Colorado Bill Of Sale Form for DMV, Car, Boat – PDF & Word

The Colorado bill of sale is a legally approved document which is an evidence of the sale of a vehicle, firearm, vessel or any other personal item between seller and buyer or trader. This document gives proof that a sale of a vehicle has occurred legally with proper agreement in the presence of both the parties. In certain cases, the state requires the registration process of vehicle, firearms etc as part of the BOS. 

If you are residing in Colorado and have bought a new/used vehicle or car then you have to register your vehicle with Colorado that too within the 30 days of purchasing as a law by state or federal law. If you have already registered your vehicle in Colorado but want to renew the registration then you can visit the registration office of your state for the renewal processor you can do the renewal online as well.


How to write a bill of sale For Colorado

Step 1 – Create the BOS document containing below information

  • The negotiable and expected price of the vehicle should be added in the first line of the form.
  • Enter the name of the buyer.
  • Enter the address of the buyer.
  • Enter the year of manufacturing of the vehicle.
  • Make and model of the vehicle.
  • Vehicle identification number.

Step 2 – It is the agreed statement between the buyer and the seller as a part of which buyer should carefully read and accept the two paragraphs.

  • In case the buyer is buying a vehicle without a warranty then the buyer should continue the insurance on their own and give the below information.
  • Seller, his/her signature and printed name
  • Buyer, his/her signature and printed name

Step 3 – The copies of the BOS should be created to keep it as the record for future and the original document should be given to the buyer to keep as a record.

bill of sale


Vehicle Bill of Sale for Colorado

The vehicle bill is a legal document that contains the details about the ownership of the vehicle. This document is very beneficial owing to it being the legal proof to showcase ownership that can be used to present in the court to prove ownership of the vehicle. In addition t the information about buyer and seller, it contains the Vehicle Identification Number, makes and model of vehicle and year of manufacture. The vehicle bill also includes the statement of penalty or perjury if any. The document needs to be signed by both seller and buyer with the date it should be notarized.

DMV bill of sale for Colorado

The DMV bill is a legal document that acts as a proof for the sale of a property such as a vehicle from the seller to the buyer. It not only acts as a proof of transfer of ownership between owner and seller but also acts as another record about your vehicle. The bill contains the basic details about the item i.e. vehicle or car such as year of manufacture, make and model, price of sale, buyer and seller details, VIN of the vehicle. The bill needs to be signed in notary by both buyer and seller. It is suggested to keep the copy of the document for both buyer and seller, though the buyer should keep the original document.

Auto bill of sale for Colorado

Auto bill is a legal document used to prove the ownership transfer of auto vehicle between buyer and seller when an auto vehicle is sold or bought. The copies of the bill should be created and kept by both buyer and seller as a reference document if needed in the future. The bill should contain important information about the auto vehicle, car, and truck such as receipt of payment, smog statement, and automobile odometer. It also contains the information about the auto vehicle such as date and price of sale, make and model of vehicle, buyer and seller.

Motorcycle Bill of Sale for Colorado

If you are buying or selling a motorcycle, the motorcycle bill is the legal agreement between buyer and seller that proves the transfer of ownership and completion of the transaction of sale. The document is also required for the registration and title of the motorcycle. This document also helps to give a detailed history of the motorcycle that can be used by the buyer in the future. It is a must for cash transactions as it is the only proof of sale of motorcycle and change of ownership of the same. The bill needs to be signed by both buyer and seller in the presence of witnesses and notarization is not required.

Boat bill of sale for Colorado

The boats bill is required when the boat is sold or bought and its owner is changed in the state of Colorado. The Boats bill contains the information about boat along with the other basic information about buyer and seller. Other information on the bill includes the length, year of manufacture, Hull ID, title number and registration number. The bill also includes the information about trailer such as make and year of a trailer if the trailer is included with the boat. It also discloses about the outboard motor i.e. horsepower, makes and year of manufacture if included. This bill is not required to be notarized.

Car Bill of Sale for Colorado

The car bill is proof of the change of ownership of a car in the state of Colorado when the car is sold or gifted. In certain situations, it needs the bill; however, a title transfer is enough in most cases between buyer and seller to show its transfer of ownership. Even though the car bill is not required generally, but still, it is good to have a receipt of purchase of a car as it helps to protect against many legal issues and help to record the tax time in case the buyer does not register the car.

Trailer Bill of Sale for Colorado

The trailer bill is a legal document that supports the sale of a structure which is towed by a vehicle. Most trailers are used to transfer vehicles, boats, etc. The bill should contain the vehicle identification number along with other details about the trailer such as make and model, number of wheels, price and year of manufacture. The sale is considered complete only after both buyer and seller sign the bill and money is transferred. The new owner may need the original signed document as he/she may require it for registration and obtaining license plates.

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