Washington Bill of Sale for DMV, Car, Boat – PDF & Word

It is important to learn about the Washington Bill of Sale because with the help of this document you can certify a transaction. For instance, if you are buying a car or a motorcycle in Washington, you will need to present the bill of sale form which is also referred to as (Form TD-420-065) to the authorities. There is only one single form applicable for all types of transactions in the State. 

As a buyer, you will need to present the bill of sale along with the title ownership forms. On the other hand, a seller does not necessarily need a BOS but it is always beneficial to have one that acts as evidence for any kind of future references. In Washington, the seller is also required to intimate the local DMV about the sale while the buyer has to go for title transfer. 

Rules of Bill of Sale for Washington

In Washington, every bill of sale acts as a mere record of a transaction and as a tally of all the necessary information regarding the item of exchange. It can be a car, motorcycle, trailer, gun, appliance among other things. 

For a seller, it is important to report the sale within 5 days starting from the date of the transaction. With this information sharing the seller sheds all the liabilities that earlier associated him with the respective vehicle. You can either submit the form manually at the office or also submit it online. 

The buyer, however, has to follow a different procedure whereby he/she has to apply for the certificate of title and attach with it the bill of sale. There the buyer has to pay the fees and complete the formalities within 15 days else a late fee will be charged between $50 to $125. For older vehicles, this form may also require you to attach an emissions test report. 

Vehicle Bill of Sale for Washington

The vehicle bill of sale in Washington is a legal document that is utilized in titling and registration formalities. Whenever you buy an old car, you need to furnish a bill of sale to the authorities which indicates that you have purchased a vehicle at a certain price, from this buyer, and it also conveys the condition of the vehicle. But take care that the vehicle bill of sale is a bit different from the general bill of sale which describes the transaction for an appliance, or furniture, etc. 

bill of sale


DMV Bill of Sale for Washington 

DMV stands for Department of Motor Vehicle and in Washington, all the counties have their own dedicated DMV office where you can go to acquire and also submit the completed form. The DMV office is one place where you can go for title ownership, transfer, and submission of the emissions test to complete all the formalities. Other than this, you can also acquire the bill of sale form from online sources. 

DMV Bill of Sale for Washington 


Auto Bill of Sale for Washington



In the state of Washington, it is not always necessary to get a bill of sale after you purchase an automotive of any kind. This type of bill of sale basically explains the type of vehicle that is sold or that has exchanged hands. Plus, the auto bill of sale acts as a piece of evidence that help resolve any kind of legal matters in the future with regard to the sale and purchase of an automotive. This is what is essential for an auto BOS in Washington: 

  • Buyer and Seller information
  • Details of the vehicle
  • The amount of exchange
  • Date of the transaction

Motorcycle Bill of Sale for Washington

You can either get a bill of sale form from the DMV office or you can also get it online. There is a common form for all types of vehicle in Washington including the motorcycle bill of sale. The difference lies in the cost and other details that may differ among different types of vehicles. Motorcycles in Washington are sold and purchased on a daily basis and hence keeping a bill of sale for your motorcycle will only help you make things easier in terms of ownership transfer, taxes and also acts as a payment receipt. 

Motorcycle Bill of Sale for Washington


Boat Bill of Sale for Washington

A boat bill of sale in the State acts as evidence for ownership. Here too the form for a boat sale and purchase has a common set of guidelines as other forms with the difference being in the vessel related details. This includes the hull ID number, the vessel type, make, body, color, propulsion type, and the total length. With a purchase of a boat, you first need to register it with the authorities for taking it out on the waters. And for the process of registration having a bill of sale in hand is beneficial. 

Boat Bill of sale


Car bill of Sale for Washington

Every single car sale or purchase of cars in Washington is recorded via different sources. There is the registration process, the title ownership process, the emissions test among others. In this, the bill of sale procedure also holds importance as it enlists all the important details about the car, the buyer and the seller on one single form. That is what a BOS is preferred to be submitted with the titling form, but it is not necessary to do so. For older cars, along with a BOS, and registration form you also need to submit the emissions test report and the odometer reading. 



Trailer Bill of Sale for Washington

The last form of an automotive bill of sale in Washington is the trailer bill of sale which represents the sale and purchase of a trailer between two parties. With this form, every buyer and seller affirms to certain conditions of the transaction. This includes the transaction price, conditions and other sorts of transfer of liabilities. More importantly, in a sale of the trailer there are a few important details that need to be mentioned in the form: 

  • The length of the trailer
  • Identification number
  • Condition of the trailer

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