How to Start A Business Letter & Email With An Example

How to Start A Business Letter: It has been rightly said that the first impression is the last impression. And so is the case with business letters as well. The way you start a business letter creates a long-lasting impact on the person to which it is addressed. Business letters are the most frequent means of communication if you are in the corporate world. They reflect your ability to deal well with other organizations, clients, colleagues, investors, and many other such people who are directly or indirectly connected to you.

How to start a Business Letter

It is of primary importance to give a good start to the business letter and keep in mind the format of the letter. Here are some of the tips to start a business letter:

The business letter usually begins with the letterhead of the organization. Letterheads, which may include the logo of the organization authenticate your identity. If you are not using the letterhead, give a start to the business letter in the following manner:

  • Mention contact information on the left-hand side of the page if writing in ‘block format’ and on the right side of writing in ‘modified block format’. The contact information will contain the proper address of the company along with state and pin code. This has to be followed by an email address or phone number of the company.
  • Nextly, mention the date on which letter has to be departed on the left margin of the page.
  • Thirdly, write the address of the recipient. Mention the name followed by their position in the organization.
  • Give a proper salutation to the person, i.e. Mr/Mrs/Miss/Dr. It is being addressed. The salutation should be written properly in the politest manner possible.   

The above information can be manifested through this sample of a business letter:

How To Start Business Letter

862, Business center
Bloomfield Road, M.O 32106
+91 98XXXXX985

April 13, 2019

Geroin Bakers
Managing head
Global enterprises
Hudson Lane, Macaw

Dear Gerwin,

I write to Global enterprises with the aim of establishing a dynamic business relationship between us.

                                        (Body of the letter)

I look forward to a meeting to discuss further details regarding future partnership. Feel free to contact or mail at the above-mentioned details. Thanks Sincerely,


Tips To Start A Business Email

The structuring of a business email is a little bit different from the business letter. It is more straightforward and addresses the issue directly. Here are the tips for writing a business email:

  • In the TO section of the email, mention the email address of the company to which mail has to be sent. In the SUBJECT section, write the issue for which mail is being written. It should be crisp and precise so that the reader is instantly informed about the purpose of writing. For instance, Business interview or Call for an internship.
  • Begin the body of mail with a respectable salutation followed by relevant information.
  • End it with a proper email signature which will inform the receiver about the details of the sender.

The following sample of a business email will give an idea about the format to be followed.

How To Start A Business Email


SUBJECT: business expansion

This mail is regarding the business summit being organized by Hero Cycles corporation in order to announce its new business partners and discuss the further possibilities of dealing with them.

Please join us with all the innovative heads of your organization. We would be welcoming new ideas so that the company gets recognized on an international platform. New strategies and terms for the partnership will be announced. 

All the relevant information regarding the summit has been enclosed in the mail. For any questions and queries, feel free to contact the undersigned. Kindly acknowledge the mail to confirm your presence.


Allen Grover

Managing Director

Hero Cycles Corporation

Business Letter Template in PDF & Word Format

how to start a business letter

PDF  Word


Businesses flourish with good communication between the partner, and one aspect of that is the manner of conveying messages between the two organizations. A business letter or email, whatever way you choose should be in a proper format, correctly addressed. Proofread the content before dispatching it. Grammatical errors often leave a poor impression of your efficiency.

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