3+ Free Transfer Resignation Letter Template – Sample & Example

Transfer Resignation Letter: When someone is getting transferred from a particular role, be it this is within the company or outside it, it is always advised to leave the position formally and gracefully. A formal letter to the head of the project or the current manager will support the value of the company and the employee as well. In the ticket, the employee who is getting transferred should mention the reason for the transfer, new position or the role he is going to transfer to and the date when he will get transferred.  If he has vital liabilities into his current project, he should mention the name of his counterparts who would be handling the issues once he leaves the project. Also, this will be nice to mention the manager and appreciate him/her for the opportunities the employee was provided or the manager’s guidance in the project.

Often it happens that a woman employee takes a transfer or resign for transfer of her husband. In such a letter, the employee has too provided proof of her husband’s transfer and mentions her last date in the workplace. Below is an example of a resignation letter from an employee for her husband’s transfer to a different city.

Resignation Letter Moving with Husband

Merritt Watson
686 7014 Amet Street
Corona Oklahoma 55246
(622) 594-1662


Driscoll Leach
120 2410 Odio Avenue
Pass Christian Delaware 03869

Subject: (______________)

Hi Driscoll Leach,

This is to state that my husband has been offered to work from onsite and for this reason, he will be traveling to California. He has the plan of a long term project that may stretch five years, as updated till now.
As I need to join him in California, it will not be possible to continue my job here. Hence I have decided to put my papers. The possible date on which I will not be available is the 25th of June, 2018. Please let me know if I am required to apply anywhere else, and initiate the process of my exit as soon as possible.
I have finished my knowledge transfer process with Ms.Ankita Bhargav, still, if anything needed I will be available on my personal email address.
It was a pleasure working with you. I am grateful that I have learned a lot under your guidance and I really appreciate all the opportunities you had offered me during my time here.

Thank you.

Your Sincerely,
Merritt Watson

Sometimes for personal reasons employees are compelled to relocate to a different city or a different country. For that, employee has no choice other than resigning from his current workplace and look for a new job. In this case, the reason should be strong enough to resign, and it is advised to provide documents as proof if needed. This should be communicated sometimes beforehand, so that the process will be easy feasible.

Here is a sample letter of resignation an employee has written for his resignation, due to relocation.

Sample Resignation Letter Due to Relocation

Lacy Eaton
1379 Nulla. Av.
Asbury Park Montana 69679
(932) 726-8645


Katelyn Cooper
6059 Sollicitudin Road
Burlingame Colorado 26278

Subject: (______________)

Hi Katelyn Cooper,

I would like to inform you that my father had a major heart attack last month and he is bedridden since then. In this critical condition, I am the only support for my family. Hence, I will need to relocate to my hometown Nagpur.
Please consider this email as my resignation letter. I would want to start my exit process as soon as possible. It will be feasible for me if the notice period is possibly decreased to two months instead of three months.
I have already initiated my Knowledge Transition with Subham Deb from Operations Team, still, if I am needed at any point I will be available through my contact number and penal email id.
I want to especially thank you for all your support and guidance. I wish you all the best.

Thank you.

Note: I have attached my father’s medical documents with this email, in case it is needed for my exit process.

(Your Signature)
Lacy Eaton

Transfer Resignation Letter Template in PDF and Word (doc.) Format

Resignation Letter Moving with Husband


Resignation Letter Due to Relocation


Resignation Letter Due To Transfer Template in PDF Format

  1. PDF Template 1
  2. PDF Template 2

Resignation Letter Due To Transfer Template in Word [Doc.] Format

  1. Word [Doc.] Template 1
  2. Word [Doc.] Template 2

Conclusion :

A resignation or transfer letter should be formal, brief and in easy sentences. It is always advisable that the employee has a clear discussion with the manager and HR on it before placing the email formally. That helps the exit process to be feasible for both the party.

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