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The New York Bill of Sale is an important document that authenticates that the purchased item was the part of a legal sale between a buyer and a seller. The document need not be notarized. This bill serves as a legal document that proves the ownership of buyer after the item is sold. It is useful to present this bill as a part of document in case of accident occurrence. Also, it is often  required by the state law in a few circumstances.

Thus, it is necessary for the buyer and seller both, to keep several photocopies of the bill handy as a part of the record. But in case the item is donated, presentation of the bill is not required; however, the donor has to still submit a release of liability to the Department of Motor Vehicle (DMV). Each bill must contain the offer, consideration, acceptance, competent parties and legal intent mentioned as a part of the contract. 

Bill of Sale – Rules

The official verbiage of the bill may vary from state to state, but the basic plan of it must contain at least the following information: 

  • The item manufacture year
  • The body type of vehicle
  • The make and model of the item
  • The color, mileage, and Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) of the item
  • The date of transaction (date of sale) of the item
  • The price for which the item has been traded
  • It has to be mentioned in the bill if the item is gifted fully or partially
  • Warranty period of the item
  • The complete official name of the purchaser
  • The physical address of the purchaser
  • The complete official name of the seller
  • The physical address of the seller
  • The signature of the buyer and the seller 

The different types of Bill of Sale are given below: 

  • Gun Bill of Sale
  • Firearm Bill of Sale
  • General Bill of Sale
  • Boat Bill of Sale
  • Trailer Bill of Sale

Vehicle Bill of Sale for New York

The vehicle bill of sale is a legal document for motor vehicles in New York which is evidence that the vehicle was sold to the person who has it now. The form also provides evidence to the change in ownership. This document contains basic data regarding the vehicle, its VIN, and the date of sale that occurred between the buyer and the seller. 

The vehicle bill of sale must be presented at the DMV office along with the odometer disclosure statement during registration.

bill of sale


DMV Bill of Sale for New York

The Department of Motor Vehicle (DMV) bill of sale provides as a legal proof of documentation to the local department that the sale between a buyer and a seller has occurred; however, a bill of sale does not imply legal ownership transfer of the item. But it is an important document as a record of your vehicle. It is important that the bill of sale mentions specific data regarding a vehicle such as the original price of the vehicle, VIN, the official name and physical address of both the buyer and the seller, and model of the car. 

Auto Bill of Sale for New York

The auto bill of sale gives evidence through a legal document of the purchase or change in ownership of the automobile. The copy of this document should be kept safely by both the buyer and the seller as proof of agreement and record for future reference purposes. 

This bill of sale is applicable for truck, car, and other vehicles. The data enclosed in this bill contains receipt of payment, odometer, the date of purchase, official names of the new owner and previous owner, the signature of both dealers, pollution check report.

bill of sale


Motorcycle Bill of Sale for New York

In New York, while purchasing a motorcycle the seller issues a bill of sale that is duly signed by the authorized owner of the motorcycle. This bill serves as a legal paper for your future references with regard to official registration, or any other official documentation. 

Motorcycle Bill of Sale for New York


This bill contains crucial information such as signature and contact information of both the buyer and seller, engine number of the motorcycle, its selling price, change of ownership. In case the bill has any of the data missing that is officially required by the state, you much reach out to the seller immediately in this regard. 

Boat Bill of Sale for New York

The bill of sale for a boat is issued by the New York Department of Motor Vehicles in New York. The purpose of this bill is to provide evidence of the change of ownership during sale for future legal references. The bill of sale is so designed that it must contain sensitive information about the purchase such as signature and official name of the dealers during change of ownership, and details of the boat. 

Here, it is important for the bill to be notarized in order to purchase the boat. So, it is crucial to note that the signatures of both the buyer and the seller is carried out in front of the notary officer only. 

Car Bill of Sale for New York

In New York, a legal sale of car requires an authorized bill of sale issued by the seller. This bill contains vital information that is required for future official references. The data contained here must include original title and VIN of the vehicle. Also, the buyer and seller both must save the copies of the original documents as evidence. 

Car Bill of Sale for New York


Trailer Bill of Sale for New York

The edifice selling, which can include motorcycles, vessels, or cars, require a legal document with reference to change of ownership. This document contains important information such as signatures and official names of the buyer and seller, details and engine number of the vehicle, VIN, model and make, and the date of sale. 

After the document is issued, it must be photocopied and both the buyer and seller must retain a copy of it to produce as and when required. This document is vital for all official references. 

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