Employees Bonus Letter Template – Sample & Example

A bonus letter to employees is the ultimate way to appreciate the contribution of the employees to the growth and success of the company. This is why addressing the bonus letter to employees works as the perfect note of gratitude to them. In fact, it should also be in the corporate governance practice of the company to provide the employee with the bonus whenever it falls due. So, here in the article ahead, we shall put some light on the significance of the bonus letter to employees. Likewise, readers will also get to have the sample letter of the same for their insight on the letter.

Bonus Letter to Employees Sample with Examples

Well, writing the bonus letter to employees although doesn't require any rocket science knowledge, however, the letter should follow the basic prerequisites. The best way to write the bonus letter to employees is by understanding the key components of the letter. We take note of the same for our readers and therefore we are here to guide them through the same.

In the next sections of the article, we shall cover some decent samples of the bonus letter to employees. Readers can go through all those samples to have a depth understanding of the bonus letter. So, the ultimate objective is therefore to facilitate the systematic writing of the bonus letters for all our readers.

Bonus Letter To Employees Template

All our readers can here get the template of the bonus letter to employees to draft their own letter. Moreover, they can also take a look at the sample of this bonus letter to employees. The sample letter will therefore work as the reference guide to the readers in preparing or writing their own letter.

Kira Grey
Alpha Technologies Limited
Mumbai, India - 7646219

Date - 23rd May 2019

Neha Sharma
86 New Era Apartments

Dear Neha,

We couldn't be more thrilled to inform you that you have made it to the best employees of the year list award of the office. We would like to proceed with our warm congratulations on achieving this feat which is a dream for any diligently working employee. As our token of respect, we would also like to inform you that the company has shortlisted you for the bonus regards consideration to appreciate your ultimate efforts. We see it as nothing but a small token of respect to honor the hard work and the sheer diligence that you have put in for the work.

This bonus is being offered to you and all other employees as per the policy of the company. We would like to request you to kindly meet HR in your next visit to the office to proceed with the formalities. At last, we end the letter with our kind appreciation and on a note that we value the employees who put forth such an incredible display of hard work. We firmly believe that you will continue the same noble work ahead and get on the path of excellence as the sky is the only limit.

Thanks & regards
Kira Grey

Year-End Bonus Letter to Employees

The year-end bonus gets due generally to all the employees of the company instead of offering to some specific employees only. This is the part of general practices of the company to reward their employees for their year-long hard work for the company. Here below is the sample letter of the same bonus letter for the reference purposes of the employees.

Name of Company ----------
Address -----
Contacts -------
Date ---------

Subject -------

Dear Karen

We are glad to announce and inform you that the company has decided to offer the year-end bonus to all the working employees of the company. We have shortlisted all our employees who have diligently worked for the company all year long with the best of their efforts. With this bonus allocation, we aim to honor the hard work and the dedication of the employees towards the company. We would like to congratulate you on being part of the employees who are being acknowledged for their hard work. This is a matter of huge applause for the company since we value all our hard-working employees.

We believe in our team just like the part of our family members and with the same belief, we always look forward to rewarding their sheer dedication towards the company. With this note, we would like to extend our warm welcome towards you and invite you to the yearly summit of the company on the mentioned dates.

Thanks & regards

Annual Holidays Bonus Letter

As the name suggests the holidays' bonus letter is to fund the holidays of the employees as per the policy of the company. This comes out of the recreational opportunities from the company to its employees. With this bonus, the employees can consequently plan their travels on the expenses of the company and have the best recreational time. Here below is the sample letter of this specific bonus letter of travel for employees.

December 10, 2020

Name of Company -------
Address -------
Contact  ----------

Subject -----------

Dear Arvind

We would like to announce that you have been shortlisted for the annual holidays funding of the company for the year. So, we are offering this opportunity to you on being one of the best performing employees of the year. We value and take care of the recreational regime of our employees from time to time. Keeping the same in our focus we are extending this holidays package from the company that you can avail of as a solo or with your family.

We, therefore, take note that the holidays are necessary for the regular mental hygiene of the employees so that they can stay in the perfect alignment of work and personal life. Kindly meet HR on your next visit to the office for discussing the other details regarding the holiday bonus.

Thanks & regards

Christmas Bonus Letter to Employees

Well, Christmas is another perfect occasion when the companies generally come up with the decision of announcing the bonus to its employees. In western and European countries this culture is quite prominent where the companies reward their employees with a yearly bonus. So, here below is the sample Christmas bonus letter to the employees for the reference of all our readers.

December 5, 2021

Company Name -----
Address  -----
Contact  ----
Subject - Christians Bonus Letter

Dear Lina,

We are glad to offer you the annual Christmas bonus in this auspicious month of festival and holidays. The holidays season is around the corner and on this occasion, we take a step closer to be a part of joy to our team. With this bonus letter, we wish them all the good wishes of merry Christmas to have the great timing ahead with their friend & family. We thank all our employees to be the greatest assets of the company with their sheer dedication and diligence. Kindly accept the bonus by meeting HR at the office and discuss the further formalities.

Thanks & regards

Annual Bonus Letter to Employees

It's the professional practice of most companies to offer the annual bonus to the employees on a specific period of the year. This is the gesture to keep the employees motivated and reward them with something they deserve. Here is the sample letter of the annual bonus letter to the employees.

June 25, 2018

Company Name ----
Address ----
Contact  ----

Subject - Annual Bonus Declaration Letter

Dear, Arvind

We are pleased to inform you about the yearly announcement of the due bonus to all the employees of the company. As you know that bonus is the part of company's yearly policies to reward the employees for their noble work and dedication. We, therefore, take this opportunity year after year to honor the noble work ethics of the employees. We, therefore, invite you to the company's annual bonus summit on the mentioned dates. So, Kindly show up at the meeting and appreciate our small gesture of appreciation.

Thanks & regards


So, these are some of the various types and samples of the bonus letter from the company to employees. We, therefore, believe that these sample letters would work as the ideal reference letter to provide insights into the bonus letters.


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