords to be mentioned at the end of a business email or letter. Remember to maintain a formal tone. Keeping these points in mind and crafting an ending with careful attention to detail will ensure that you leave a good lasting impression and make a favorable impression upon the reader. In business or formal communication, these factors can have an important impact in your dealings.

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