Termination Letter for Attendance – Format, Sample & Example

Termination Letter for Attendance: Taking too many holidays is not acceptable in any organization. It is considered as an unprofessional attitude which is not appreciated by any company. Too much absenteeism is a cause for termination which is carried out through a formal letter.

Format of Termination Letter for Attendance 

Name of Sender
Address of Sender
Contact Details


Name of Receiver
Address of Receiver

Dear [Employee name],
This letter is to inform you that your employment from [company] will be ended as on [date] due to your frequent absenteeism.
The reason because of which this terrible decision has to be taken was your irregularity in our organization. As per our policy, it is not acceptable that an employee remains absent from work without a leave application more than thrice. You violated company policies on 4 accounts: [List the dates of the leaves].
You were given three fair warnings and the last and fourth leave on [date] resulted in termination. With this letter, is your final paycheck is also included. You are requested to return all the company items [list items like phone, laptop, etc.] before the end of the day.

For any queries please contact [name] on [phone number and email].


Your Sincerely
Name of Sender

Termination Letter for Attendance

Edward Nieves
928-3313 Vel Av.
Idaho Falls Rhode Island 37232
(802) 668-8240


Margaret Joseph
508 3919 Gravida St.
Tamuning Washington 55797


Dear Margaret Joseph,
This letter is to inform you that your employment has been terminated by our organization because of your irregularity. This decision was made by all the senior members of the board unanimously. As per the rules and regulations of the company, you have been taking too many holidays which is not acceptable.
Too many leaves without proper notice and continuation of that even after frequent notices and warnings resulted in this termination. You are a person of great capability. We wish you a bright future.
Your final paycheck is included with the letter. For further queries contact [name] in HR at [phone number and email].

Edward Nieves
Your Position

Termination Letter Template For Attendance in PDF and Word (doc.) Format

Termination Letter for Attendance



Firing an employee is never easy. Hope these samples and examples help you in writing the letter in a way that can convey the message without any misunderstanding.

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