Authenticity Letter Template- Format, Sample & Example

A letter that convoys a material or object (a subject/item that values really high, example gold, and diamond) with its authenticity is basically called an authenticity letter. This is such a time where a fake or fraud has become a very common practice and that is the reason why authenticity letters become very essential and like lifeblood to industries and firms selling high-value substances. This is always recommended that when you buy any object/ item of high value or cost, either in bulk or not, always ask to provide a letter of authenticity to assure that your money is going in right hands.

Letter of Authenticity Format

A standard format is usually being followed by the provider in which a little change can be made. But still must contain essential credentials and signatures. Following is given method of writing a letter of Authenticity Format:

***************************Authenticity Certificate***********************************

************** Body/ Content of the authenticity letter **************************

Name and Specifications of the Object [with extreme details]

Official Signature and Seal/ Stamp

Details of the Manufacturer

How to write Authenticity Letter

Following are the tips provided to write an authenticity letter.

  • Mention  the official name/ title along with the name of the object (be it Gold, artwork, any other object)
  • Make a statement that certifies the methods with which that object is prepared. For example, prepared out of pure gold, 24 carats.
  • This is very important that you put the name of the manufacturer, date of manufacturing and place where the object is prepared. 
  • This is always better that you put as many specifications as possible. For example, in case of jewelry; dimension, weight etc. can be put.
  • Any government authentication body that support your words and guarantee must be mentioned along how it has been authenticated and where and by who.
  • Always give some code reference to any object and then refer it with that code for future references.
  • An official signature along with essential information that might help the buyer if required.

Authenticity Letter Sample with Examples

We understand your need to check samples to prepare authenticity letter as you don’t want to make any mistake that make your authenticity letter look bad or fake. We appreciate your efforts and hence are providing you with a few letters of authentication that will support your object or goods you might want to sell off.

Letter of Authenticity for Artwork

Authenticity Certificate

This letter certifies that “Vase of Goodness” is a genuine and authentic piece of art that is made by using natural colors and special mud by Andrew Millon during 1956 in the Ohio State of USA.

Following are the specifications and details that support this object

Type: Showpiece

Shape: Cylinderical

Size: 6 * 5

Reference Code: TY567KN


Andrew Millon

 Letter of Authentication for Autographs

Authentication Certificate

This is to certify that the accompanying object’s autographs are purely and 100% genuine and original. We assure you that it was autographed in the presence of United State Cinematic Autograph Society.


This recording has been signed by Mr. Michael Jackson himself during his visit in the year of 1989 at The Royal Studio of Cinema. It is given a unique tag as shown on the back.

Signature & Seal

John Sean


Thank you for having us. For more samples, visit our page.

Letter of Authenticity in PDF and Word Format

Authenticity letter

PDF Word

authentication letter

PDF Word

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