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Apology Letter To Ex: Not everyone you love is meant to stay in your life. Some people just come in your life and go and mostly they are your lovers’. A boyfriend and girlfriend relationship is not always rosy and lovey-dovey. It’s not what you see in movies, the reality of life is different and you have to face it no matter how hard it is or has been for you. There are many situations and reasons that separate two people in love. And, once your lover becomes your ex. However, sometimes in life, we do realize our mistakes and just want to express our feelings and emotions to them for the one last time. 

It may give you the satisfaction and sense of security that you have done the right thing. But, it may become difficult for you to face them and tell them what you feel. In this case, the best way is to write an apology to an ex and express what you truly feel. The letter will freely express what you have been holding back and not been able to tell them in person. There are many templates that will help you in writing this letter. 

Sample Apology Letter to Ex with Example

So, let’s have a look at the sample these letters:

Apology Letter to Ex-Girlfriend Sample

Date: 01-01-2001

Bunker Steaves
Pleasant Vally
Methuen MA 57798

Dear Bunker Steaves,

Hope you have been doing well. 

I Michal Jackson am writing to you today to live once again for the last time the memories of our relationship. It all started in ------------------- (mention the year) and have been a great time till ------------------- (mention the reason).
Slowly and slowly ------------------------------ increased and we started growing apart from each other. It all made me confused earlier and we could never find a solution for -------------- (mention the problem).
But, with time and age, I have realized my mistake and know where I have gone wrong. I would like to apologize to you for everything that has hurt you and made you felt bad. I hope you would consider this letter as an apology and will forgive me. I hope that we can still be in good terms and be friends with each other. 

Yours dearly,
Michal Jackson
657 Curran Memorial Hwy
North Adams MA 67565

Apology Letter to Ex-Boyfriend

Date: 02-01-2012

Luv Mohan
87/87 Monestry Market
England, 85756

Dear Luv Mohan, 

It’s been long that we have even heard of each other and it feels like that it was nothing between us. We have just become two strangers and once in life, we could not live without each other. So, after a lot of deep thinking, I took out the courage to write to you and tell you exactly what I am feeling.

Since the beginning of our relationship in -------------- (mention the date and time) we were madly in love with each other, then-------------------- (mention what happened). There have been many hurtful instances between us ------------------------------ (mention the instances) where we did hurt each other and things got worse when ------------------------- (mention the situation in detail). I know I was wrong, but at that time I could not think of anything else.
I just wanted to apologize to you for whatever I did, and I hope that you will forgive me. This will be my only last wish from you and I hope you will forgive me for this ----------- (mention the reason).
I hope you will understand me and I will be waiting for your reply on this. 

Yours lovingly,
Justin Timberlake
(Your Signature)
6546 S Washington Street
North Attleboro MA 65765

Apology Letter to Ex-Wife

Date: 14-02-2013

Mickey Billiard
321 State Road
Dartmouth MA 6578

Dear Mickey Billiard,

Hi! Hope you are fine. 

Our marriage was a dream come true for both of us, but sadly we could not continue it forever.
Like every couple, we had our ups and downs in our little paradise, but slowly and gradually these problems became huge and started troubling both of us. We could not find a way to amicably solve these problems and get together. The situation got worse when ------------------ (mention what happened) and you decided to leave. I have realized that letting you go that day was the biggest mistake of my life and I should have stopped you.

If I would have stopped you, then we might have been together today and could also save our marriage. So, I would like to apologize to you for everything that I have done, every time I have hurt you, and for the dreams that we could not fulfill together. I hope that you would consider my apology and will forgive me. I will be waiting for your response to this letter. 

My best wishes are always with you. 

Yours lovingly ex-husband,

Jerry Wittner
354, Main Street,
North Oxford MA 54878

Apology Letter to Ex Husband

Date: 13-09-2019

Jackie Shroff
200 Otis Street
Reading MA 565

Dear Tiger Shroff,

Hi! It’s been long that we were reminded of each other, but, I am writing to you because there have been unsaid things between us, which have been troubling from quite some time now.
Our marriage happened on ------------ and thus began our beautiful journey together and we loved each other deeply. There have been many moments of love, laughter, joy, and fights as well. But, the situation was out of hand when those fights turned into misunderstandings and we started to ignore each other and not face each other. Lack of communication and -------------------- (mention other reasons as well) became the reasons for fighting with each other and not understanding each other points of view.
The first time that we fought madly was when --------------- (explain the situation) after that also it was repeated many times and we still have a chance to each other, but lastly the ending point was on ---------------- (mention the date) and we just separated and then there was no coming back. I have realized where I went wrong in that situation and would like to apologize to you.
Though I know that it’s been late to apologize, it will still give me the satisfaction and a realization that I have told you what I am feeling. I hope that you will consider my apology and will forgive me for whatever happened between us.
I will be waiting for your response and wish you good luck in the future. 

Yours lovingly ex-wife,
Tiger Shroff
North King Street
Northampton MA 65465

Apology Letter to Ex Best Friend


Dear ---------------, 

A friend in need is a friend indeed and you have been that friend in my life who has always been there for me. No matter what the situation has been, we have together like twins and no one could come between us. 

Many people were jealous of our friendship and I believe that this has been the reason that we started having fights and were not able to understand each other. It all happened because --------------- (mention the reason). I just could not think of what can be the other side of the coin and misunderstood you. 

I would like to apologize to you for doing this, but I hope that you will understand that this was not intentional and I just saw what came in front of me. 

I am apologizing to you and still wish the best for you. Please forgive me and cherish the best moments we had together. 

I will be waiting for your response and wish that if we can have that bond again. 

Yours dearly, 

Your name

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