Employment Offer Letter Template – Format, Sample & Example

An employment offer letter is formal written to inform the candidate about the confirmation of his/her job. Though a verbal confirmation has been made, it is not considered binding enough. The HR of the company needs to provide a proper employment offer in writing through email or letter so that the employee becomes clear about employment conditions.

Employment Offer Letter Format

The letter containing the formal job offer is sent to the candidate in a specific format. It should include the following points:

  1. Position
    1. Job title
    2. Work time and schedule
    3. Employment conditions
  2. Compensation
    1. Salary
    2. Tax
    3. Tax-related advice
  3. Bonus
    1. Bonus amount
    2. Bonus policy
  4. Benefits
    1. Vacation
    2. Insurance plans
    3. Stock options
  5. Agreements
    1. Privacy agreement
    2. Company policies
  6. Termination conditions
  7. Enforcement of agreement
  8. Signature

How to Write Employment Offer Email?

Most of the companies have switched to employment offer emails owing to the advancing digitization. Sending formal emails are a little different than writing a letter. Here are a few tips to be followed while writing an employment offer email.

  • The subject line of the email should mention the words “Job Offer” clearly.
  • The job position should be mentioned in the subject line itself.
  • Keep the body of the email brief and mention that a complete offer letter is attached to the email.
  • Specify a time limit within which the candidate needs to respond.

Employment Offer Email Format

Name of Sender
Address of Sender


Name of Receiver
Address of Receiver

Subject Line: Job offer from [company] for [position]

Dear —– [Name],

We are delighted to extend this offer of employment in our company for the position of [job title]. If you choose to accept the offer, your starting date will be [date]. On your first day, you can report to [reporting manager’s name] at [time].
Please find attached the terms and conditions of your employment with us along with the company policies. We would like to know your decision by [date and time]. Meanwhile, if you have any questions, feel free to contact me at [phone number] or email me on [email ID].

(Signature of Sender)
(Name of Sender)

Sample Employment Offer Letter Example

A job offer letter is usually detailed and important. Writing it with the help of a proper template makes the work easier.

Sample Employment Offer Letter

Veronika Samson
14-BZ Robert Park
Texas, USA
+1987 2465


Thomson Freza
334-98St. Thomas Church
Texas, USA

Subject: (_____________)

Dear Thomson Freza,

[Company name] is pleased to offer you the position of [job title] starting from [date]. We are confident that your skills and experience will be a perfect fit for our company.
As discussed, the office timings will be from [start time] to [time]. you will be reporting [name] from your day 1 and your starting salary will be [amount]. Your employment terms include full medical coverage for you and your dependent family. the employee benefits health plan will be effective from [date]. You are also entitled to dental and optical insurance.
[Company name] also offers a paid vacation time of [days] every year along with [number] personal and [number] sick leaves respectively. We also have an employee retirement plan which begins 90 days after your start date.
If you choose to accept our offer of employment, please sign and send the copy of this letter on [address]. We would like to have the signed copy by [date]. Once we receive the acknowledgment, we will send you the employment forms and handbook which has all the details about our plans and policies.
If you have any query please feel free to ask me anytime.

(Your Signature)
Veronika Samson
(Your Designation)

Temporary Employment Offer Letter

Seth Farley
6216 Denman Avenue
Seattle Utah 81202
(888) 106-8550


Judith Floyd
361-7936 Feugiat St.
Williston Nevada 58521

Subject: (_____________)

Dear Judith Floyd,

This letter is to inform you of your temporary employment at the [company] as a [position] starting from [date]. Your assignment will be effective with a salary of [amount] per day and it will end on [date].
We are excited to offer you this position, should you choose to accept it. As informed to your earlier, this position is not eligible for the company benefits. On your first day, you should report to [reporting manager] at [time] sharp. Please keep the necessary employment paperwork handy.
Our normal office working hours are [time] to [time] including the lunch hour. We will try to provide you a 2-day notice before overtime and you will be paid [amount] per hour for every extra hour you are made to work. In the meantime, you can contact me if you have any concerns.

(Your Signature Here)
Seth Farley
(Your Job Title)

Accuracy and precision are the most important factors to be considered while drafting an employment offer letter. Make it simple and to the point. That is the best approach to take

Employment Offer Letter Template in PDF and Word (doc.) Format:

Temporary Employment Offer Letter


Employment Offer Letter


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