Announcement Email Sample & Examples – Writing Tips

We are here to help you in writing a nice announcement email, be it professional or personal. Here, in this article we have provided a number of sample templates which would provide you with an idea to write a nice announcement email. 

This is always an opportunity when you get something to announce to people you know. Sometimes people keep it a secret and sometimes people announce it immediately. It depends upon situation, person and place where and what announcement need to make. It could be a good announcement or a bad too. But, whatever it could be, an announcement has to be made to make people aware of the happening. Are you wondering how to make an announcement? Well, if it is a professional announcement, writing an announcement email can be easier and faster mode to inform people in a short period and with lesser effort. 

Announcement Email Sample with Example

In today’s time where everybody is busy in their own life, the only way which is suitable to inform known people or important people is via digital mode i.e. Email. It is the fastest and easiest mode. Let’s start looking out one appropriate email of your interest from the number of templates / samples that we have provided here below. Just follow them. Let us know if you couldn’t find one for your purpose. At least we hope that it would provide you with brief idea to write one of your own!

This mail could be written by either the head of Human Resource to inform other employees about the promotion of any individual/ individuals or it can be written by the promoted employee as well [rare case], if he/ she wishes to. 

For your suitability, a sample template is given below:

Promotion Announcement Email

Subject: Promotion announcement.

[Mail Content below]

Hi Everybody,

I am very pleased to inform you all that Michael [employee name] is going to be promoted to post of Sr. Research Associate from next month only. He has been one of the most consistent and efficient member in respective department of our company since last 4.5 years and hence the decision has been taken by the senior head Managers. 

Some new responsibilities are going to be added in his role and they are mentioned in the attached file. We really hope that he would be a perfect fit for the provided designation and would prove himself a worthy choice. I request every one of you to value his credential and support him in gracing this promoted position. 

Thank you.



[Company Name/ designation in Company]

We understand that it is one saddest mail you are given to write and share with people in your organization. This is really hard and unfortunate to lose some employee, but it is our duty to inform everyone so that they could pay their respect and prayers to the departed soul. Here’s a sample template given below:

Death Announcement Email to Staff

Subject: Unfortunate news about X (Name of departed individual)

[Email content]

Dear all,

I regret to inform you all that X [Write designation, department] of our company has left his soul and departed for heavenly abode yesterday because of long sickness. 

A 2 minute prayer meeting for his departed soul is being held today at 4PM at common area. I request you all to join us and send your silent blessings to him and strength to his family. 

With love and sympathy,

Thanks & regards,

[Write your name & designation]

Is a new employee joining hands? That is really great. Let’s celebrate with everyone. But before celebrating, it is essential to inform everybody about the new joining. It is a good idea to inform people through email. We are here to provide you with a sample email template, please keep on reading.

New Employee Announcement Email Sample

Subject: Introducing a New Joining

Hello mates,

I hope you all are having a nice day at work today. 

I am very pleased to inform you all that a new employee, [write name of employee] has joined us today at x department as [write their designation]. This is always a great feeling to get our family stretch with more and more working hands. I, on the behalf of board committee, request you all to provide a cordial and friendly environment to new joining and help them in learning their job as soon as possible. 

We shall be really thankful to all of you.

Thanking you.


[Write your name & designation]

Terminations are always difficult. It is one of the hardest things that a professional business manager has to do. Usually a termination letter is written to terminate or actually fire an employee. It could be because of various reasons like poor performance/ efficiency, low attendance, forgery, layoff etc. Sometimes termination can be referring to completion of term, duration of a particular project or an appointment. 

This is the duty of an HR manager to hire or fire an employee in a company and he doesn’t need to give any explanation to the employee about the reason of their termination. Although, it is a good idea to provide them a reason for the termination so that it may not look like an injustice to them. 

Also, once the termination is finalized it is necessary to convey the message to everybody in the organization, that too in a positive manner to keep the efficiency up. It could be a reason of gossip and slowing down if presented in a straight forward negative manner. Therefore, it is essential to frame a nice employee termination email. A sample is given below.

Employee Termination Announcement Email Sample

Hi All,

This is inform you all that due to some unavoidable reasons, Tom [write former designation] had to leave the organization. This is unfortunate that we couldn’t work it out and unfortunately he left. But, let’s not worry much as somebody will replace him at the same position very soon, as work must go on!

With lots of power and support, we thank you all for being a great system.



HR Manager

New Policy Announcement Email Sample

Dear all,

This is bright sunny day and we hope that you are having a nice day at work. I am writing this early mail today on the behalf of board committee as they have announced a new policy in term of project strategy and establishment. A copy of thorough information about the policy is provided below. 

I request you all to have a check and feel free to provide us with your feedback. 

Thank you.



Team Strategy Manager

Sharing is caring! This is a great new to inform the company staff about the success and profits and about new businesses that the company is going to start. Writing an announcement email is definitely a must. 

Also, it could be an announcement with personal relations too. So depending upon the situation, an email can be framed. Here’s a sample for just understanding.

Sample Announcement Email of New Business

Dear all,

With God’s grace, I am very pleased to inform you all about the new venture that I am going to start. I have been planning to begin it since quite a long time, but now it’s time to start it.
I am starting a Digital marketing firm at [write place] and we will be inaugurating it in coming winters. I shall need your blessings and support always to make it a success. 

Thank you so much.  


[Write your name]

On the basis of requirement in an organization, new vacancies are created or in fact whole new position is created sometimes. This is the duty of HR to write an announcement email to the whole staff within the organization about it. 

