Apology Letter Template to Daughter – Format, Sample & Example

Are you searching for a good apology template for your daughter? Here we are providing you with some good ideas for writing an Apology letter to daughter. Write to your daughter with love and patience so that she could not resist her to talk to you again. Hoping you will like it as these templates for an apology to your daughter will be beneficial for you. Keep reading this article and get an idea for writing to your daughter.

There is the apology [Sorry] template to your daughter. This is the templates that can be used by mother, father, aunt or uncle.

Apology Letter Sample to daughter with Example

Sample Apology Letter to my Daughter

Dear Annie,
Hope you are fine. How are you doing? I am sorry as I am writing to you after so long. I was busy with my meetings in the office and I couldn’t find time to talk to you dear. I know you were also tensed with your exams from the last few days and also didn’t give you time. That was the time you need me to be there with you to support you in your hard times. But I was not available for you, this is my entire fault. Please forgive me as I hurt you and didn’t give you much time and didn’t talk to you. I’m really sorry for this behavior. Please talk to me and write to me as soon as possible and give your best in the remaining exams too. I know you will do surely well as usual and do not take the stress. I am always there for you. My blessings are with you. Do well. I love you.

Your loving,
(write your name)

Apology Letter to Daughter from Mother

Dear Kerry,

I was thinking to write to you again as you were not replying to our previous letters. Are you all right dear Jennie? Your father was also worried about you. How are you doing in your exams and when will you come to the home? I am very sorry for hurting you and we actually wanted to come to meet you. But your father was so busy with his office work so we were not able to come to you. I am really sorry as I promised you but I didn’t come to you. Please forgive my dear I will come to you for sure. I love you. Meet you soon and stay blessed. Good luck for your exams.

With lots of love,



Letter to My Daughter for Asking for Forgiveness

Dear Oro,

I owe you a huge apology for not fulfilling your wishes. I have always loved you and have made you my first priority. But from last few days, I was not talking to you properly because of my own issues and got mad over you. I was suffering from high fever and I didn’t tell you about my health. Please forgive me for this. I know I made you feel bad by my words and hurt you even though you were always there for me whenever I needed you. I am not a good mother still you love me much more than I deserve. I promise I will take care of my health. Please do not get angry over it and talk to me properly. Waiting for you, please come early.

Love you a lot dear and take care of your health and studies.

Your mom,


Apology Letter to Daughter From Dad

My dear cherry,

How are you doing dear? Hope you are fine. I love you a lot, my dear Aelia. I missed you very much last days. I know I didn’t talk to you on a regular basis as I am too much busy with my work. But you should understand that I have so many responsibilities on my shoulders. I have to look after the whole family and these days your grandma is also not well. I couldn’t find much time for you and didn’t come to meet you. Please take care of your health and we will meet soon. Hope you did well in your finals. I wish you a successful life ahead and sending you my wishes and blessings for happiness in your life. 

We love you and miss you here.
Much love,

Apology Letter Template to Daughter in PDF and Word Format

apology letter to daughter

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apology letter to daughter

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apology letter to daughter

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apology letter to daughter

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Apology Letter Template to Daughter in PDF Format

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Apology Letter Template to Daughter in Word (.Docs) Format

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