Free Printable Blank Rainbow/Rainbow Coloring Page Templates

A rainbow Colouring Page template is a template that has a rainbow made on it. It is used for art and craft purposes by kindergarten students. Many children love to color objects. A rainbow template is thus made for those children who like colorful things and love coloring.

These templates are available on various websites. You can download them get a print out of a template of any size. In this article, we will tell you about the various purposes of a rainbow template and its types.

Sample Rainbow Colouring Pages Worksheets

There is a great variety of coloring pages that you can print and color. Children love to draw and paint rainbows. Rainbows are one of the most popular objects for coloring pages of children. Parents throughout the world look for printable coloring worksheets of rainbows. The Rainbow is very easy to draw for small children.

You can download various worksheets for the coloring of rainbows. You can then use these as a school activity or as a homework assignment.

Rainbow template for toddlers/Baby/kids/kindergarten

We know that rainbow has seven colors. They are violet, indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange, red. Thus, a rainbow is full of colors. These colors attract small children. Therefore, they like to color a rainbow. It is an intelligent way to teach kids to identify the colors.

Rainbow template for toddlers


Extra-large Rainbow Template

An Extra-large template of a rainbow is used for all sorts of craft projects. You can use this template for tracing. You can download a PDF and save it to your computer for future use. You can also get a print out of it. An extra-large template can be pasted on a chart paper for presenting it in a class for some fun activity or a project.

Extra-large Rainbow template


Rainbow Template Black and White

Black and white rainbow templates can be used in kid’s projects and crafts work. You can cut out small rainbows for decoration on greeting cards. The rainbow templates are also available in black and white if you want to color them yourself.

Rainbow template Black and White


Rainbow Template with Color words

Free printable rainbow coloring pages are used for crafts and other learning activities. Kids love rainbows. They also love coloring them. If you are organizing a camp or a picnic for kids in school, you can also choose a rainbow as a theme.

Rainbow template with color words


Rainbow Coloring Page with color words

There are many types of coloring pages available in the market that contain different drawings and colorful words on it. You can buy any of them for your class or for your child. These rainbow templates will make the learning process more interesting. Many children don’t like coloring at the initial stages. Therefore, these kinds of activities will help them grow their interest in drawing and coloring. You can make a separate folder of each child that contains all the coloring pages. You can also teach them to draw their own rainbow on sheets.

Rainbow coloring page with color words


Rainbow coloring pages with clouds

Many templates show clouds along with a rainbow. These types of templates help to think children more creatively. The clouds represent that a rainbow always appears after the rain. The clouds make your template more appealing and full of colors.

Rainbow coloring page with clouds


NHS Rainbow template to color

NHS rainbow was an initiative originated by a hospital in London to make a positive difference. It helps to increase awareness and improve healthcare facilities. These rainbow templates are also available on the web. You can use them to help children know about this initiative and learn something new.

nhs rainbow template to colour


Printable Rainbow template a4 Size

Rainbow templates are available in different sizes. Coloring rainbows is a fun way to learn about the symbols and colors of a rainbow. It helps us to practice motor skills like pencil grip. It also helps children to enhance their craft skills. You can easily download templates of various sizes from the internet.

Printable Rainbow template a4 Size


Rainbow printable worksheets

Some templates of rainbows have an outline of a rainbow. Many templates have already colored rainbows that can be used for decoration purposes. You can use these templates to teach color names to small children. A fully colored template is used to teach 7 different colors to the class. You can also paste it on the wall.

Rainbow printable worksheets


Rainbow Coloring Page for Adults

With older children, you teach them why we see a rainbow and its colors. You can make them write stories including rainbows or give them projects regarding rainbows. You can ask them to make their own cut-out of a rainbow. To make children learn the colors of a rainbow tell them about VIBGYOR.

Rainbow coloring page for adults


House with Rainbow Coloring Page

There are many templates that have a house and a rainbow available for coloring. It shows a full scene of a house and a rainbow in the sky. You can also color this template and make it more colorful. You can easily download templates for rainbow coloring pages. You could take a print out of these coloring pages.

House with rainbow coloring page


Unicorn and Rainbow Coloring Page

There are many templates available for the rainbow coloring. Many templates have unicorn made with a rainbow. The unicorn is a symbol of miracles as well as magic. You can also make a unicorn and a rainbow. This will make your drawing look more beautiful and colorful.

Unicorn and rainbow coloring page


Rainbow Coloring Page for Preschool

You can use these rainbow templates for making birthday invitations. To decorate your room, cut out a full rainbow, and hang around the room. Rainbows have always been seen as a symbol of happiness and joy.

Rainbow coloring page for preschool


Also, a rainbow holds a lot of significance in many religions. It is a symbol of hope. A rainbow symbolizes peace and beauty. You can make children realize the importance of a rainbow. Children must know what a rainbow symbolizes. The colors of a rainbow make us feel fresh and happy.

There are many types of coloring books also available that contain different drawings of a rainbow. You can buy any of them for your child. This will help him/her learn coloring more easily and in an interesting way.

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