Free US Calendar 2021 with Public Holidays in PDF

US Calendar 2021: In the U.S.A., mention holidays and you will get a list of wonderful places to visit and your bags ready as well. The year-end time is usually exciting and wonderful as everyone looks forward to the big weekends and most popular holidays to spend time with loved ones and family.

There are list of places to visit and things to discover with every holiday. So, if you have been looking forward to spending some time with family and exploring new places during holidays or discovering new cultural aspects about an important event, then your wait is over. With the year 2020 just around the corner, it’s time to plan all the adventures and memories that you would want to make in the year.

US Calendar 2021

Well, if you will take a look at the list of holidays in the year 2020, then it will not be surprising to see, so many wonderful weekends and events to make beautiful memories. And, cherry on the cake is it will be snowing in most part of the U.S.A, so it doubles the fun of celebrations. In brief, let’s have a look at what will be special in each month of the year 2020 that you can look forward to eagerly. 


At the beginning of the year, January brings 2 star aspects including New Year’s Day and Martin Luther King Day. These will be 2 stellar aspects of the month and you can plan your holidays around them now. Next will be the month of love, February in which you have Presidents Day, which not only regards the President but also give the citizens of the country to celebrate the day with full zeal and enthusiasm. 

2021 USA Public Holidays Calendar 

2021 USA Public Holidays Calendar 


Hoping on to March, you have Memorial Day, so get set to celebrate the victories with your family and loved ones as this will be an extended weekend as you will get Monday off, thanks to this holiday. Celebrate as much as you can till March as April, May and June has no big holidays and events to celebrate. So, you will get the usual weekends to lay in bed and roam around. Comes July, and you again have the reason to celebrate with Independence Day, bringing the grand holiday for everyone. This is again the time of the year everyone looks forward to and it is celebrated in great vigor. 

US Holiday Calendar 2021

USA Holiday Calendar 2021


August is another month with no big holiday, so hoping onto September, you have Labor Day, again falling on Monday, which means another big weekend for you in September. October brings Columbus Day for you, which is again on Monday that means you have many big weekends to look forward in 2020. In November, you have another big reason to celebrate with 2 big occasions including Veterans Day and Thanksgiving Day, which mean the festive season will be in full swing. Come December, and you will have Christmas in your holiday bag.

US Calendar 2021 with Holidays


So, the year 2020 will be mix of big weekends, no holidays in some months and with several occasions in certain months. Get seat with your bag ready to make many wonderful and exciting memories. 

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