A sample is provided below:

New Position Announcement Sample

Dear employees,

This is to inform you all that as per the requirement and necessity of work, we are announcing a new position in our organization. This is to hire a ‘Consultant’ for the study of cases and to resolve them with their wise wits. 

Job responsibilities are listed below in the attached official letter and interview dates will also be announced very soon. We believe that this post would do the justice to our requirements and will prove sufficient enough. 

Have a nice day. Thanks!



HR manager

Staff Change Announcement Sample

Dear all,
We are sending out this mail to announce that below listed member of Operation and logistics are being shifted to Supply chain management department to their respective positions from ******* to ******. Some new employees are being hired and will be replacing them to their earlier position. 

Because of this sudden transfer, we have restructured the strategy and department accordingly. Please find the attachment below and do the needful as soon as possible.

Thanks for your attention.



Operations & Logistics

Death Announcement Email

Dear friends,
With deep grief and regret, I am writing this mail to inform you about the sudden demise of William [write designation/ about them] in a tragic car accident on last Sunday night. A small gathering to pay respect and to send prayers for the departed soul will be held on Tuesday morning at 9 AM. 

I hope to see you all. 

Thank you.



[Write designation]

Death Announcement Email Subject Line

This is an important email and hence to make it look really important it is essential to put some sincere subject line to bring the attention of reader to this mail. Some sincere subject line samples are given below:

  1. Unfortunate news about x (name of departed soul)
  2. Sad News about X
  3. Condolences and sympathy.
  4. Funeral announcement/ death announcement

This is a good idea to not exaggerate subject line, as it is not happy news. It is better to keep it short and simple.

Baby Announcement Email

Hey guys,
How are you all doing?
I am very pleased and grateful to share this news with you all that we are blessed with a baby boy on this morning. I am so grateful to God for his kindness. 

I want to thank you all for your love and blessings tous. 

Thanks a lot.

Jenny & Joe

Retirement Announcement Email

Dear all,
I hope you all are sharing a nice day at work today.
I am sending out this mail to all of you to announce that Mr. Lowel [Sr. Manager In-charge] is going to retire by the end of this month. He has served this bank for last 35 years conditionally and showed us the power of honesty, hard work and simplicity by his unconditional support to each one of us. 

Bank is planning to throw a huge farewell to Mr Lowel on ******* from ^PM onwards. This is humble request to you all to grace the event with your presence and share a moment of love with him.

Thanks a lot.

William, CEO

Announcement of Employee Leaving Company Email

Dear mates,

This is to inform you all that Ms Sharon is leaving the company as she’s getting married in coming month and will be moving to California with her husband. We wish her all the best wishes for her new beginning and happy marriage life ahead. 

Let us all congratulate her for her wedding and send blessings/ best wishes to her. 




[Write name]

New Job Announcement Email

Hi Mr./Ms.
We are very pleased to inform you that we are announcing a new job position at our company. The designated profile is for the research associate. The job responsibilities and eligibility criteria are listed below in official notification. 

Kindly find the attachment.

You can share or update your resume/ CV from the provided link below. For any query, kindly contact us at email *******@****.com


Human Resource Executive

New Website Announcement Email

Dear all,

We are very happy and pleased to announce that we are launching a new website very soon. This web portal can be used to check our necessary information that the other end might want to look at. 

A sample view is already checked and it will be launched tomorrow. Our previous website will also remain active and its usage will remain the same. In regards of this launch, a small party is held tomorrow evening from 6 PM onwards at Crown Plaza. 

We hope to catch you all there.

Thanks & Regards

Will John

Team Head

This could be a personal mail and number of receiver would also be limited to close and near ones. This mail can be brief with happy news bonus. We are sharing a small sample as given below for you convenience.

Pregnancy Announcement Email

Dear lovelies,

This could be a surprise to you all as my mail popped up in your screen. But I am writing this mail to you all to announce that I am expecting a baby. I am pregnant with a 2 months old fetus. This is huge to me too, and hence, it took me sometime to share it with you all. 

Me and Jack, are looking for your blessings and happy thoughts for this coming era in our lives. 


With love,


Product Announcement Email

Dearest employees,

With extreme and profound feelings, I am announcing that we are launching a new product [XYZ] from *******. This is one big achievement for our company as our product has already received the certification from the government authorities too. 

Being trusted from our customers since last 25 years, it is our duty to share the best versions of our products with them. This launch couldn’t be possible without the support of each one of you. You hard work towards our organization is commendable and we appreciate your loyalty. 

Thank you so much for everything good you are doing to make us big and a huge success. 

Thanks a lot.



Resignation Announcement Email to Staff

Dear team mates,

I am sharing this information with you all that I have resigned from the post of research scientist at MMLB after the continuous failure of 3 projects. I sincerely want to apologize to each one of you for any inconvenience that I caused you. 

This was not supposed to end this way but failures are part of anybody’s career. We shall lose hope. I thank you all for being a great team. Thank you so much, I appreciate your understandings and honesty towards your job. 

With warm regards,


Payment Request Email to Client

Dear Charlie [Write their designation],

I am writing this mail to request you to make the payment as discussed as soon as possible so that we could proceed with shipment of the product. As per our policy and discussion, a thorough payment slip is attached in this mail for your convenience to start with the transaction procedure. 

Please confirm me the expected date of payment as soon as possible. 

Thank you!


Nick Watson

[Write your designation]

We hope that you found it useful and a worthy read. We hope that you found what you were looking for. Thanks so much for letting us help you out. Keep spreading!

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